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Awesome / Deserted Distractions

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  • Tea's plan to stop Yami Bakura from causing trouble is to tie Ryou up.
  • Yami Bakura gets an awesome moment when he frees himself while Tea isn't looking, and uses how she acted when he was tied up to guilt her.
  • When the group is sent to the Shadow Realm, a shadow demon nearly overwhelms Yami Bakura. When he breaks free, his internal voice makes quite the awesome speech.
    Something like a laugh—something sharp and electric—jolted through him. What was this nonsense he'd been letting himself entertain? And what shadow demon was there that could tame him, Bakura, Master of the Millennium Ring?
    He closed his eyes—no, he didn't have eyes—and released his grip on the form he wore. He was not pale skin and paler hair. He was not skinny legs and brandy-colored eyes. He was anger and vengeance, stealth and cunning. He was bloody shadows on a temple wall. He was ancient evil, primordial hate. He opened the eyes that were nothing more than merest illusion, looked straight into the bottomless pits of the demon's face, and laughed.
    "You fool," he cackled, and his voice bore no resemblance to the voice of Ryou Bakura. "You fool. Don't you know that I am the darkness?"


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