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  • Adorkable:
    • Despite her bossiness and mean attitude Golf Ball comes off as this. Bonus points for being small.
    • Pin isn't really great at making friends.
    • Tennis Ball is given, being softer than Golf Ball yet still nerdy at the same time.
    • Book was adorkable back in BFDIA, as she was somewhat curious and shy.
    • Pencil was the go-to for this in Season 1, having quirky bouts that had a chance of helping or not helping, and never knowing how to properly explain herself.
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  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Two can be seen as a Jerkass who willingly stole most of the contestants so they can compete in their show, or a friendly person who tried to save the contestants from Four.
  • Arc Fatigue: BFDIA 5 was over 45 minutes long and aired in segments (plus a video game) over the course of 7 months. The general consensus is that it was a well worth the wait, but 3 episodes was still a fairly long time to go without any eliminations.
  • Author's Saving Throw:
    • BFB 15 gave characters, such as Puffball, lines and development, which were one of the few complaints about the show before BFB 15.
    • Although BFB 22 had Leafy and Firey reconcile, some fans were upset that Firey didn't apologize to Leafy for ignoring her and basically being the reason she became so bitter and Ax-Crazy. BFB 24 acknowledges this by having Firey create a Ferris wheel as an apology to Leafy for purposely ditching her.
  • Awesome Music:
    • The soundtracks for the first three seasons consist mainly of music from Kevin MacLeod. More often than not, it is great.
    • "The Points are Gone", the song used for the elimination ceremonies in the later episodes of Season 1, is really good.
    • IDFB's opening theme, a nice little chiptune number that transitions into a remix of the original series' theme. It's not uncommon for fans to confess that the nostalgia made them cry.
    • BFB has its own soundtrack, and it's really good. See for yourself.
    • Message to Loser in its entirety, with how it quickly goes from complimenting Loser to tearing him apart.
    • Not in the show itself, but Thomas Chick (the voice of Tree) did a cover of Everything Stays. Check it out
  • Base-Breaking Character:
    • Profily's appearance has caused a lot of debate among the fanbase. Their detractors claim they are annoying, have no point in the plot, and some even called them a Token Minority due to being the only non-binary character in the cast at the time. Their fans claim they are misunderstood and their appearance isn't doing anything wrong.
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    • While every character can be this depending on the fan, Teardrop is possibly the best example of this in BFDIA. Despite getting the most likes out of everyone in her team, she also got the most dislikes, and was eliminated. The vote was rigged by the YouTube user Derpy Hooves, though.
    • Snowball himself falls right into this category. Some people either praise him for being a strong character, and others don't like him for being mean to Golf Ball and being bigoted towards other contestants.
    • The final 3 of season 1 has become a target of this. Firey, who's often criticized for being bland ever since season 1 and his treatment of Leafy until it was revealed to be a ruse, Bubble, who many complain has become too submissive and whiny until BFB 11 and Leafy who's reverted back to her season 1 self which is a stark contrast from the dark characterization she had in BFDIA which people liked.
    • Book has become a controversial character after taking a level in jerkass in BFB. Some people like that she's more assertive now, but others hate that she bullies Taco more than any other member of Bleh does. She has redeemed herself in BFB 14 saving Taco and Ice Cube from dying, though.
    • Lollipop is probably the biggest example amongst the BFB cast. There's a portion of the fanbase who praises her for being one of the most well-developed characters in the franchise, and a large crowd that insists she is a racist Flat Character with an out-of-place Redemption Quest.
    • Yellow Face is either a genuinely funny comic relief, or an annoying Ascended Extra who fills no role in the story.
    • Although Taco is universally loved by the younger part of the fanbase, a lot of older fans dispute whether she is caught under unjust scorn by her team and Bell, or a Designated Hero who uses underhanded methods and is surprised when called out on it. Similarly, Bell is also frequently disputed.
    • Woody, after becoming an Ensemble Dark Horse, has been talked about during the post-split episodes, with people starting to dislike him for being irrelevant, not helping out, and getting a lot of votes to be saved despite not being deserving. He still has a fanbase who support him and want him to be bolder, this has all ended in BFB 23.
    • Nickel is hated for being inconsistent by acting serious one minute and being goofy the next. The other half love him for his Large Ham moments and being based off Inanimate Insanity.
    • Silly characters like Bottle, Grassy, Marker and Rocky are either adored for bringing a positive tone to the series, or hated for being annoying and useless.
    • Two. Granted, when you split the entire season in half, you're bound to split the fanbase in half as well, but the vast majority of the fanbase went at odds with one another over if they were a good host, if the season split was a good idea, if it was executed well, and much more we'd really not like to get into. Splitting up the once-inseparable duo of Four and X didn't help matters. Four and X were reunited in BFB 17, however, but that alone didn't stop a portion of the fandom's still burning hatred for them.
    • The entirety of FreeSmart has become this in hindsight after BFB. While most fans initially loved them in the days of BFDIA and IDFB, many have expressed contempt as of recent for how much screen time they hold over the course of 5 episodes, and their behavior in BFB has not been received kindly, either. Most hate how hard Pencil, Match, and Book have held onto the Jerkass Ball seemingly out of nowhere and with no behind the scenes reason as to why, Ice Cube has been critiqued for being a very Out of Focus character on Bleh, even more so than the likes of Dora, Bubble's characterization, especially post-split, has been a heavy case of Depending on the Writer, and while Ruby lacks any significant hatebase like the former five, her elimination war with Gelatin was pretty contentious, to say the least.
    • Gelatin was this in earlier BFB, where some thought he was quite funny and gave humor to the show, while some saw him as a character who used others to win challenges for his team. This died down though.
    • One of the biggest examples is Fanny. Her hate quotes can make her either funny or annoying.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment:
    • Yellow Face's advertisements.
    • Leafy being revealed to be a football in the Season 1 finale.
    • In the middle of an elimination, Ruby looks toward the screen, spaced out, and says "Sorry mommy, did I do a no-no again?" This scene has no relation to the plot of the episode, and the mention of Ruby having a mother is never brought up again.
  • Bizarro Episode: "Fashion for Your Face!" is often considered this way by fans, due to several BLAMs (Boyinaband's cameo for example), Purple Face eating the Have Cots, and Flower causing deforestation.
  • Broken Base:
    • IDFB has split fans down the middle. Is it a great, funny re-tooling of the show, or is the new sit-com format a disappointment after the challenges of before?
    • The redesigns of the recommended characters have also drawn the ire of some fans, who believe that the originals were fine.
    • Fireafy. You either ship it or you hate it.
    • To say that the decision to split BFB into two different shows with a separate cast and hosts is controversial is an understatement.
    • For those who have been fans of BFDI since the 2013-16 hiatus or earlier, is BFB a good showcase of character development, or does it rely too much on assassinating the characterization of veteran contestants to make the newer characters work?
      • Key examples include Pencil & Match fleshing out Fanny, Book with Taco, Spongy with Barf Bag, Leafy with Balloony, and so on (especially Ruby with Bubble). The former were beloved characters in their heyday, but became Hate Sinks out of nowhere to give more character to the latter.
  • Cargo Ship: Loser x Chicken Nuggets, as a result of mentioning that he's craving them while imprisoned in the Liar Ball.
  • Conflict Ball: Pre-split BFB. AND. HOW. The most conflict one would see in BFDI before pre-split BFB would be in episodes like BFDI 24, BFDIA 4, and BFDIA 5c, which definitely weren't a dime a dozen. Come pre-split BFB, and character archetypes inciting this trope run rampant. Including, but not limited to...
  • Creator's Pet:
    • Cary and Michael have both said that Loser, loathed by the viewer base for being treated like God's gift to the universe until Fanny calls him out on lying about playing with popper balls when he was younger and the way his teammates are overly dependent on him, is one of their favorite characters and they were sad to see him eliminated so early in the game.
    • Lollipop is another favorite of the Huang brothers who hasn't exactly endeared herself to viewers, though unlike Loser her hatred stems from her attitude, especially in regards to her needlessly cruel treatment of Barf Bag. Her team took fourteen episodes into BFB to lose a challenge when several other teams had already lost two or more contestants, and people are beginning to theorize that the crew is deliberately not allowing Bleh to lose until Lollipop is Rescued from the Scrappy Heap because they know at the current rate that she'll be eliminated by a landslide. She's becoming a bit more understanding of Taco's mistaken betrayal at the expense of Book, whose personality soon becomes defined by grasping the Jerkass Ball tighter and tighter with every episode over the situation. A minor point is that when both Bleh and ABNTT were stranded on the moon in "The Liar Ball You Don't Want" and are unable to participate due to Taco's death, Bleh narrowly avoids losing when Pen helps knock the ball into ABNTT's crater despite being fully aware that it'd put his best friend Blocky up for elimination.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: TPOT 1 culminates in the cast, fed up with Two's poor communication skills, all ganging up on and taking turns beating them into a pulp - including the peaceful, friendly ones and violence-abhoring Death PACT. Two is unable to do anything but scream in pain despite wielding powers that eclipse Four's.
  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: Three of BFDI’s darkest episodes, “Insectophobe’s Nightmare 2”, “Return of the Hang Glider”, and “No More Snow!”, are seen as this to the viewers. It can be undoubtedly impossible for them to pick which character they root for due to the three aforementioned episodes’ mean-spirited and violent tone, and how the characters treat each other so drastically.
  • Designated Villain: Remote has potential to be seen as this. She wants to win the competition, but due to being in a team filled with people who want to prevent death instead of winning, she is seen as in the wrong for caring about winning more than saving people, even though her team should be focused on winning too.
  • Dream Team:
    • The modern-day Losers. Coiny, Pin and Needle, the power core of WOAH Bunch; Firey, the winner of season 1; and Leafy, season 1's runner-up with Dark and Troubled Past.
    • Death P.A.C.T. We're aren't making this up. Literally the whole team is treasured by the fan base. The most notable are Black Hole, Remote, and Pen.
  • Elimination Houdini:
    • In Episodes 9 and 10, Snowball not only proves useless to his team but even hinders it. He ties up his teammates and drags them along, exhausting himself, making them lose by default, and causing them to fall into a bottomless pit. At the elimination, he gets 18 votes, which is more than everyone else combined. However, the Squishy Cherries choose him to switch to their team, and Ensemble Dark Horse Teardrop is eliminated instead. Needless to say, many fans did not like this decision.
    • Flower is shaping up to become one of these in Battle for BFB. She has currently survived two extremely close eliminations in episodes where she clearly proved inferior to other contestants.
    • Match pulled this off thanks to the elimination prevention plan with Pencil in BFDIA 5. However, at the end of the challenge, she is caught and is properly sent off along with Bubble. They attempt this again but with Pencil in BFB 2 but Four was too quick and sucks Pencil up.
    • Bleh was not up for elimination until BFB 14. Every other team had lost at least once - iance and Team Ice Cube twice, and BEEP thrice. Lollipop was once the most common voting target, though this status has been passed on to Book ever since BFB 12. Gaty is also a common target, although there are much fewer people wanting her gone after her actions in BFB 13.
  • Ending Aversion: The Season 1 finale, "Return of the Hang Glider", is by far the most divisive episode in the series, with some liking it due to providing a satisfying Bittersweet Ending, while others hate it due to absurdly dark characterizations, several plot threads that were left unresolved, and three main characters being Killed Off for Real and two disappearing.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Teardrop was eliminated early, yet managed to get the 5th most votes for season 2 without saying a single word.
    • Chronic vomiter and generally silent weirdo Rocky may also be this, considering he was kept for a long time before being eliminated in the first season, and that he received the most votes for joining BFDIA.
    • Yellow Face. Despite not being listed as a character who could join BFDIA, he received so many votes that the creators eventually decided to count all of them, earning him a spot in the series.
    • Out of all the original contestants who didn't make it into BFDIA, Pen sees the most popular. Perhaps not coincidentally, he was also the closest to making it in. A sizable amount of people were clamoring for his return after IDFB episode 1, and he has remained popular after returning proper in BFB.
    • Naily became very popular in recent episodes because of her silly personality and most of the fans adore her.
    • Pin also became one of the show's most popular characters after she Took a Level in Kindness.
    • Four from BFB gets a lot of fanart for being a completely crazy abomination, especially from fans who know about the animation in which he and X debuted, which the Huang brothers made a couple of years before the first BFDI episode. The same goes to his meek and friendly foil X, but to a slightly lesser extent.
    • Taco has skyrocketed herself to this in the second episode. Main factors include her being The Woobie and at the same time being quite competent in challenges.
    • After being last place with barely any screentime in the first season, Woody has become this with his cowardice being toned down significantly. However, the two times he has dabbed on the show made him border on Base-Breaking Character.
    • Black Hole, due to his intelligence, mellowness, and interesting physics quirks. He placed first on the subreddit poll, and second (not counting Four) on the official poll.
    • For a recommended character example, there's Sotp Sign and Winner. Sotp Sign became popular due to his creator uploading videos showing him in BFB. Winner, on the other hand, exploded seemingly out of nowhere.
    • Nine. Thanks to their cool appearance, personality and voice, pretty much everyone loves them. And they only appeared in one video briefly and are not even in the show themselves!
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: In "Sweet Tooth", the April Fool's joke is a message saying the video was removed. In January of 2016, Part 2 of "Take The Plunge" was removed for unknown reasons, though it would soon come back.
  • Heartwarming Moments: See here.
  • Growing the Beard: Episode 6, or 9 is when the show started getting attention.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • One of the "BFB Intro But..." memes was this. Exactly two months after this video was uploaded, BFB 6 came out, and in it, Four was seemingly killed along with X by Golf Ball's team.
    • Didn't Four used to hang out with the Numberjacks?
    • The subreddit decides to launch a popularity poll of BFB. Before the creators do one in the very next episode.
    • After Blocky rejoins, Coiny complains that he gets a win token for rejoining, despite having been eliminated unlike the rest of the cast. This became a problem in Survivor Edge of Extinction, where Chris Underwood rejoined the game at the final six with an idol, and went on to win the game.
    • After comparisons between BFB 12 and Among Us,(it was a coincidence) a short was released featuring the cast in the game.
  • Ho Yay: Now has its own page.
  • Hype Backlash: BFB 16. Dear, GOD, BFB 16. The split, as well as Spongy's unsuccessful elimination, angered many fans.
  • It Was His Sled: It's practically impossible to mention Two or even BFB 16 at all without mentioning the events of said episode and how much they changed the show.
    • This also applies to Return of the Hang Glider. Firey does not win Dream Island, Flower destroys all the recovery centres and kills Bubble off, and Leafy becomes a minor antagonist.
  • It's Popular, Now It Sucks!: A character-wise example featuring Woody. While Downplayed, since he had a surprisingly large fanbase, quite a minority of BFDI fans usually complained that the said fanbase has not only made Woody into an unnecessary meme-lord, but they might have made him overstay his welcome a bit too much, up to that point where these fans compare his popularity to the Fortnite fandom or any other toxic fandom that God-praise anything to death in an irritating way. Not to mention that the fans also criticized the fact that the popularity started off with Woody dabbing in BFB 2.
  • Jerkass Woobie:
    • Book, as of BFB 3-onward. She was the butt of jokes, being humiliated and traumatized, so it's justified why Book became a Hate Sink.
    • Spongy in BFB 14, because in BFB 12, he was ignored and lonely, being the fake one-out, justified because his team was up for elimination.
  • Kafka Komedy: The entirety of "A Taste of Space" falls into this category. No matter what each contestant does to try and appease X, their efforts are seen as a blight on what he wants, resulting in constant point deductions for their team. Whether or not you find this funny, though, is up to interpretation.
    Lollipop: If we all spit from the sun, it'll rain down onto Earth, cooling it, and giving the plants a drink.
    Four: That's disgusting! Minus 6,000 points for being gross!
  • Love to Hate: Four, with his sociopathic personality and humorous moments.
  • Mainstream Obscurity: The show garners millions of views per episode (with the first episode having over 59 million views after it exploded in popularity around 2014), has spawned countless other series in a similar vein to it, created a wiki popular enough for Wikia to make an official app for it, and led Yoylecake to win Wikia's 2016 Battle of The Fantasy Foods competition. Despite the numerous feats accomplished by the fandom, you'd be hard-pressed to find it mentioned anywhere outside its corner of the Internet.
  • Memetic Mutation: See here.
  • Moe:
    • Some objects can be seen as lovable and adorable. Bell, Bomby, Bottle, Bracelety, Bubble, Cake, Grassy, Ice Cube (her mini self also counts), Lightning, Naily, Needle, Puffball, Rocky, Ruby, Saw and Woody are some examples.
    • X is also really, really cute.
    • Some of the RCs up for debuting in TPOT. Boom Mic, Onigiri, Price Tag and Winner are the most notable.
  • Most Wonderful Sound: Puffball and her speaker box's voice; it's Michael Huang using a vocoder. The Italian fandub is perhaps even better.
  • Never Live It Down:
    • Most fans won't forget about how Eggy was undeservedly rude to Clock in the end of BFB 6 when they lost the challenge, since it was out of place and uncalled for.
    • Even worse, Puffball was in the bottom two during Free Food's elimination, after she threw her team under the bus in BFDIA 5e. She barely survived elimination, as Stapy was voted out instead. Though later episodes show she retained her greedy and traitorous behavior.
      • Though, the votes might’ve been from assisting Stapy with cheating in the 8th contest.
    • Match was voted out in BFB 12 for her actions in BFB 8, namely bossing and devaluing Bubble for not knowing the answers, even though she hadn't knew them herself. This caused a lot of debate with fans thinking that Match deserved to stay since she apologized, and Snowball and Flower seriously hindered the team.
    • Two is hated by a lot of people because they were the main cause of the show split.
    • In BFB 19, Ruby started getting less roots after accidentally killing a fandom beloved character, Woody.
    • In The Stinger for BFB 10, Bell scorns Taco and tells her she will never forgive her again. This caused a lot of fans to turn against her.
    • For the fanbase, the entirety of BFB 20 will be hated because of the rules and the behavior of everyone. Ruby being eliminated despite Gelatin looking like the one to be kicked off added fuel to it.
  • Parody Sue: Loser. Literally everyone loves him, he's got an entire fan club of a team that he entirely carries (although they do get better), and he is the favorite contestant of the Huang brothers. Until his reputation goes to the pits in episode 7.
  • Replacement Scrappy: Two got hit with this hard. Many fans feel that they are more of a jerk than Four, and not in a funny way, and dislike the decision to have them host a separate show.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap:
    • Lollipop, whose first impression was received very negatively by viewers, was then given the role of protecting Taco, earning some respect from the audience (though there's still not few acute Lollipop haters in the fandom).
    • After the first season of her being hated due to being a Jerkass, Flower got herself out of being hated since she matured from her bratty self and became more considerate. In fact, this Reddit poll listed her as one of the top four liked contestants.
    • Despite Naily starting off with a rocky reception due to not being as interesting as the other contestants, she gained a lot of fans after BFB 14 because of her showcasing her personality and sacrificing herself to make sure Woody survives the lava.
  • The Scrappy: Has its own page.
  • Squick:
    • Rocky's constant and near-infinite vomiting capabilities. In BFB 4, his team even makes a cake out of his vomit.
    • Pin eating her own sweat, which is also green ooze. Somehow.
    • Liy's plan of getting Teardrop to talk. And the sounds when it is executed.
  • Strawman Has a Point: In "The Hidden Contestant", Four is extremely quick to disregard Profily and try to get them eliminated, and throughout the rest of the series, he's seen as an uncaring, sociopathic Jerkass, but he somehow manages to raise a good point at how contestants seem to disregard contest rules constantly and are too quick to follow the example of people seen as perfect.
    Leafy: Gang, I say we throw Profily their very own party to make it up to them!
    Four: You... You'll throw them a party?! I tried to get seven of you to throw me a party, and only two of you did! And, yes, Lollipop's party was the best party of all time...
    Lollipop: Wasn't on purpose.
    Four: YOU'RE NOT HELPING!!! None of you have any respect for me, and I'm fed up with it! Forty of my contestants left for someone they knew for like, five minutes! And the ones that stayed steal Donut's Diary, you don't even help me out of jail until I make it a challenge, and now... UUUGH! You're gonna throw a party for Profily immediately?! You never do these things for me! So, we're going to make this simple! Profily is OUT OF THE GAME!
  • Take That, Scrappy!:
    • Stapy and Marker murder Lollipop in "Lick Your Way To Freedom" when they rescue her instead of one of their friends.
    • Barf Bag's comeback towards Lollipop in "Questions Answered".
      Barf Bag: (speaking to Donut) Sorry, my reflexes are too slow!
      Lollipop: (pops up) It's the barf molecules.
      Barf Bag: Shut it, LolliPOOP!
    • Foldy gets unfolded by Ruby in BFB 12 as payback for her Roaring Rampage of Revenge.
    • Book gets it multiple times in BFB 12 and 13 - it's made very clear that no one else couldn't care less about Taco going AWOL.
    • A Message to Loser, a music video insulting Loser, despite him being the creator's favorite character.
    • All the contestants beating up Two at the end of TPOT 1 can be seen as this for those who view them as a Replacement Scrappy.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: BFB 16 was this to a lot of people. They brought Loser back into the game, they essentially voided Spongy's elimination and brought him back the very episode he was to be eliminated, they split the season in two, cut off just about every ongoing arc (including the arcs held among the characters that were present), derailed many of the characters as well, and the elimination style changed to a choice of saving rather than eliminating. To say people weren't exactly esteemed with post-split is to understate things.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character:
    • Some Recommended Characters can be considered this depending on who you want to see join.
    • Some BFB fans feel this way about a couple of the eliminated contestants, considering them characters with lots of potential who were eliminated way too early.
    • Even Woody, Bubble, and Spongy, due to the fact they were put up for elimination due to the writers towards its fanbase.
    • Firey Jr. being mocked about how getting exactly 10,000 elimination votes is the only thing he has ever accomplished in the competition.
  • Too Quirky to Lose: Rocky, to an extent; despite consistently being put up for elimination, he was never voted out until late in the show. Double Subverted between episodes 10 and 11. He had the most votes to be eliminated, but when the winning team had to choose either Rocky or Golf Ball to be on their team, everyone shot down Golf Ball in favor of Rocky. He also managed to get the most votes to rejoin the second season, even beyond the original BFDI winner Firey.
  • Unexpected Character: For nine months, viewers were lead to believe that TPOT would only add one recommended character - that of which being the landslide poll victor Winner. Come the debut of the first episode, it's acknowledged in-universe that the new addition turns the contestant count into a prime number and the third-place Price Tag is consequently brought on.
  • Unintentionally Sympathetic: Bell. The fanbase should hate her after telling Taco that she'd never trust her after BFB 6, but here's something. If someone used you for their own gain, wouldn't you be mad?
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: We're supposed to feel bad for Spongy in BFB 14, despite the fact he sabotaged everyone.
  • Unpopular Popular Character:
    • Spongy and Rocky. Sure, the cast hates them, but they also placed fifth and sixth respectively in the original contest. In addition, when it came to the votes to decide which characters would be participating in the second season, Rocky came in FIRST with over a hundred more votes than the person in second!
    • Leafy has not been very popular amongst the other objects after she stole Dream Island over a petty grudge.
    • Although the contestants don't like her due to her bossy persona, the Reddit poll shows Golf Ball being in the top three most liked contestants.
    • The most prominent example is Taco. Her teammates (especially Book) loathe her guts due to believing she abandoned them. However, she is loved by the fanbase, due to her taking abuse and humiliation well and being a prominent helper in challenges.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion:
    • Some characters, such as Leafy, are female despite having masculine voices. Lollipop's voice is even deeper than most of the male contestants, and Pie has one of the deepest voices of any character in the series bar Spongy.
    • Golf Ball especially has this issue; despite being female, she has one of the most masculine voices in the entire series. Pen even lampshades this in one episode.
    • On the other end of the spectrum, Rocky, Lighting and Cake are frequently assumed to be girls due to their feminine voices.
    • A meta example: Due to her deep voice, many people are surprised when they learn Satomi Hinatsu is a girl. The fact that many people don't know which Japanese names are feminine or masculine doesn't help.
  • What an Idiot!:
    • In BFB 1, iance, which has Lightning, who can fly, as one of their members, needs to find a flying basket to win the challenge.
      You'd Expect: Lightning to fly up and grab one of the baskets, and give to X, easily winning them the challenge.
      Instead: Pencil and Match insist on their team jumping as high as they can to get to the basket, and not getting anywhere close to it, causing them to lose the challenge.
    • Back to "Get Digging", when Leafy throws knives Needle, Gelatin, and Puffball, Needle being made of metal, and Puffball could've just hovered with Gelatin up to avoid the knives.
    • In "Bridge Crossing" Snowball tries to throw Tennis Ball off a cliff, but the latter bumps into a bridge.
      You'd Expect: Snowball to aim his shot somewhere else.
      Instead: Snowball breaks the bridge.
      Snowball: These dumb sticks are in the way!
    • In BFB 18, Firey sees through Bubble and Lollipop disguising as Flower. Then Gelatin shows up, carefully mimicking Flower’s personality.
      You'd Expect: Firey would see through the disguise, especially since he’d seen through even Lollipop disguising as Flower, and Lollipop actually has a shape similar to Flower!
      Instead: He falls for the personality mimicry, even though the appearance is obvious.
      It Continues: The real Flower shows up.
      You'd Expect: Firey would actually recognize that this was the real Flower.
      Instead: Firey mistakes Flower for an impostor, and then Gelatin ACCUSES FLOWER OF BEING DORA, WHO IS, YOU KNOW, ELIMINATED, AND THE ENTIRE TEAM BELIEVES IT. The level of idiocy on display here is beyond ridiculous.
  • We're Still Relevant, Dammit!: BFB has a lot of memes, such as the dab, the B Button emoji, the Roblox death sound, etc. Thankfully, as of BFB 9, most of the memes have disappeared.
    • However, BFB 17 and onwards have been reverting back to this kind of stuff with some of its writing, most likely due to the post split episodes' nature of having much more wacky and loose writing.
  • What Do You Mean, It's for Kids?: Despite being a show targeted towards children, there is a whole lot of death (albeit bloodless). Many of the episodes deal upon subjects kids are less likely to understand. After BFB 1 had it's comments removed due to COPPA (fortunately, they are back), Carry states that the series is for both kids, and older fans to enjoy.
  • The Woobie:
    • Pretty much any contestant who is prone to dying a lot qualifies, but especially Bubble and Ice Cube.
    • Spongy is one of the nicest contestants in the series, but is very sensitive and is constantly bullied by most of the others because of his size and due to being perceived as disgusting. His loneliness is bad enough that even the few people he has a mutual friendship with barely know what he likes to do for fun. However, all of his woobie-ness was tossed out the window in BFB 14.
    • Leafy. She was practically exiled, and has to live with being seen as basically a monster for the rest of her life, being trapped in Yoyleland. Not to mention that, despite a seemingly aggressive outward appearance towards other contestants, she seems to still care about them, given she backed away at Coiny's "deep-fried breaths" in IDFB 1. But she wasn't even able to say a word in preventing this, just out of fear of what'd happen to her. And if you really think about that'd feel, being unable to help old friends that you still care about because they hate you... Her elimination in BFB really sells it, given how she was just trying to be friendly again (even if she came off as rather controlling and pushy). When she rejoins the game and attempts to further her reformation, the rest of BEEP don't want to be associated with her. To top it all off, in Take the Tower, she has a brief panic attack when faced with fighting Firey. She really does not want to fight him and tries to make excuses, but Gelatin and Firey are confused by this and try to push her into fighting. Fortunately, she and Firey buried the hatchet in BFB 22, and her Heroic Sacrifice (or at least her attempt at it) won her 20,000 more votes than Teardrop in voting the next episode based on that act alone (as well as rabid Fireafy shippers who are over the moon that their ship has been refloated).
    • X was this before Four Took a Level in Kindness. He was the subject of verbal abuse and screeching.
    • Barf Bag is subjected to a lot of abuse simply for being filled with barf, particularly from Lollipop.
    • Taco! She was trapped in a jawbreaker for several weeks, unable to be heard despite being able to hear the others. Forced to listen to her teammates mourn over her supposed death/betrayal while she yells at them to free her. And when she finally breaks out, all of her teammates hate her, and it carries on in later episodes.
    • Four, when Two arrives and splits the show in two.
    • Lollipop in the stinger for Take the Tower. She has to put up with Ruby and Leafy's awful song and it makes her go downright insane.

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