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"Blocky! Wake up! What are you doing?!"

Like Total Drama, Battle for Dream Island is a show that executes the concept of reality TV in a comedy fashion, often more absurd than its predecessor. Some unmarked spoilers ahead!

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    Battle for Dream Island 

Take the Plunge

  • This exchange.
    Flower: "Ice Cube, don't you think I look beautiful?"
    Ice Cube: "Um, no?"
    *Flower kicks Ice Cube*
  • Blocky's sleeping position, which features him with his feet on top of his head, and an extremely silly smile.
  • After Pin and Leafy are the final two, they fight over who is going to win. Pin states that "Only one of us can win", while putting up a finger. The problem? She's putting up the middle finger.
  • Ice Cube's plight to join Match, Pencil, and Ice Cube's alliance.
    Ice Cube: "What? An alliance? I've got to join!"
    (Ice Cube knocks over Pen)
    Ice Cube: "Coming through! Sorry, Pen"
    Ice Cube: "Hey guys! Can I be part-"
    (Ice Cube smashes into the alliance)
    Pencil: "No".
  • When 5 characters are left, the numbers 1-5 appear above them. When they reach number 5, Woody screams.
  • The characters are choosing a team name, when Match screams out "THE SMOKIN' HOT FIERY BUNS!" through a megaphone.
  • As the Squishy Cherries are building a boat, Eraser steps on a nail and screams. He then floats onto a bed of nails. With hilarious "beeow-beeow-beeow" noises in the background.
  • When the Cherries' ship gets a leak, Firey's facial expressions are just hilarious.
  • The Grapes flying over the various sea creatures, complete with tons of silly noises in the background.

Barriers And Pitfalls

  • During the first Cake At Stake ceremony, Tennis Ball is safe with one vote. So is "Sam", "whoever "Sam" is".
  • Pencil's "song" she sings when she tries to get the fish who ate Blocky to let him out.
    Pencil: "Open mouth, yeah yeah yeah, let him out, yeah yeah yeah, so we can win the contest, so we can win the contest!"
  • The funny "sea creatures" scene is used again, this time with Flower and with all the sounds backwards.
  • The entire "Stress-Free Gumball" commercial. It advertises a gum ball which claims to reduce stress. The only problem? It costs 70,000 payments. Of 70,000 dollars. Each. The phone number for the company is also just "2".
  • "Oh no, I've been dulled!"

Are You Smarter Than A Snowball?

  • Snowball's response to the test.
    Snowball: "This is so stupid! How am I supposed to know this?"
    (Snowball points to his name)
    • The test questions themselves also qualify.
    1: If you don't want to eat, how long would you survive? Do you know? I don't think you do, so you shall fail, haha.
    2: Do you like tennis balls? Also, please don't doodle on the test. Just don't. So yeah, answer.
  • Pencil and Match's game of "Spongy Cake".
    Match: "One, two, three, four, who do we, not adore? Spongy! Spongy!" Five, six, seven, eight, who do we, really hate? Spongy! Spongy! Nine, ten, and then eleven—"
    (Match is cut off by fire)
    • During the game, Pencil and Match rub miniature versions of themselves against each other. A wooden Pencil against a Match. Oops.
    • Pencil's reaction is great too.
    Pencil: "Thanks an octodecillion, Match! Now our stupid tests are stupidly on stupid fire!"
  • At the end of the episode, it shows Tennis Ball, Eraser, Coiny, and Woody stuck in a hole. Unfortunately, Tennis Ball has other needs to tend to...
    Tennis Ball: "Um, guys, I have to go to the bathroom!"
    • It wouldn't be so funny at first, but when you take into account the fact that they are all stuck on top of each other...

Sweet Tooth

Bridge Crossing

Power of Three

Puzzling Mysteries

Cycle of Life

Insectophobe's Nightmare


  • The faces Golf Ball makes trying to cry on command. And it's her very first tear.


A Leg Up in the Race

Don't Lose Your Marbles

Half a Loaf is Better than None


Bowling, Now with Explosions!

The Reveal

Reveal Novum


Gardening Hero

The Glistening

Don't Pierce My Flesh


Insectophobe's Nightmare 2

Return of the Hang Glider

    Battle for Dream Island Again 

Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know.

  • "I guess people judged you by your cover."
  • "Sometimes maybe, if one player switches teams they'll be equal."

Get Digging

  • Ice Cube making an "ugly face".
  • TV's terrible Cake at Stake songs.
  • This gem:
    Pin: Let's take Teardrop.
    Coiny: Why her?
    Pin: She's my best friend!
    Coiny: How do you know?
    Pin: She's the only one who hasn't said she hates me!

Insectophobe's Nightmare 3

Zeeky Boogy Doog

Get in the Van

No More Snow!

It's a Monster

The Long-lost Yoyle City


  • This scene from Bubble and Pencil.
    Pencil: Bubble, how can you not feel bad?! Three years of our work has just vanished in an instant!
    Bubble: Well, I'm so used to my entire life disappearing in an instant, that it doesn't really affect me anymore.
  • Bomby's cameo.
  • Coiny's deep fried breaths.
    Fries: OH MY TATER!

    Battle for BFDI 

Getting Teardrop to Talk

  • The entire theory of care spirit flying out of people's hands.
    Pillow "A true indicator that a person doesn't give a fluff!"
  • Four bringing Balloony, Pillow, and Pin back with them flying out of his hand.
    • This would be funny enough by itself. But the overenthusiastic drumming makes it even better.
  • It happens again in Episode 2.
  • Every time Four screeches.
    • Even funnier when he does it to X.
    • Heck, Four as a whole is funny. He sounds and looks like he was animated by Sr. Pelo.
    • "Let's play a game!"
  • X has his moments too. One in particular includes getting knocked off his tower, but falls on the exact same one.
  • Bubble being demoted to Bember.
  • “Uh oh! Look! X is about to lose grip of his beloved baskets!” This causes the challenge for the episode to get X his baskets back.
  • This moment during the contest.
    Match: "Snowball, is your name Snowball?"
    Match: "Well, stop it! All those Ls are gonna weigh, like, a flake-ton and that's why you jump so low!"
  • There's also this exchange when *unintelligible* is swimming through molten lava.
    Gaty: "Guys, Book just exploded into flames!"
    Taco: "Got it."

Why Would You Do This on a Swingset

  • Taco being stuck in a jawbreaker is either this, And I Must Scream, or both.
  • This exchange:
    Bottle: "I’m so excited to start preventing death!"
    *A fork hits Pie, causing her to explode and die*
    Bottle: (Happily) "And Pie is dead!"
  • It happens again just a few minutes later, but with Pen.

Today's Very Special Episode

  • Liy climbing Bell's string. Her happy “I found my next adventure!” sells it.
  • Then, in the same episode...
    Foldy: “Oh no!”
    Stapy: “Don’t tell me!”
    Foldy: “Marker! You played...”
    Stapy: “DON’T YOU DARE TELL ME!”
    Foldy: ”YOU PLAYED FOUR!” (Scare Chord, followed by Four being summoned out of Marker’s hand)
    Marker: "OH MY ARTIST—" (Four appears with a popping sound effect. Short Beat.)
    Four "Let’s do Break at Flake!"

Fortunate Ben

  • X patting the ground, and congratulating it on "saving" Team Beep from hitting the ground, can be seen as both this and Heartwarming.
    X: Thank you for catching them, ground! They could've hit the ground.
  • This exchange:

Four Goes Too Far

  • Basically ANY time Golf Ball and Tennis Ball wiggle their eyebrows.
    Tennis Ball: Well, Four became a FACTOR of zero... If you know what I mean... [commence eyebrow wiggling]
    Donut: (appearing out of nowhere) STOP THAT! THERE ISN’T EVEN A SECOND MEANING THERE!
  • Gelatin is apparently six years oldnote .
  • Golf Ball manages to bring her team all the way to the Moon as to avoid the Twinkle of Contagion. As she walks out of her rocket, expressing her relief, Dora falls in front of her, seemingly out of nowhere, Twinkle in tow. She does not take this well.
  • Taco leaves her team to get somebody to get the twinkle from Goiky. When she finally arrives at the challenge, she and Bell look like they’re having a heartwarming moment. This is interrupted by Bell catching the twinkle.
    Taco: Isn’t the moon beautiful tonight?
    (Bell looks at the moon and catches the twinkle.)
    Taco: Mission accomplished.

The Liar Ball You Don’t Want

  • Loser, his team, and a crowd of recommended characters gasping when they realized the former is being eliminated.
  • The return of Tennis Ball and Golf Ball's eyebrows, this time in dramatic slow motion.
    Basketball: Are you done?
    Tennis Ball: I'm sorry!
  • Basketball tells everyone her plan to send messages through the communicator dish. Upon hearing this, we get this gem from Book:
    Book: Oh...
    Takes a chip, dips it in the dish, which is now filled with melted cheese, eats the chip, beat
    Book: THAT'S what it is?
  • The process of controlling Remote.
    ''Tennis Ball taps one of Robot Flower's petals with his foot.
    Remote takes a step
    Tennis Ball: This doesn't seem very ethical.
    Blocky: Hey, hey! The ball's headed for (gibberish)'s goal!
    Cut to Tennis Ball tapping Robot Flower's petals like a Dance Dance Revolution madman
    Tennis Ball: Remote's a person! We used to play tether ball!
  • A blink-and-you'll-miss-it: Among the list of predicted casualties from the explosion of Remote's bomb are her team members, the members of (eight names said at once), chip bag, chip dip, chip #1, chip #2...

Questions Answered

  • During the elimination, everyone is sitting far away from Donut, which prompts him to tell them that they can sit closer. This is taken to the furthest possible extreme when they all sit in his hole, muffling his speech for the rest of the elimination as he spits them put one by one.
  • Bubble wants to prove that she's great at mental contests, and is confident that she can do so. Until Donut's first question turns out to be complete gibberish.
  • Donut completely failing at being subtle about doing his best to make his team win.
  • Donut attempts to punish wrong answers with a recorded screech. This doesn't do anything. Until he tries listening to it.
  • Saw can't stop shouting ”EIGHT!”. This, amazingly wins her a question.
    Donut: What is the past tense of "eat"?
    Saw: EIGHT!
    Donut: WRO- oh, that's actually correct.
  • Bubble being demoted yet again, this time below even Bember status.
    Match: You are, like, hereby demoted to merely a BEMB.
    Bubble: NOOOOOO!!!
  • Marker's elimination portrait is a marker drawing of himself.

This Episode is about Basketball

  • Everything about X being woefully unprepared to host the show.
  • X ends up accidentally reading the votes by colored cue cards backwards, prompting Stapy to hear that he was eliminated first, and hop off before X even finishes reading his votes.
  • This:
    X: Basketball!
    Basketball: Yeah, X?
    X: Not you.
  • Team Beep hyping Woody in an attempt to get him to throw the ball in the basket. Woody succeeds, much to the team's joy, only to realize that they needed to throw more balls to weigh the basket down, which Death PACT has just done.

Enter the Exit

  • X is much more confident during this episode's Cake at Stake. Unfortunately, no one shares their enthusiasm.
    Nickel: Yes.
  • The entire sequence of X chasing David. Especially the way David moves.
    X: Got you!
    • X's method of eliminating David. He just sticks him in the hole in his head, and walks around with David's torso sticking out as if it's casual.
  • When Match asks Donut, who inherited Four's powers, if he can recover anyone, he replies:
    Donut: I tried recovering Naily, but, well... that happened. *points to a mutilated Naily*
  • Eventually, the contestants realize Four needs to be brought back, as he is the only one with the ability to revive objects, as well as the prize. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Marker tries to play Four, like he successfully did in BFB Four. This time, however, it doesn't work.
    Marker: I promise it worked last time! Right, guys? *turns towards what was supposed to be Foldy and Stapy, except that Foldy is dead and Stapy is eliminated and having tea with Pillow*
    Firey Jr.: Marker, you know I'm not too sure about this, but I think, maybe, there's just a chance... that... you're an idiot.
    • This gem:
    Lollipop gets licked by Pillow.
    Lollipop: How's that going to bring Four back?
    Pillow: What? Bring Four back? I was just hungry.
  • Four is eventually brought back and starts recovering contestants, 8-Ball (who was both dead and eliminated) flies out of his hand and immediately hovers to the hole to EXIT, with his smile momentarily changing to frown.
  • Pencil's reaction to have 5 guys appear in a previously all-female EXIT.
  • This:
    Bracelety: Loser got eliminated?!
    8-Ball: Yeah, but he lied, so we all hate him now.
    Bracelety: I don't hate Loser!
    8-Ball: Ice Cube hates Loser.
    Bracelety: Come to think of it, Loser sucks.

Get to the Top in 500 Steps

  • The Cake at Stake intro (played within EXIT) is played on one of those old TVs on wheely trays that they use in elementary schools. You know the ones.
  • When Leafy hears that she rejoined, she starts crying "tears of joy". Meanwhile, Bracelety tries to get Leafy to pass her drawing to Ice Cube... and Leafy uses it as a tissue.
  • As Four is about to announce the contestant to rejoin...
    Match: I hope it's Pencil!
    Foldy: I hope it's Stapy!
    Four: deadpan It's Leafy.
    Leafy's entire team simultaneously backs away.
  • Another piece of Dark Comedy: when Leafy greets her new teammates, she gives Needle the cake she received for rejoining, and the latter eats it. Cake watches with horror.
  • "But I'm in last place! Well, except Dora."
  • Yellow Face's reaction to Flower using the "Non-Slip Shoes So Ha".
    Lollipop: That is SO 8 years ago!
    Yellow Face: You don't know anything!
  • Dora, who has been stuck in a runner's start pose up until this moment, decides the best time to rocket up the stairs in record time is right as Flower's about to push the button.
  • Death PACT sends Tree (still stuck inside Bottle) to recover Pie. A little while later, we see that Bottle has just been casually catching up with Four, only for an annoyed Tree to demand Four to recover Pie.
  • How Pie wins:
    Flower looks back and notices Pie standing still on the staircase behind her
    Flower: She's not even trying? That's a relief.
    Pie falls off and uses Black Hole's gravitational pull to fly to and press the button
    Cue Oh, Crap! face from Flower
  • Needle turning into a photo-realistic needle.

What Do You Think of Roleplay?

  • Pen congratulates Eraser for being tolerant towards Foldy, a pentagon. Cue Eraser just realizing that Foldy's a pentagon.
  • This interaction:
    Bomby: Black Hole!
    Black Hole: Huh? Oh... thank- uh, I mean welcome. For saving your life twice.
    Bomby: I don't care about that! You owe me a banana!
    Black Hole: I don't owe you anything, I saved your life twice.
    Bomby: Life is cheap! Get me a banana!
  • Bubble tries to apologize to everyone on her team to put them in a positive light. When apologizing to Flower, it just boils down to listing the long list of her worst traits. Bubble doesn't even get to apologize to Snowball, since he immediately pops her.
  • X and Four doing their best to not give away the fact that they underwent a "Freaky Friday" Flip only to continuously give it away. What finally gives it away is this:
    Fanny: Recover Bubble!
    X (as Four): Oh! Well... I, uh...
    leans over to Four (as X)
    X (as Four): What do I do???
    Four (as X): Whispers
    X (as Four) holds their hand out as Four (as X) goes behind X (as Four) and recovers Bubble
    Cut to Fanny and Lightning with looks that say "Really?"
    Four (as X): *Facepalm*
  • Eggy claims that their team know each other very well. Four immediately proves her wrong when she can't identify which person on their team is still missing.
  • Pin (as Taco) decides to lay low. This plan is foiled right away when Lollipop decides to consult her for strategies, the only saving grace being Book's continued paranoid suspicion.
  • Eraser decides that the only way to know who's the fake is to do more things. He says this as Puffball floats behind him with Rocky's trademark smile.
  • Bubble decides to forgive Snowball for killing her earlier. Snowball does not care, and kills her again.
  • Golf Ball interrogates her team members very thoroughly to make sure they're real. She lets "Basketball" (obviously Puffball) off the hook once she labels Golf Ball as leader.
  • Rocky (as Puffball)'s rainbow vomit.
  • Balloony accidentally gets popped. Cue Basketball (as Rocky) blowing her cover.
    Basketball (as Rocky): Oh my goodness, that was loud!
    stunned silence from the rest of their team, including Woody, who was just screaming.
    Basketball (as Rocky): Uh, I mean, bulleh?
    Nickel, deadpan: It's Rocky.
    • Followed by Basketball complaining that she turned orange after turning back into her regular self... despite being orange already.
  • Finally, Pin (as Taco) is forced to provide a strategy. She suggests guessing Teardrop for being quiet. Pin is then found out.
  • Lightning (as Pin) asks when Needle became photo-realistic. Needle tells her that Pin witnessed the transformation.
  • As Spongy chews out his team for not knowing him. He then lists off his interests:
    Spongy: I like to skydive, and play Ping-Pong, and table tennis, and tightrope walk, and fly balloons, and fly in planes, and sail airplanes an-
    Firey Jr. You can't sail airplanes!

Return of the Rocket Ship

  • Barf Bag does her best to make Spongy feel included. Spongy doesn't buy it.
  • Firey Jr. is eliminated with 10,000 votes. Considering his Jerkass behavior in the last episode, everyone chooses to marvel over how he got exactly 10,000 votes over grieving for his elimination.
    Barf Bag: You weren't much of an asset to us so maybe this is like your first... small victory?
    Donut: Yeah - there's no one quite like you but, you know, maybe that's for the best.
  • When Yellow Face's ad gets interrupted again, Marker, Bell and Lollipop praise the ad as if it was some kind of deity.
  • Fries can tell that Four and X are about to announce the next contest because of their blank stares. They also know that it also means X will mysteriously float in the air. So they awkwardly wait for it. Until X begins to rise, only to plummet through the earth with alarming speed.
  • Pillow calls Four's challenge predictable. Four appears in the horizon, picks her up with his tongue, and unleashes a screech of the legion... and then accidentally swallowing her.
  • Tennis Ball accidentally calling X stupid while trying to get the location of their treasure.

Don't Dig Straight Down

The Four is Lava

  • Four announces that the challenge is to cross the molten lava, which span vastly over the competition grounds, and make their way to him. Immediately after starting the challenge, Team Bleh is automatically safe due to already being near Four for the elimination. He even compliments them for being first.

The Escape from Four

    Battle for BFBNote   

X Marks the Spot

Take the Tower

  • The fact that Firey has a spiky glove to slap Coiny. Because there is no kill like overkill.
  • Gelatin revealing that he was arrested and put on probation for impersonating Loser.
  • This Mood Whiplash:
    Balloony: Oh no, I'm feeling so much pressure again! This is not good!
    Ruby: (Spaced out) Sorry mommy, did I do a no-no again?
  • While Gelatin is off at the other team's tower, Leafy instantly assumes he's destroying the tower all on his own. Cut to the X-Colored team's tower, with Gelatin playing patty cake with Firey and not doing the challenge at all.
  • Lollipop's Sanity Slippage in the stinger is either this, Nightmare Fuel, or both.
    • And what causes this slippage? Ruby and Leafy singing terribly about driving with their friends in the Freesmart Van.

How Loe Can You Grow?

  • Ruby and Leafy are still singing from the previous episode, which is worse than ever before. Lollipop was all too happy that the radio finally works.
    • Turns out Ruby already reached their destination hours ago but drove around in circles so she could spend more time singing with Leafy. This revelation causes Lollipop to lose what's left of her sanity.
  • Bubble rubbing aloe vera cream all over her. It must be seen to be believed.
  • After Firey found the superspeed mode laser on Spongy's ship, he decided to do an overly-long drumroll with Loser instead of just pressing it. This greatly annoyed Flower at first but she later joined them.
    • It gets Hilarious in Hindsight as all three were voiced by Michael Huang so he had to individually voice them drumrolling which sounds ridiculous in its own right.
  • Blocky's Funny Doings International returns for the first time since BFDI 24. This time, though, the prank backfires.

A Taste Of Space

  • Minus.
  • Gelatin wanting a taste of space. This cultivates in him letting all the oxygen out of his team's aircraft and let's just say Batman Can Breathe in Space does not come into play.
  • While the Have Cots were suffocating and visibly struggling in the vacuum of space, Teardrop is chilling with the blankest look on her face. Even after
  • Lollipop telling Bubble that she (Bubble) can give her air...without the straw.
  • Lollipop also begins to melt on the surface of the sun. But the puddle of her on the sun has her face on it!
    Lollipop and Puddle!Lollipop: Please don't make a big deal about this.
  • The escalating attempts to heat or cool down the sun that outright throws any trace of logic the show has out the window. Highlights include:
    • The Have Nots running on the spot to rotate the earth so that it's nighttime.
    • The Have Cots jumping on the spot to reposition the sun and for earth to have daytime again.
    • Firey tricking the Have Cots into sinking himself in the sun. This resulted in not only X but also Flower suffering from the sudden spike in temperature.
    • Blocky lamely insulting the sun and freezing it into a giant ice-cube.note 
    • Leafy putting racing stripes on the ice-cube sun to turn it back to normal.note 
    • And let's not forget the absolutely broken points system Four and X used throughout the episode. Somehow, the teams ended up with whopping scores of negative 90 million and negative 100 million points.

Let's Raid The Warehouse

  • The song that Four sings to Loser before he's eliminated.
    Four: Despite your popularity, you got....eliminated!
    • Loser's reaction is also priceless, being flabbergasted to the point that he could only say "Hubba Lubba Hubba Lubba Hubba Lubba" over and over again, even when he was in the BRB.
  • This gem:
    Firey: So, this is where my sleep paralysis demon takes me in my dreams!

Who Stole Donut's Diary?

  • In the episode, we finally discover what the BRB is... a giant (or in this case, big) rotating building that spins the eliminated contestants around repeatedly in cages. Yup, you just read that correctly.
  • Four's elimination song returns once again.
    Four: Despite your popularities, you four got in a crazy vote battle, that almost ended in a four way tie...for last place!
  • Before the trial starts, Bubble actually manages to drop a Logic Bomb on Four.
    Bubble: Wait, so all we're doing is exposing which contenstant committed the crime? What's stopping us from just sitting in silence?
    Four: Okay, uh, how about this, uh...OH! Today's challenge can be the court case! That's it!
  • Blocky's testimony consists of nothing but committing perjury and lying under oath as a prank. Woody later pulls the same "prank", and Blocky is genuinely impressed.
    • This Running Gag culminates in a recommended character Grape, telling his testimony of going to "Grape-flying" class before it turns out to be Blocky in disguise. This and the previous "prank" result in Blocky's Funny Doings International getting shut down.
    "Grape": Hello! Time for my story!
    Four: Are you a grape? Who is this?!
    "Grape": I was on my way to grape-flying class—
    (Four rips the grape costume off to reveal Blocky)
    Four: Nice costume, Blocky! You annoying thing...
    Blocky: Ha-ha! You fell for one of my hilarious pranks!
    Voice: This program, was brought to you, by Blocky's Funny Doings, Internat—
    (Prison bars appear over the logo for Blocky's Funny Doings International)
    Announcer: (speaking very fast and in a deep voice) The Blocky's Funny Doings International Corporation was found guilty for perjury and lying under oath, and all affiliate parties were sentenced to 2,763 years in prison.
  • During the trial, Teardrop is made stenographer and given a typewriter. It later turns out she wasn't even typing a running transcript of the trial, but she somehow drew an entire comic about herself as a pirate.
    Gelatin: (reading Teardrop's comic) Oh, you've got radioactive powers, that's cool! (flips page) Oh, you killed me with them. Less cool.
  • After Gelatin and Lollipop form a newbie alliance, they did a nonsensical handshake that ironically didn't require their hands.
[Lollipop and Gelatin play patty-cake with their feet]
Lollipop: La, La, La! (Tosses Gelatin into the air)
Gelatin: Fa la la loo loo la! (Lands and dances vigorously on Lollipop's head)
Lollipop: That was great, but also kind of weird we both knew what to do exactly in unison.
Four: That was also weird you both thought that was appropriate to do in the courtroom!
  • During Firey's testimony, imaginary!Leafy gets very hammy. If Evil Leafy wasn't a silent Eldritch Abomination, she would be like this.
Imaginary!Firey: Wait a second, who is this?
[Leafy appears with thunder and lightning in the background]
Imaginary!Leafy: Mua, ha ha! I am Leafy! And I am going to steal this diary! That's me! Leafy the stealer!
  • Imaginary!Flower also gets a funny momment:
Imaginary!Flower: Ohh, what's something Flower would say? Uh, I don't know, uh...You suck! And uh, I hate you!
  • As Leafy is about to confront Firey, they discover X is also there. He says he had no interest in the trial, and used the two as an excuse to leave.
  • While Firey and Leafy are outside, Flower is on the stand in a shouting match with Lollipop, the latter of whom is certain Flower stole the diary.
  • In the stinger of the episode, the eliminated contestants are seen spinning in the BRB. Taco announces that Blocky released 58 pages of Donut's diary online to which Balloony exclaims: "time to read up!"

Fashion For Your Face!

  • In order to get the tools needed for the challenge (which is to free Four from a jail cell), the Have-Cots need to ride the train to Yellow Face's Warehouse. But Firey burnt it down while cleaning the railroad last episode, so they have to take a 200 year old one instead.
  • The tracks for the 200-year old steam train has loop-de-loops which is especially scary since there's no roof or seatbelts on the train as the Have Cots learn first-hand (whoever was the engineer should have been fired).

The Game Has Changed

  • Four "despawning" Purple Face.
  • Four getting increasingly fed up with the contestants not following the instructions of the challenge.
    Four: Can you guys stop using your parties as a way to fix your own personal conflicts and just base your lives around me, please!
  • Lollipop deliberately throwing a horrible party just to get on Four's nerve by setting up a Halloween-themed party, buying Yellow Face's Warehouse spoons to stick haphazardly on the walls as decorations, and having Purple Face sing a god-awful, midly-insulting song about Four. The cherry on top? Four loves it. Lollipop is obviously confused by this.
  • Woody's first prank is pretty weightless, and while his second prank is much more elaborate, it's nothing to write home about. However, it's his third prank that's the real knee-slapper.
    Firey: Wow, Leafy! We've been on this ferris wheel for, like, 8 hours now!
    Leafy: Wow, really?! To be honest, I feel like I could stay up here forever!
    Firey: Me too!
    (Woody runs up with a wrench)
    Leafy: Wait, Woody!?
    (Woody unscrews the support bolt)
    Leafy: Woody! What have you done?!
    (Ferris wheel rolls away)
    Firey & Leafy: HEEEEELLLLLP!!!
    Woody: (mumbled) Hyeh hyeh hyeh hyeh! Pretty funny!

The Tweested Temple

  • Flower vibing

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