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Nightmare Fuel / Cat Ghost

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Cat Ghost is a series about the occult, so some spookiness is to be expected. As the examples below indicate, the show delivers on that expectation.

The Webseries

  • In episode 2, the premise of the plot is that since Gideon didn't get Elon's joke, Elon and Naarah seemingly Mind Rape him into thinking he's locked in a room unless he can come up with a good joke.
  • In episode 3, Naarah pranks Elon with a woman in the mirror. However, the prank proves dangerous and we're left with a chilling version of a Gainax Ending when it catches up to her.
  • In Tony Crynight's speedpaint video, as he is drawing Naarah (With Naarah watching), the drawing of Naarah gets distorted into a Slasher Smile frequently as it taunts her and calls her sinful. All the while with an Ominous Visual Glitch and Voice of the Legion, complete with a Foreshadowing Gainax Ending to boot.
  • Episode 5 has Robert D., a talking banana that can only flop, cry, and scream about how he's a banana. The trio are annoyed by him at first, until he recognizes Elon. She shoos Naarah and Gideon away, promising to "help" Robert. She serves banana pancakes the next morning. Pretty typical CatGhost Black Comedy, until you realize there's a high chance Robert was another person from the trio's past.
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  • In episode 8, when a viewer asks about the Skinwalker, Naarah's face distorts as she repeatedly calls the viewer "nosy".
  • In "Catghost 10: Reunion", Naarah is urged to kill Birddog, mirroring the incident when she was alive where Elon talked her into sacrificing her dog. She hesitates, but Birddog, now speaking in a demonic voice, starts repeating the words "do it". Naarah sees and hears versions of Elon, Gideon and herself with "Evil Naarah" faces chanting the same thing. Eventually, she gives in and stabs Birddog with a blade.
  • In Episode 13, the Grand Finale, Elon confronts the Watcher in the mirror again, after Naarah Ascends To A Higher Plane Of Existence, leaving her alone. The Watcher suddenly talks, possessed by the Skinwalker, and reveals that it is the result of Naarah and Elon "fucking up the ritual" before taunting Elon, calling her a sinner over and over as flames begin to lick across the background.

The Games

  • "Happybirthday" takes place in a creepy forest where the player encounters red and blue skeletons that say things like "It Burns! I can't feel my skin!" and "It's cold here. I can't breathe!". If you type the word "murder" you get a Jump Scare from one of these skeletons. The cryptic nature of key's responses can also be unnerving.
  • "Joke" features grainy images of a burnt stake and a skeleton and chair underwater, the places where Elon and Naarah died.
  • In "Window" if your computer's clock is set to 3 A.M, the dark figure Elon saw in the corresponding episode appears and fills the screen with static, as if to attack you. The game also has a secret image of the bloody remains of what's implied to be Naarah's dog, which Elon goaded her into sacrificing. The "murder" Jump Scare also returns.
  • The bad ending of "Unholy Circle" forces you to watch as a character implied to be Bethany commits suicide by jumping off a cliff. You, the player, cannot stop her once you've activated the bad ending.
  • In "Banana" you are constantly being hunted by Elon's demonic form from the third episode, "Window".
  • "Dark Cavern" involves someone trapped in a mine encountering bloody and skeletal remains and ominous messages and poems.
    • Even worse, the player character (who is implied to be a young girl) has the chance of mentioning that she wants to die if you interact with a bloody red mass. Another thing she can say if you interact with a pile of rope is, "I could fix my problems with this."
  • In "Midnight", once you steal the baby, your cursor writes the word "run" in bright red on the screen. You must then escape with the baby across a bridge while being pursued by people with spears and bows. If they kill you, you see Bethany's red, bloody skeleton with arrows sticking out of it reaching out in pain. There is also a Jump Scare where the cursor draws "Evil Naarah".

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