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Nightmare Fuel / Battle for Dream Island

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Yes, even a child-friendly, lighthearted show like Battle for Dream Island can have its scary moments.

  • For starters, Evil Leafy. Sure, she’s just a color swap of Leafy with bulging eyes. But then she reappeared in “Get Digging”. In that episode, she chased down Book, Ice Cube and Spongy, teleported over to them over a long while away (pictured) and then randomly sank into Spongy when he collapsed. Pencil and Match seemed pretty happy about the latter.
    • Special mention goes to the ending of Episode 5a. Freesmart gets swallowed up by Evil Leafy, and the remaining two minutes are Evil Leafy standing on the edge of a cliff with quiet music in the background. It's surprisingly unsettling.
    • It's implied she's a Genius Loci as well. Why? BFDIA 5B is a game set inside Evil Leafy after Freesmart, Golf Ball, Tennis Ball and Rocky are swallowed by her. It's actually pretty creepy. A red ground, grey skies, spike death traps... and what is with that music?
  • There's something creepy about some of the music tracks.
    • The second soundtrack that plays in the series is "Minutes", which suddenly just shows unsettling urgency. Not to mention, it's played with the mentioned Pentagon scene below.
    • There's "Night Mote" as well. It's a slow track that plays whenever we cut to the random waterfall where Roboty randomly teleports to sometimes. What's wrong about it? When it's sped up, it sounds terrifying. The kicker? The sped up version plays during the montage of Taco trying to break out of the jawbreaker.
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    • The sudden Mood Whiplash that happens in "How A Future Bass House is made". It sounds like the sound of the world ending.
  • This "alternate cut" of the "Leafy Detector" scene in BFDIA 1.
  • Golf Ball's flashback in the science museum, in IDFB 1.
  • The ending of BFDI 19, with announcer randomly jumping.
  • The BFB eliminations in which a contestant is sucked up by Four. Bracelety's elimination is a special mention, as Four practically swallows them. Leafy's elimination is also unsettling, what with their whole body being sucked slowly and painfully into Four as if they were being sucked into a black hole, complete with spaghettification.
    • Liy "restraining themselves" in Fortunate Ben.
    • Even without Four, the eliminations are still unsettling. Case in point's 8-Ball he flat out dies form getting crushed by the earth and the moon.He gets better in BFB 10, but is sucked into Four not even a second after being resurrected. Loser gets eliminated as well, and got trapped in a giant jawbreaker like how Taco did.
  • Speaking of sucking up, Pen's death in BFB 3 is violent and unsettling and does not match the overall sillyness of the scene.
    Bottle: And Pen is dead!
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  • Taco is stuck in a jawbreaker for several days, as shown in The Stinger of episode 2. This already sounds bad enough on its own, but she has to eat part of herself in order to survive. Also, as explained in Episode 7, sound can come inside the jawbreakers, but can't come out of them. Now, imagine being stuck in one like Taco was...
  • There's something pretty creepy about the Jump Scare of the pentagon shaking around in the first few seconds of "Getting Teardrop to Talk".
  • A lot of it in BFB 7. The violence of the contestants. The "data void" Robot Flower is in ( And then it downloads a bomb.). Remote's condition. And Loser flying off into endless space. Holy ravioli.
  • Back to Season 2, Leafy. Period. She tried to murder Gelatin, Needle and Puffball by throwing knives at them and successfully dodged several “Acid Spitballs” they shot at her. Just because Needle slapped her.
  • How about that time a bunch of contestants willingly threw themselves into a pit of Hydrochloric Acid?
  • Bug invasion in "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2". The bugs eat everyone alive (except Announcer and David), and if you're not horrified yet, the moment after Firey tries burning them should do it. Everything on screen is bugs.
  • In “Welcome Back”, Ruby ended up shattering on the ground in an attempt to get down a spiral staircase quicker.
  • The ways the contestants try to bring Four back are usually silly (Pillow licking Lollipop, Bottle hitting Golf Ball with a club, Gelatin bending a fork...). Then the contestants try breaking one of X's legs to make the shape of Four. The last attempt is Firey stabbing Donut with a syringe and then getting whatever is inside of him through it. Sure, they got Four back (albeit liquified), but it looked like they sucked out some of Donut’s insides along with it. HE LOOKS LIKE AN ONION RING WHEN FOUR IS SUCKED OUT.
    • Keep in mind that the leg X had broken was the same one he had bandaged up in “Fortunate Ben”.
  • Fanny's death by decapitation in BFB 11 is rather unsettling. Rather than dying violently or cartoonishly like other contestants, she just lays there lifelessly after she is killed. In BFB 12, it's revealed she survived her decapitation, but she has to drag her head on the ground because it's only connected to her body by its cable. The way she looks when decapitated is both disturbing and funny.
  • Eraser's fear of pentagons. Sure, it's mostly Played for Laughs, but it can be pretty unsettling, e.g. the stinger of BFB 12.
  • The contestants ripping Leafy in half to see the “real Leafy”. However, all tension is thrown out the window when it’s revealed that she’s actually a football/rugby ball.
  • In "Happy Birthday, Battle for BFDI", the contestants are eating Cake. Yes, Cake with a capital "C", their friend and fellow competitor.

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