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Funny / Battle for Dream Island: The Power of Two

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Like its sister show, you know TPOT is chock full of hilariousness.

You Know Those Buttons Don't Do Anything, Right?

  • The contestants are complaining about the fact that they had not started yet. Then Two appears out of nowhere with a "Well why didn't you say so?". Cue the contestants screaming in shock.
  • The scene with Two and the contestants (except maybe Black Hole) in the elevator. Two and Nickel are casually talking about how many teams there should be as 41 of the 42 contestants, as well as the host, are all crammed in the relatively small elevator.
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  • Golf Ball nearly names her team the same way she named her teams previously. This time she stops before she finishes her sentence in what can only be described as intense horror. Tennis Ball comes and asks her "Are you OK?" which ends up being the team's name. Cue Face Fault (since Golf Ball lacks the necessary limbs to Face Palm).
  • Winner throws all of their teammates to the top of the building. Snowball tries doing the same, but accidentally leaves Foldy to the mercy of the wind.
  • Just Not uses the elevator to get to the top. Snowball's reaction is to pry open the elevator doors, disabling the elevator. After Basketball chews him out for it, Snowball actually manages to fix the elevator by tugging on a random pulley.
  • Are You Okay's plan is to use the trebuchet that Tennis Ball build back in BFB 1, (which he had to improvise into a catapult due to the lava damage). They launch themselves, but they overshoot, landing them in a tree, which bends back before slinging them back to Tennis Ball's "trebuchet", which launches them back. The team goes back and forth until Puffball has to use Fries (now emptied of his fries) as a bucket to catch the rest of her team.
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  • Remote's plan to get to the top? Climb up the stairs and use Black Hole's gravity to propel themselves to the top. This doesn't work out for a number of reasons, and her response clinches it;
    Remote: Maybe we Didn't Think This Through.
  • As Remote literally and metaphorically carries most of her team to the roof, she drops Marker, who cheekily presses the "elevator up" button. Sure enough, the elevator stops there later, much to the annoyance of Basketball, who mashes the "door close" button.
  • The contestants give Two a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown for failing to ensure that they heard an important part of their instructions for the challenge. Then the scene abruptly cuts to Two cheerily telling the audience to vote as if nothing happened.

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