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Nightmare Fuel / Deserted Distractions

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  • Nearly the whole fic is a slow build of terror. Téa and Ryou are stuck together, but things aren't so bad as the begin to connect... until Yami Bakura emerges. From then on it's a near-constant battle against him to save themselves, their sanity, and their budding love.
  • Yami Bakura first makes his presence known to Ryou in the first chapter, scrawling You can't escape onto his school notes. It disturbs him so much that he crumples the whole page up.
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  • The play Téa and Ryou were assigned was The Crucible, and at one point Yami Bakura takes over mid-reading.
  • Téa accidentally sends the group to the Shadow Realm, where a shadow demon finds them and preys on their worst fears. It nearly overwhelms Yami Bakura until he's able to snap out of it, and the descriptions of what it does and what the experience feels like are horrifying.
    Bakura bristled and threw his shoulders back, but even the small movement took effort-so much effort. His arms felt heavy; his head felt like it was cast iron. His body was a limp noodle, a scrawny strand of cooked, cold, spaghetti, flopping about uselessly in the darkness. It was utterly impossible that he could support his own weight. Any instant now, he was going to collapse in a heap, crushed by his own head. It would be better to lie down now. Get it over with.
    The cold was in his blood now. He could hardly even feel it. He could hardly feel anything. There was just numbness, and heaviness, and darkness.
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  • Dealing with the shadow demon causes Yami Bakura to revert to a more Zorc-like form, which severely freaks Téa out when he returns.
  • Yami Bakura's plan is to erase Téa's memories of the experience so Yami Yugi won't come after him.


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