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  • Grand Finale: Moon Raven officially announced the retiring of their animations in August of 2018 (due to their contraction of a severe illness), but not before releasing one hell of a finale: an hour-and-a-half long Magnum Opus featuring several voice actors and extended scenes of actual animation - "The Heartless and the Wicked". Many long-time viewers have claimed it's Moon Raven's best work and a great way to go out.
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  • Missing Episode: Some shorts have been deleted, mostly on account to creator dissatisfaction. Moon Raven has stated that all deleted shorts will be remade, and some have been, but there are still a few that are just gone. As of 2019, videos for "Thumpity Thump," "Cemetery Soup," "One Sunday Morning," "The Hog" and "The Wolf Girl" are still missing. Due to Moon Raven's retirement in 2018, they are unlikely to resurface any time soon.
  • Series Hiatus: Moon Raven took a particularly long one between "Backwoods Shack" and "Nothing There", the former posted in September 2013 and the latter posted in July 2016, with a time of just under three years.
  • Writing by the Seat of Your Pants: "Nothing There" is a story told by Chilling Tales for Dark Nights creator Craig Groshek's then five-year-old son Corban in one take with no preperation.

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