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Tear Jerker / Despair's Last Resort

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  • The way the author writes these characters makes you get attached to them easily, so someone turning up dead tends to result in some tears. Many people expressed their sadness towards Chiyo's death for this reason.
  • Depending on the way you look at it, Shizuka's fate is this. All she was trying to do was stop Naomi and Shigeru from starting a murder plot. But then they decide to kill her to keep her quiet. The scuffle results in both Shigeru and Naomi being killed, leaving Shizuka horrified at what she's done. So what does she do from there? She decides that she's guilty and must be held responsible for her crimes, and lets herself be discovered. And when Takara deduces it was her, she doesn't fight it in the slightest. She admits her crime and willingly accepts her execution. And that doesn't even take into consideration what happened in her past and during the time from their missing memories.
    • If Takara's journal is anything to go by, Shizuka had a breakdown after watching someone she was close to die in the School Life of Mutual Killing and never recovered from it. It heavily implies that out of all the students, she suffered the worst mental damage out of all of them.
  • Kazumi's begging for Shizuka to be spared. Up until that point, she's acted tough even with the situation they were in. But the idea of having her best friend and the girl she's in love with about to be executed has reduced her to tears and pleading for her life to be spared. It's almost reminiscent of Kiyotaka begging to spare Mondo from execution from the first game.
    • Before the trial, Monokuma tells everyone to take off their shoes so the carpet in the trial room doesn't get dirty. When they all go to leave, there's an extra pair of shoes left by Shizuka. Kazumi takes them without saying a word and no one bothers to answer.
  • Takara's collection of items from the dead students, which serve as a reminder of who they've lost.

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