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Nightmare Fuel / Desperately Seeking Ranma

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  • The night Ranma and Kasumi left? Akane nearly killed Kasumi and would have if Ranma hadn't spontaneously pulled off the ki-beam technique.
  • Akane before Yori and Chou healed her. Give the girl credit, she did try to resolve her rage issues, but it just wasn't happening and if she didn't run into Ryoga when she did, she might have killed someone with no one realizing the problem. And odds are, they wouldn't have tested her for that issue either.
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  • Ms. Aoyama has turned into this for many people, due to her supernatural ability to lift information out of the ether and somehow be several steps ahead of whoever she's dealing with, including having a folder she seemingly summons out of nowhere which contains a seemingly endless amount of information. Before Nabiki got the S.I. unit, she was just working off the impressive amount of information she had due to her information brokering at school. After she got Jun... She's even able to do it with someone she only just met that moment...
  • Soun has no idea what happened to his eldest daughter, only that she has left home after nearly being killed by his youngest. The fact that Ranma left with her is probably the only comfort he and the others have...
    • In the 95th chapter, for the briefest moment, he realizes that, at least, Kasumi has returned... only for Kasumi to decide it's far too early for him to know.
  • Two words: 'Duck Pond'. Let's just say that Ranma doesn't use his full power except on things that need to stay dead.
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  • The portal devices. They basically open up and bring in a demon that is highly aggressive, very strong and fast and capable of regeneration. The devices are planted in crowded places and set to go off when then will be a lot of people present, like the Time's Square at New Years. Even worse, two were found by civilians who were curious and took them home. One of these civilians was a teenage girl who hid it in her school for a few days.
  • Halleckton. Nine demons ran through the town and killed over three hundred people. In some cases, it is assumed a death occurred merely because there was a a lot of blood and no body, confirming that the demons have large appetites. There was genuine fear that they would travel to other towns to satisfy their hunger. And it turns out there were ten more in tunnels who didn't get outside. And worse? The guy who caused it was planning on faking innocence and continuing the research responsible once he got away.
  • What the Great Abomination did the Sailor Senshi, particular Usagi and Setsuna. Usagi was so bad the only real options were to kill her so she wouldn't be a threat to the public or de-aged to before the thing started messing with her head.
    • The Great Abomination is itself a bigger example. It has wiped entire realities out of existence.

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