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Nightmare Fuel / Despair's Last Resort

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  • As with canon, the executions. What makes them so frightening is the amount of detail that's put into them:
    • Chapter 1's execution: It's Kaito Fujiwara, Super High School Level Animator, who's the guilty party. Just like in the games, he's dragged away by a clamp while struggling all the way. He's dragged behind a stage curtain, and the next thing we know he's trapped inside a mine cart. Monokuma proceeds to send him forward, sending him through a roller coaster like track. The cart stops in front of a large rock, where a large anvil is precariously held above him by nothing but a rope. Which a dwarf robot proceeds to hack at. He begs for it to stop, but the robot only looks at him once the job is done. The anvil falls and crushes him before he has the chance to scream. All that's left is wooden remains from the cart, a puddle of blood, and a twitching arm.
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    • Chapter 2's execution: Ayame Ishikawa, Super High School Level Football Player, turns out to be the culprit this time around. She's placed inside a football stadium, chained by her hands in front of a large goal. A football team of robots appear, and continuously shoot her with footballs. At first she's able to block them, but they start getting larger and are shot at her in quicker succession. The assault ends, but then a larger robot appears with a football larger than the football player herself. The ball is shot at her, breaks her chains and the net, and slams her into a wall before rolling away and squishing her.
    • Chapter 3's execution: Tragically, the culprit turns out to be Shizuka Matsuki, Super High School Level Painter. Before the execution even starts, she's smiling and clasping her hands together even though she can't see a thing from being blindfolded. Then a firing squad appears and shoots her with not bullets, but red paintballs. She's covered with the paint, which also is breaking her skin. Then a sniper comes from the crowd and shoots her in the head and heart, leaving her covered in paint and blood.
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    • Chapter 4's execution: Next up is Arata Miyazaki, Super High School Level Designer. He's tied up in a fabric conveyor belt and is sent slowly towards a giant sewing machine. It's dragged out, likely to unnerve him and to mock the slow death of his victim, and by the time he's at the needle he's panicking. The needle comes down and seems to poke him without doing any damage, but then it comes down and strikes him over and over again. Once it stops, he's stuck on the needle and an intestine is hanging out of the hole in his body.
    • Chapter 5 has no execution, but Chapter 6 takes the cake with its execution: The one pulling the strings, Saemi Sasagawa, Super High School Level Playwright, decides to execute herself. As with Junko's execution in the first game, pieces from all the executions before are used. She starts out on a stage before getting in a mine cart and sending herself forward. As she travels, she enters the football field and taunts the players to make them pelt her with footballs. Then she goes to the firing squad, and is shot with paint. She drives through the conveyor belt, the needle missing her before striking the mine cart. She arrives on the stage again and grabs a noose, causing the stage to fall apart into a gallows. She puts the noose around her neck, preparing to hang herself......Only for Shuuya to jump onstage and shove a knife in her heart. He shoves it in, causing her to cough of blood, and leaves her to die. The gallows fall, letting her dead body hang.
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  • While all the deaths are brutal in their own way, special attention should be brought to Minoru, Chapter 4's victim. He drinks chlorine bleach, and is slowly poisoned to death. When his body is found, a puddle of wretched up stomach acid is beside him, his lips are burned, and the inside of his mouth is in a similar state. Despite having the least amount of blood of any victim, it still manages to be terrifying.
  • The beginning of Chapter 6 when the dead students all show up in the living student's rooms. They don't seem to remember dying, even after being told how they died. But the wounds they received appear on their bodies. Unable to take it, Kazumi punches Shizuka, causing them to shatter and screams to ring through the ears of the survivors as they pass out. When they wake up, the dead students are gone. The kicker? This is what Monokuma deems a wake-up call.
    • The worst part? Kaito is the only one who doesn't have their wounds described. Doesn't seem that out of place until you remember that he was crushed by an anvil. And only his arm remained. Meaning that how he looks is left up to imagination. Enjoy the nightmares!