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Nightmare Fuel / Camp Camp

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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to Moments pages. Proceed at your own risk.

It's more comedic than Rooster Teeth's other series, but it still has its dark moments.

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     In General 
  • The Quartermaster. Neil describes him as "the bad guy from every horror movie ever", and it's not hard to see why given his gruff, low voice and his Hook Hand.
    • His first scene in episode two shows him dragging a large, bloody sack of... something across the ground, and later on in the episode is his brutal, unflinching murder of the king of the woodland creatures.
    • The things he keeps in his "Quartermaster Store" are a mix of just weird and frightening. Radioactive waste, the Encyclopedia Satanica, bags of hair collected from the campers, a box that extinguishes nearby fires and makes people speak in tongues... Any one of these would mark someone as bad news, and he has all of them and more.
      • Apparently the gibberish the box spewed was a backwards message with some ominous implications about him.
    Space Kid: (reversed) The master must not be made whole again!
  • The platypus might not seem like it, but the idea of one running around with a bunch of kids is fairly unpleasant to anyone who knows the symptoms of platypus venom. note 
  • The fact that there is at least one known fatality associated with Camp Campbell, namely Jasper, is pretty horrifying, but it's also hinted that several other campers have met extremely unpleasant fates, like the camper who "technically" survived the camp inspection the year before Reigny Day.
    • Jasper is bound to Spooky Island forever, or at least until his body is found and put to rest. This means that a) Jasper's parents never got to give their boy a proper sendoff, b) Jasper might be stuck there forever, surrounded by Campbell's sex-dungeon and his lab full of abominations against nature and c) there's a child's dead body somewhere in the general vicinity waiting to be discovered.
      • Worse still, Jasper died in an explosion and so it's highly unlikely there's any body left to really discover and, whatever is left, is going to look horrifically maimed. Essentially, Jasper's stuck there forever.

     Season 1
Neil messed up big time...

  • The lab on Spooky Island lives up to its name. Some things, like the Pinky and the Brain gag, are kind of funny... then one of the test subjects writes out KILL ME on its wall.
  • Nurf's attack on the other kids with a knife is a dose of Adult Fear, particularly when he's advancing on a terrified Nerris.
  • Neil trying to do a recreation of Harrison's trick by shoving a bunch of scarves down Nikki's throat. Her face turns blue and she starts foaming out the mouth while choking. It turns out that Harrison and Nikki were screwing with Neil, but still.
    • Also, after Harrison misfires the trick aimed at Neil and hits Max, the poor kid spends the episode visibly ill and puking up stage props. And no one else cares because Nikki is busy "learning magic" and Neil is busy trying to show up Harrison. It's clearly not comfortable for Max at all.

     Season 2
Oh my goodness, are you okay?

  • Everything about Daniel screams this, from his Brainwashing of the kids to the way his neck constantly shifts and cracks, and this isn't helped by the fact that he is basically a Palette Swap of David with all of the morals (and most of the sanity) excised. Even worse? He was only defeated because he drank his own poisoned fruit punch. Imagine what may have happened to the rest of the campers if he hadn't made that one colossal fuck-up. Not like it's that hard, though.
    • Also, as one YouTube commenter pointed out, throughout the entire episode, Daniel never blinks. Not. Once.
    • Jen (the Gwen-like potential counselor at the end), whose magazine offers one hell of a Jump Scare.
    • Brainwashed Preston stumbling out of the purification sauna while blankly staring at the camera is rather unsettling.
  • Nikki falling into lava. It turned out to be just the kids pretending (Nikki was swimming in a kiddie pool of pudding) but for a second, it seemed like the show killed off one of its main characters in one of the cruelest and nightmarish way possible.
  • Tabii receiving a fork to the eye in episode 7. It remains there for the rest of the episode, leaking blood.
    • Based on her following appearances and her reactions to it, it's most likely a permanent injury. Glossed over in conversation, yes, but still disturbing to think about considering she's still very much a child.
  • The platypus eating its freshly hatched baby in episode 9.
  • Episode 12 ends with Campbell swearing vengeance on David as he's dragged away by federal agents. This is a man who manipulated his way into becoming the prime minister of Thailand, double-crossed the Russian government, easily murdered two bears, and was willing to kill a child to get rid of a witness. If anyone can find a way out of Super Guantanamo and exact his revenge, it's him.

     Season 3
All this because they stole his hook.
  • "The Fun-Raiser":
    • The first episode firmly establishes why you should never mess with the Quartermaster. In this episode, David and Gwen steal the Quartermaster's hook so to make a fundraiser in order to raise enough money to keep the camp running. When the Quartermaster learns the truth, he savagely beats the two counselors, beginning with grabbing Gwen by the neck and making them swear to him as he beats them senseless.
    • Even before that, when the kids are filming a commercial to raise money to give Quartermaster a new hook, Preston edited out all the footage of him because they were deemed too disturbing. And he is not wrong; poor Space Kid looked like he just saw Satan himself.
  • The foreign exchange campers were ready to kill Max if they didn't get anything they could bring back to their respective countries. Even worse, Nikki (the only one who's watching what's going on) initially has no idea he's in danger.
  • "Nikki's Last Day on Earth":
    • When the campers think Nikki is dying, she decides to have a Viking Funeral... while still alive. Luckily, Nurf has terrible aim.
    • While he deserved it, Nikki suddenly yelling at Max for being selfish can be slightly unnerving because Nikki is hardly ever depicted as truly mad.
  • "Dial M for Jasper":
    • We finally find out how Jasper died: He was sent with David to "Regular Island" by Campbell to look for his "Ideas" folder, only to decide to look for evidence that would reveal Campbell's true nature. After an argument, David leaves and Jasper goes into a scary-looking cave by himself, and while he's there, accidentally sets off some dynamite, resulting in an explosion that kills him mid-sentence. And the worst part? David didn't even know that Jasper died, as it turns out, because he was told that his parents came to take him home.
  • "Cameron Campbell the Camp Campbell Camper":
    • While he never gets too close to succeeding, Campbell manages to convince Ered's dads to let him be a mole in Camp Camp to get David to confess to coming up with the "Camp Camp" scheme. Even worse, it's an idea David gave him when David himself was a young child, certainly nothing criminal, but Campbell doesn't care and clearly blames David entirely.
    • The same episode reveals the utterly nightmarish lack of respect he has for kids, seeing them as vile creatures to the point that he's horrifically offended that David would choose the kids over him. David is simply shocked, noting that putting the kids first is his job and he can't understand why Campbell doesn't get that.

  • "Night of the Living Ill"
    • Despite being a parody of typical zombie apocalypse movies, it still nails the horror movie atmosphere, making it far more tense then you'd probably expect from such a lighthearted comedy. The fact that nearly the entire cast is infected one by one probably helps.
  • "Halloween Special: Arrival of the Torso Takers"
    • The fact that the movie referenced in the title of the special freaks Max out badly enough that he starts to believe its plot is happening right in front of him is pretty unsettling considering that Max was previously shown to be near impossible to scare, meaning the movie features some pretty extreme horror.
    • At no point do we see David blink during the episode. While creepy on its own, it's actually meant to allude to the below item.
    • Resident Knight of Cerebus Daniel makes his return. His plan this time around? Kidnap and replace David, make Max think he's going crazy, lock everyone else in the mess hall, and then kill Max, with David being Forced to Watch. And he almost manages to do it.
    • If you're lactose intolerant, seeing Daniel collapse to the ground in pain after being in contact with chocolate milk should make you uneasy.
    • Daniel's fist punching through the ground at the end may keep some people up at night thinking about the logistics of how he got through the shelter's roof. note 

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