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Nightmare Fuel / Battle for Dream Island

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Yes, even a show like Battle for Dream Island can have its scary moments.

WARNING: This page, like any moment subpage is Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

  • Any of the deaths in the later episodes can be this, especially the fact that most of the characters are fragile. What makes this scarier is the fact they get recovered, meaning they actually died, rather than having an Unexplained Recovery. It's worse that the characters might be kids. The deaths by fire are even more disturbing.
  • Snowball, Eraser, and Blocky's disliking of Golf Ball has gotten them to try to kill her.
  • The Stinger for BFB 27, where Income Tax Return Document's house (which turns out to be Two's apartment) gets poked out by a needle.
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  • Ice Cube has her moments of being Ax-Crazy. She once left a bunch of contestants to fall off of a cliff for being mistreated by some. Another time, she imagines some of former FreeSmart burning to death.
  • Evil Leafy. Sure, she’s just a color swap of Leafy with bulging eyes. But then she reappeared in “Get Digging”. In that episode, she chased down Book, Ice Cube and Spongy, teleported over to them over a long while away and then randomly sank into Spongy when he collapsed. Pencil and Match seemed pretty happy about the latter.
    • Special mention goes to the ending of Episode 5a. Freesmart gets swallowed up by Evil Leafy, and the remaining two minutes are Evil Leafy standing on the edge of a cliff with quiet music in the background. It's surprisingly unsettling.
    • It's implied she's a Genius Loci as well. Why? BFDIA 5B is a game set inside Evil Leafy after Freesmart, Golf Ball, Tennis Ball and Rocky are swallowed by her. It's actually pretty creepy. A red ground, grey skies, spike death traps... and what is with that music?
    • There's an Evil Leafy maze game made by Michael for Halloween 2013. It's very amateur, but the fact that everything is an expanse of grey tunnels with the only goal being to survive as long as you can before Evil Leafy gets you can give a cheap little game like this the creepy factor. There's not even any audio to accompany it.
  • There's something creepy about some of the music tracks.
    • The second soundtrack that plays in the series is "Minutes", which suddenly just shows unsettling urgency. Not to mention, it's played with the mentioned Pentagon scene below.
    • There's "Night Mote" as well. It's a slow track that plays whenever we cut to the random waterfall where Roboty randomly teleports to sometimes. What's wrong about it? When it's sped up, it sounds a bit unsettling. Used to especially eerie effect in the montage of Taco trying to break out of the jawbreaker.
    • The "Nice Mote" variant amps up the eerieness tenfold.
    • The sudden Mood Whiplash that happens in "How A Future Bass House is made". It sounds like the sound of the world ending.
  • Four casually mutilating Pin in BFB 1 just to demonstrate how twisted and sadistic he is!
  • Flower whispering at the end of A Taste of Space.
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  • This "alternate cut" of the "Leafy Detector" scene in BFDIA 1.
  • Golf Ball's flashback in the science museum, in IDFB 1. Not to mention that deep voice.
  • Lollipop also scams others with fork attractant. Think about it.
  • The BFB eliminations in which a contestant is sucked up by Four. Bracelety's elimination is a special mention, as Four practically swallows her. Dora's elimination is also unsettling, what with her whole body being sucked slowly and painfully into Four as if she was being sucked into a black hole, complete with spaghettification.
    • Pencil's elimination where she screams and gets sucked into Four in a split second.
    • Liy "restraining herself" in Fortunate Ben.
    • Even without Four, the eliminations are still unsettling. Case in point's 8-Ball he flat out dies from getting crushed by the earth and the moon. While the death itself isn't scary, halfway through being crushed, his face goes to a teeth frown with his eyes spreading out, indicating he died sad. He gets better in BFB 10, but is sucked into Four not even a second after being resurrected. Loser gets eliminated as well, and got trapped in a giant jawbreaker like how Taco did.
  • Speaking of sucking up, Pen's death in BFB 3 is violent and unsettling and does not match the overall sillyness of the scene.
    Bottle: And Pen is dead!
  • Taco has to eat part of herself in order to survive being stuck in a jawbreaker in the stinger of episode 2. Also, as explained in Episode 7, sound can come inside the jawbreakers, but can't come out of them. Now, imagine being stuck in one like Taco was...
  • There's something pretty creepy about the Jump Scare of the pentagon shaking around in the first few seconds of "Getting Teardrop to Talk".
  • Where were the eliminated contestants in the EXIT when Four was multiplied by 0 (Donut)? Better yet, what happened to them when Four merged with the desert?
  • Pretty much the entirety of BFB 7. Loser getting trapped in an inside out jawbreaker by Donut, the "data void" Robot Flower is in (and then it downloads a bomb), Remote's glitch, Loser flying off into endless space, Stapy popping Balloony's head, Woody ripping Foldy in half (this is his first kill by the way), Naily impaling Bell just to take the Liar Ball from her (and Needle doing the same thing to Naily off-screen), and, albeit very brief, the giant Four coming towards the screen in space. His small, spread apart eyes (compared to his cartoony, big eyes) bring up uncanny vibes.
    • Also, notice how Fanny gets more and more angry as her rant towards Loser? It makes her sound serious and rather intimidating. This definitely falls into He Really Can Act.
  • Back to Season 2, Leafy's anger issues. Period. She tried to murder Gelatin, Needle and Puffball by throwing knives at them and successfully dodged several “Acid Spitballs” they shot at her. Just because Needle slapped her.
  • How about that time a bunch of contestants willingly threw themselves into a pit of Hydrochloric Acid?
  • Bug invasion in "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2". The bugs eat everyone alive (except Announcer and David), and if you're not horrified yet, the moment after Firey tries burning them should do it. Everything on screen is bugs.
  • In “Welcome Back”, Ruby ends up shattering on the ground in an attempt to get down a spiral staircase quicker.
    • The stinger for the episode, Coiny approaches Fries and "deep fries" his breaths. And by "deep fries" we mean dunking his body into BOILING oil and screaming while Fries screams at him to stop. And then there is Leafy, who is still Ax-Crazy, and tries to stab both Fries and Coiny before being deeply disturbed by what she sees and hides away.
  • The ways the contestants try to bring Four back are usually silly (Pillow licking Lollipop, Bottle hitting Golf Ball with a club, Gelatin bending a fork...). Then the contestants try breaking one of X's legs to make the shape of Four. Keep in mind that the leg X had broken was the same one he had bandaged up in “Fortunate Ben”. The last attempt is Firey stabbing Donut with a syringe and then getting whatever is inside of him through it. Sure, they got Four back (albeit liquified), but it looked like they sucked out some of Donut’s cherry filling along with it. He looks like an onion ring when Four is sucked out.
  • Fanny's death by decapitation in BFB 11 is rather unsettling. Rather than dying violently or cartoonishly like other contestants, she just lays there lifelessly after she is killed. In BFB 12, it's revealed she survived her decapitation, but she has to drag her head on the ground because it's only connected to her body by its cable. The way she looks when decapitated is both disturbing and funny.
  • Eraser's fear of pentagons. Sure, it's mostly Played for Laughs, but it can be pretty unsettling, e.g. the stinger of BFB 12.
  • Firey getting stuffed into the sun.
  • The contestants ripping Leafy in half to see the "real Leafy". It's played for laughs, but seems that would be cruel enough. However, all tension is thrown out the window when it’s revealed that she’s actually a football/rugby ball.
  • In "Happy Birthday, Battle for BFDI", the contestants literally eat their friend and fellow competitor, Cake. His line really sells it.
  • In BFB 14, several arms wriggle out of Four's mouth one by one like snakes as the background gets darker and the music slows down. Fortunately, it's just the arms of Death P.A.C.T. members inside Four.
  • In Fortunate Ben, Four literally tears X's leg off off-screen.
    • Also, during the airplane challenge, Four says that no flying contestants are allowed and flat-out obliterates the flying contestants with no care. Until he gets to Puffball, to which Fries says to simply disable her. This causes Four to get angry and says "Fine!" as if he is annoyed at the fact that he can't kill contestants for his own personal gain.
  • Ice Cube and Teardrop's "happy thoughts" in "The Four is Lava" are disturbing. Ice Cube thinks of her own friends burning for revenge. Teardrop's is her disturbingly smashing windows with a hammer, and Pillow tells her she can't do that, but smashes Pillow anyway. To make matters even worse, she screams.
  • Four becoming even thinner than Donut did when he was sucked out of him and killing Basketball off-screen just because she called him pudgy! He resembles leafless branches.
    Four: Pudgy?! You think this is PUDGYYYYYY?!
  • Four literally mutilating others is creepy on a whole new level.
  • Four becoming next level mad. Definitely the angriest we ever see Four. Holy crap.
    Four: (absolutely furious) I. AM NEXT LEVEL. MAD.
  • Four pulling four fingers out of Balloony's hand. It's just unexpected and it sounds like Four is doing something questionable with him when taken out of context. Not to mention how he's sounding like he's in pure agony.
  • Four himself can be pretty terrifying sometimes.
  • Lollipop's head is made of candy, so it's fragile, and can break. Which means the stick doesn't just hold the body, but it is.
  • Four's acid-trip like mirage from getting hurt by Firey Jr.'s flames in BFB 16.
  • In BFB 14, you get to see characters get disintegrated and burned alive by lava on-screen, and there's not even a dead body. Imagine getting your head burnt off by that thing.
  • In the stinger for Take The Tower, Lollipop has to put up with Ruby and Leafy's awful singing, and she falls into a Sanity Slippage.
    Lollipop: Get me outta here... Somebody help...
  • Any time David gets angry. What's with his whole body turning red and lightning bolts fly out of him as he furiously screams "AW, SERIOUSLY!?" Also, these come at the least expecting times, which makes this a Jump Scare.
  • Blocky in the first few seasons. Just imagine an ax-crazy jerk jock, who would prank others, but on the other hand, keep on killing you, not to mention his signature slasher smile.
  • Snowball unintentionally causing more than a single death he caused, due to Leafy's ball just bouncing off of Pencil in Don't Lose Your Marbles.
  • Gaty burning to death in BFB 15. Despite it being only on-screen for a second, her scream is feminine compared to her voice actress' vocal dissonance.
  • Flower, particularly in the early seasons, is a narcissistic, Hair-Trigger Temper Alpha Bitch who does not hesitate to threaten the characters. She gets worse in BFDI 25 when she destroys all the recovery centres and pops Bubble.
  • Just the thought of being locked in a metal chamber with nothing to eat or drink, and this causes Flower to Go Mad from the Isolation and bite a chunk of metal off Announcer during BFDI 25, and yet the announcer leaves.
  • Woody getting a heart attack over silver and grey colors in the Announcer Transportation Device, and it comes with him moaning to boot.
    • Fridge Logic comes into play here, because Rocky, Needle, Announcer and Golf Ball are gray and Woody dosen't seem to be scared of them.
  • In Getting Teardrop to Talk, Flower gets Black Hole to get the cyanide jar to open by moving him close to earth, nearly causing the world to end.
  • In Take the Tower, when Leafy is faced with fighting Firey, she begins to suffer some sort of trauma. Some veiwers have commented that it looks like that she is having a panic attack.
  • Much like BFB 7, BFB 19 is also chock full of Nightmare Fuel. Lollipop's continued (and arguably worse than before) torment in the beginning, Woody burning to death (all on screen, no less), X still burning (and he survives it), and the Have Nots burning to death near the sun. The cherry on top? This is Loser's first death. Ye gods...
  • BFB 20 has the Have Cots (except Lollipop, who got obliterated by a laser from Leafy) nearly suffocate due to lack of oxygen in space. The entire scene can really make you wonder "what were Cary and Micheal thinking?".
  • Pretty much all the humor can be Accidental Nightmare Fuel, even when it's intent is to be found as hilarious by viewers.
  • In BFB 21, one of the Have Nots' gifts is a cardboard box for Woody. Woody ends up getting really angry, thinking that he's not being treated right, and he scrunches up the box. While doing so, his face turns red and a kettle sound effect plays He's that angry.
    • To top it all off, the fact that in this scene it's Woody, the one who is normally a shy coward and is afraid of everything, actually being downright livid makes matters even worse. O.O.C. Is Serious Business indeed.
  • At the end of every Battle for BFB episode, we get to hear what it's like in BRB. It starts off with just Balloony screaming combined with metallic clanging. As the episodes go on, more of the eliminated contestants join into this screaming, which begs the question: What exactly happens in BRB?
    • It gets even worse. In BFB 21, it is revealed that not even Loser can stand it.
    • We find out in BFB 22. It's a big rotating building in the sky spinning the eliminated contestants around in cages. While it's not as bad as isolating others, it still is torturing the characters with their fears, though at seem to get over it once Blocky releases 58 pages of Donut's diary online.
  • During Woody's testimony in BFB 22, both Leafy and Taco look really creepy. Leafy has red eyes and Taco has snakes coming out of her shell (although, they were actually jumping rope together). Four on the other hand...
    Imaginary Four: (demonic voice) Hello everyone. Protect my diary, or I will eat all of you!
    • His eyes also get really crazy with that last part.
  • In BFB 23, Purple Face escaping from his box, chasing the members of the Have-Cots around the warehouse, and eventually eating them. Alive (although they manage to protect themselves from the stomach acid with Flower's sweaters).
    • We also see a talking Portable Music Player, and Gelatin dissolve alive in acid.
  • Hell, pretty much every mean character can be this depending on the viewer.
  • Four's ultimate Sanity Slippage moment in BFB 28, in which he sinks into the desert, contaminating it (and possibly the rest of the world) with his presence. The ominous way in which he speaks before doing this sells it.
    Four: The Announcer was right; we lost all control...
    X: Four... It'll be okay.
    Four: BUT! In the end, this show is MINE! So it's time for you to leave! You can't make this show without me!
    Announcer: Wanna bet?
    Four: Just watch this: I'll be a constant presence! You'll NEVER get rid of me! (Melts into the floor) Mwahahahahaha, I'll be here FOREVER!
  • The face Four creates when he talks through the earth in the BFB finale. Something about it looks a bit... off.