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Nightmare Fuel / Diamond in the Rough (Touhou)

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Would you like to come to Gensokyo with me?

  • Yukari Yakumo, who succeeds at being creepy whenever she wants to be. Highlights include...
  • Brolli's encounter with Rumia, who would've ended his journey prematurely were it not for Reisen and her fellow moon rabbits.
    • The Screening Pre-Show and Episode 2 Credits picture for Rumia.
    • Rumia gets even worse in Episode 8 when she transforms into EX-Rumia, complete with glowing red eyes.
  • The Movie-Within-A-Movie, A Majcher Mistake. Starts out as a goofy telling about a Marty Stu like Brolli, but then turns dark when he strikes up a deal with Yuuka to kill as many children in the human village as possible in exchange for sex. Extreme Soundtrack Dissonance ensues. The ending has the title character Deader than Dead when he is dropped into Hell.
  • Brolli killing Kaguya through an air embolism. Even if she is immortal and was threatening him, it doesn't make it any more pleasant to see.
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  • What really happened between Arturo and Yuuka. Apparently Yuuka was bluffing when she requested Arturo to kill the children. Of course Arturo doesn't accept this and rapes her. We also find out how Arturo really died. Vic stabbed him and Mokou finished him off. Oh and if that wasn't bad enough Vic blames Yuuka for this and has Mokou burn down her flower field in retaliation, which happened to also house survivors from the human village. To make matters worse, we NEVER seem to find out what 'really' happened.
  • During the fight between the Diamondback Beasts and Flandre one of their attacks burns her, reducing her to a skeleton. The horrifying part comes when she talks while still like that before respawning. Also there is the whole "Collapsing the whole Scarlet Devil Mansion on top of her" bit at the end.
  • Gensokyo turning into a warzone, with widescale destruction on all fronts.
    • What happened to the Kappa Valley after Nitori gave away one-too-many things to the Marty Stu gappies for their inventions.
  • Brolli's scream upon the realization his presence is destroying Gensokyo and he's about to die and go to Hell; it could have been a Tear Jerker on its own, but it's not in text: you actually hear Brolli screaming.
  • The Climax. Brolli has essentially caused the death of hundreds of Tengu and Kappa, he is defenseless, and nearly all of his former friends are out to kill him. To make matters even worse, all the people who are trying to save him are being hunted down by the majority of Gensokyo. Even worse, Brolli is locked in a battle with one of his former friends and the only person to have never legitimately lost a battle in Gensokyo, and even if Brolli somehow does win, everyone else will eventually kill him. To top it all off, Brolli will go to Hell if he dies, and since Failure Is the Only Option... well...
  • The Epilogue, which is mostly somewhat Tearjerker, but...
    • The fate of Brolli's beasts, who are trapped in Brolli's corpse for eternity as it rots away. Now, this sounds harsh enough but because Brolli's mind is rotting away, it's running out of space, so they're going to be crushed for eternity as well It doesn't help that the last shot we see of the beasts is them getting smashed while Brolli's body is still somewhat in-tact, so who knows what could happen when his body decomposes?
    • Reisen's fate: Brolli, whom she loved dearly, has been murdered and the perpetrators got away with it, but the real horror comes when Eirin tells Tewi to inform Reisen she'll be miscarrying Brolli's child since his DNA is too much for her. To make matters worse, Tewi feels bad she must do it, but Eirin calls her out on all the times she's pranked Reisen throughout the movie, so she has no other choice. And then it ends by Reisen letting out a strangled scream.
    • The Reveal about why Yukari gaps in children and the nature of Local Gensokyo Beef. The meat locker scene had the entire uStream chat scream "EEEW!!! or WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?!?!" Even if you know it's canon, it's still quite a bit gross. However, her relationship with Yuyuko (and Yukari's concern for Brolli prior to causing the incident) proves that she can have good friendships with humans. Chances are you can escape being eaten by her or unsuspecting Gappies if you aren't taken away...
    • During the end credits, there is a shot of Brolli's hat at the bottom of the Sanzu River next to a bunch of skeletons. Most people speculate that they are Brolli's previous incarnations, but it turns out not to be the case: they're the previous Gappies who Komachi has thrown into the river. But that's not all: since they're technically spirits, they cannot die any further, so the skeletons are still sentient, stuck at the bottom of the river for eternity.