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Nightmare Fuel / Moon Raven

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"...Then she saw it coming across the lawn, toward her window. It looked... something like a man, and yet it didn't."
Whether due to adaptational liberties or the strengths of the original stories, there are certainly some legitimately scary stories to be found.
  • "The Window" is the most popular video they've ever released. And it's easy to see why, with that not-quite-human... thing, looking somewhat like Slender Man's bastard child...
  • "Harold". Face it, you've never been that scared of something with a Playmobile head.
  • "What Do You Come For?". Uncanny Valley animation to the extreme. How that dead man danced...
  • "Kuchisake-onna", based on the Japanese urban legend of the same name. As scary as the "slit-mouthed woman" herself is, the homeless stalker is no picnic either.
  • "Shavis Cravis" (and by extent, its sequel, "The Hour of Darkness"). Thank the makers they didn't actually depict some of the things the story describes (which shares some similarities to a true story [NSFW]), though of course, given what animator we're talking about here, it might've been Nightmare Retardant more than anything else.
    I have a chestnut for you, boy. Come with me to my house! I have many more for you...

    It hurts to be dead...
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  • "Hello Santa!". Goodbye, Christmas spirit...
  • "Mr. Widemouth". Didn't think an Ugly Cute little creature with a voice that sounds like a cross between Stitch and Gollum couldn't be pants-shittingly terrifying? Think again.
  • "The Second Stall. That inhuman face... and then, that inhuman face!
  • "Man-Eater". It feeds. And it will never, ever stop eating.
    Father... you smell delicious. [squelchy crunching noises]
  • "The Outsider". The old-time film style artwork, chilling voiceover work from Kellie Fitzgerald, and the nightmarish appearance of Kyle makes this one of Moon Raven's more chilling videos.
  • "Last Summer At Hickory River State Park" is a recent upload of Moon Raven's and is quite disturbing. Here are some reasons why. Spoilers are covered:
    • The story Autumn tells to the other camp attendees about the missing and mutilated children.
    • The description of the place found by William and Lee out in the wilderness. Although the viewer does not see it, the description can still bother a few people because of the implications of what went on there on account of the cages and dead, mutilated animals.
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    • Hans going missing in the middle of the night, which can rouse fears of losing someone, particularly a child, in your care.
    • William encountering the clearly undead child at the end of part one. The quote she says at the end is particularly chilling, said words and all the above implying that this is another Shavis Cravis story. As of part two, it is.
    Undead Child: It hurts to be dead...
    • What makes that last one worse is that the undead child is very likely Gilda from "The Hour of Darkness", the child killed by Shavis Cravis at the end of said video, as the appearance of both characters is nearly identical and the undead child says the same thing Shavis said to Gilda before killing her, as shown in the above quote. If this is indeed accurate, then Fridge Horror comes into play fully if Shavis can raise his own victims from the dead as lifeless husks of their former selves, likely making more of his own kind if there are more undead children and this would be proven if the undead Gilda bears ill will towards William when he runs into her. In part two, something similar happens with William showing up as a seemingly living decayed corpse.
    • Collins recounting his own personal experience with encountering Shavis Cravis as a boy can be chilling, especially since he begins crying near the end because of how he's been haunted by that experience ever since it took place years ago.
    • Lee being attacked by the undead campers and then force fed their eyeballs by Shavis, seemingly turning her into one of them as well. Doubles as Nausea Fuel.
    • And the scene where Nicole confronts Shavis Cravis himself just oozes suspense and chills.
  • In "Kimyona Sekai", Kayako is absolutely HORRIFYING, and just the thought of a violent, angry ghost coming after you can easily frighten any viewer, especially since Kayako's brutal nature is punctuated even more with the aggressive, almost animalistic roars and growls emitted by said ghost.
  • "The Intruder" is a pretty standard retelling of a classic urban legend...until Beth enters the bathroom and finds the eviscerated corpse of her dog, illustrated in loving detail by Moon Raven.


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