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Nightmare Fuel / Mokey's Show

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  • A lot of Momi's faces during her Ax-Crazy rampage in Is Not Christmas (see right picture).
  • Mokey in "Slunder" (that parodies Slender). On the first part, Mokey gives the viewer two choices of trying to help Mokey find his house. Clicking 'No' will give a comforting shot of Mokey's face with "Help Me" shown in the end. Choosing 'Yes' will have Mokey encountering the infamous Slenderman. It only gets worse from there.
  • This video, Mokey's Horror House, is pretty terrifying, especially what happens at the end.
  • The episode, "An Abnormal Halloween", is mostly humorous and nonsensical like most episodes of the series, if a bit eerie, but there is one startling moment while Mokey says "Spooky and scary movies on the TV"; as he says "scary", he suddenly gets uncomfortably close to the screen while screaming "SCARY!" with a ghastly, eyeless look on his face with long, dirty teeth. Doubles as a Funny Moment, though.
    • Unfortunately, the real kicker comes at the end: After Momi steps out of the house complaining about the ruckus, the Normal Person comes upon her and grabs her, the screen immediately cutting to black the moment he does so. When we go back to the scene, we see Momi's head, which is all that remains of her, made into a jack-o'-lantern and sitting on the lawn. To top it all off, the entire scene remains stationary throughout the video's end screen, until the tail end after the music stops, which then the jack-o'lantern Momi screams at the viewer.

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