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Nightmare Fuel / Diaries of a Madman

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  • The fate of the miner during the Crystal Empire arc. After being browbeaten into helping Nav, the guy has his eyes ripped out by ghosts, before being burnt alive.
  • Fighting the giant ants while in the changeling hive near Appleloosa.
  • Pretty much everything that happens in Chapters 110-111, with the following highlights:
    • Nav being trapped in the haunted bunker, attacked by undead, and being presented with visions from ghosts.
    • The undead butcher, Ivan, who chases Nav.
    • The degenerating situation inside the bunker as seen in flashbacks, particularly where some engage in cannibalism far too readily.
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    • Igor keeping women as sex slaves.
    • The slavemaster who chases Navarone through the factory district. There is no expository flashbacks to directly explain why he attacks with chained-up ghost children that fear the slavemaster more than Navarone does. These children are forced against their will to hurt him, pleading Nav to run. The only hint that is given is a flashback with Ava cowering from the slavemaster. He doesn't even get a description before being covered in molten slag, leaving the mind to fill in the gaps.
  • What Luna does to Nav during the last day of her estrus. It's And I Must Scream, but taken up to eleven.
  • Nav's hallucinations when Zecora treats his cursed knife wound.