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Funny / Diamond in the Rough (Touhou)

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In-Series Moments of Funny:

  • The Reimu Love Pillow, which Brolli later brings up to Eirin.
  • Chen, acting as the Greek Chorus, in a tree.
    Chen: I better tell Lady Yukari to start looking for another apprentice... and to get me out of this tree...
  • Rumia mocking Brolli for wanting to fight her with a rock by donning a monocle and pipe.
  • Marisa and Brolli's flight to the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Brolli is deathly afraid of heights, and Marisa, to shut Brolli up, distracts him by grinding herself into him.
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  • The Aura Check. "I hope your body is ready!"
  • Remilia has a conversation with Mamizou with a pie for dessert. After Remilia takes Brolli on a tour of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, it turns out Sakuya is still carrying Remilia's pie around on her head, and there's a bite taken out of it.
  • Brolli's tour of Gensokyo once he actually gains his powers, where his activities include flirting with Aya, swimming in a giant pie in the Netherworld and outdrinking Yuugi in Hell.
    Suika: Come'ere, you alcohol-breathing stud muffin!
    • Also, this scene...
    *Brolli encounters Aya while she is wearing a Tengu mask*
    Brolli (thinking): Whoa! It's real tengu! They're even uglier than I imagined!
    *Aya takes off her mask. Brolli blushes.*
    Brolli (thinking): Correction: they are way hotter than I expected!
  • Before descending into pure horror, the Movie-Within-A-Movie, A Majcher Mistake, and possibly after thanks to some jarring Soundtrack Dissonance.
  • Brolli breaking into the Scarlet Devil Mansion has its funny moments.
    Koakuma: OW, MY ORGANS!
  • Overlapping a Moment of Awesome, Sakuya freezing time to replace Brolli's beret with a pie.
  • Brolli is tasty and he knows it. The look on Remilia's face adds greatly to the scene.
  • Brolli's training with Reimu... wherein he gets creamed by her, even though Reimu hates training...
  • Brolli trying to pick up Reisen, resulting in him sweating so much that it forms a small pool around him.
    • And then Lepus takes over and shows him how it's done. The sudden shift is absolutely hilarious.
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    • On the subsequent date, Brolli trying to hide the fact he's a Gappy and failing miserably.
    • Later when she is treating his wound, she mentions that she was there at the Apollo Incident, causing Brolli to instinctively shout she old enough to be his mom. Reisen's expression sells it.
  • Watching Momoi fishing while Tenshi talks to Brolli.
  • Momiji's derpy sketch of Brolli gets many laughs, even though most of the audiences saw it for the first time when it gets a nasty Cerebus Retcon in the climax.
  • Rumia's increasingly panicked reactions when Yukari gaps away her mouth. And her reaction when Yukari then gaps away her kebab to give to Brolli.
  • Tewi tricking Aya into walking into Brolli and Reisen awkwardly having sex for the first time. And like the sketch example above, Brolli's horrified reaction (see the page image for the tearjerker page image) to this gets a Cerebus Retcon later on.
    • Later on, Tewi's remarks on Reisen's pregnancy.
    Reisen: What should we name him? Or her?.
    Tewi: How about "Mistake"?
  • Komachi explains Yukari's standards for choosing her "gappies":
    Komachi: First, they must have a ridiculous last name like Chaos, Majcher, Lionheart, or Diamondback.
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  • Miko trolling the youkai on their way to save the Kappa Valley.
    Miko: I'm just doing this to protect you and Brolli.
    *the rest of the youkai give her a blank stare, and she smirks back*
  • Nitori's poster of Brolli, which she eventually uses to identify Brolli so the Kappa Valley survivors can kill him.
  • Despite being utterly terrifying, much of what Tenshi says during the final battle.
  • Doubles as a Moment of Awesome: Near the end of the Tenshi Vs. Brolli battle, Tenshi effortlessly knocks the swords out of Brolli's hands into a pile behind her. Finally, Brolli runs down to his last sword, his lightsaber, which Tenshi can't knock out of his hand. Brolli uses this opportunity to knock her right back into the pile of swords, which makes several stabbing sounds. In the fully animated version, Tenshi's health bar drops from 80% to 2% from this alone.
  • Marisa, proving an Awesome Ego, works on a hakkero reactor while listening to a full-volume metal version of "Love-coloured Master Spark" (so loud in fact it must be keeping the whole forest awake at night) AND has Cool Shades. She's basically the Tony Spark of Gensokyo in that scene.

Meta Moments Of Funny:

  • The very first production stream of Diamond In The Rough, where ColonelDiamondback joined Spaztique in a Skype call to comment on the movie. The scene Spaztique worked on for the first broadcast was the moment Brolli's powers fail and he realizes his swords don't have the range to fight normal fairies, resulting in an iconic Oh, Crap! reaction from both the character and the real ColonelDiamondback.
    ColonelDiamondback: GIVE ME A REVOLVER!!!
    Spaztique: Who needs a revolver when you have all of those spiffy swords?
    • In a production stream for ep. 11 (not recorded unfortunately) Spaztique and the others crack up when editing the scene where Tewi tricks Aya into walking in on Brolli and Reisen having awkward sex, and poke fun at it. They even try out different songs to see how they can make the situation more awkward.
  • Many of the full movie reviews count, but this review by Wolfguy13 isn't just funny for the review itself, but its comments...
    Cookieheart-chan: They're in a better place.
    Wolfguy13: NO!! THEY ARE NOT!
  • A HUGE number of Ustream comments, where people make dozens of references, laugh at unsuspecting first-time watchers, and riff Brolli's Marty Stu antics.
    • A HUGE number of the conversations held in the voice chat during production count as well.
  • While unfortunately lost since Spaz didn't record it, Spaztique did an improvised Bum Review after Diamond In The Rough finished. The entire chat was filled to the brim with "LOL" comments, and the "Projector Room" Skype call could barely breathe...
    Spaz!Bum (recreated from memory): OH MY GOD, THIS IS THE GREATEST MOVIE I'VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE! "What's the matter, Brolli? I thought you were sooo much- SPOILERS!" There's this kid named Brolli Diamondback, and he goes to a magical fantasy world! I went to a magical fantasy world once! (Or maybe that was just the shrooms.) But it turns out that he gets killed by this villain angel lady, but we flash back to find out he was a bit of a brat, so that's okay! And there's this lady named Yukari, and she's a border demon, Yukari is like, "Come to Gensokyo and gain magical powers!" And the brat is like, "Meh, you seem trustworthy." So he goes to this magical world, and it turns out that just about everything is out to kill him... But then he gains powers to defend himself, but then they're a bunch of beasts that corrupt his morals... And then there's this stoner grim reaper, and the stoner grim reaper is like, "*smoking* Dude, if you don't leave, everyone's gonna kill you." And the brat is like, "No! I'll be heroic and continue being a brat!" "Far out." So then it turns out everyone does want to kill him. And the villain angel lady is like, "If I don't kill you, everyone else will." And the brat is like, "Then I'll heroically sacrifice myself to save the realm!" So he dies, but it doesn't save the realm! In fact, it actually solved nothing! (Gee, now I feel really depressed.) But he gets to be reincarnated! Hooray! So, I liked this film, even though it was horrendously depressing, made me question my sense of worth, and made me realize just how much I exploit others for my own benefit... Sheesh, whatever happened to those fun escapist fantasy stories where I can just get away from all of my problems? (Oh right. That's what the shrooms were for.) This is Chester A. Bum, saying CHAAAAANGE?! YA' GOT CHAAAANGE?! OH COME! HELP A GUY OUT, WILL YA'?! CHANGE!!! At least give me that Codex Puteus so I can hold more coins!
    • Then HydroCherri tried giving it a read, which was funny in itself, only for Spaztique to derail him by adding a new joke about border demons. Luckily, this was recorded.
    DeityDiz93: I think that recording was enough to cure cancer.