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Nightmare Fuel / Inanimate Insanity

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A reality show featuring anthropomorphic inanimate objects may look innocent and lighthearted at first glance, but with moments like these...

(Warning: As per Nightmare Fuel policy, all spoilers will be unmarked.)


  • Bomb's stuttering and screaming, as well as exploding can be this for some viewers.
  • It probably sucks to be Yin-Yang. Because of...
    • YANG! He is angry and mean, and while he may not seem threatening, he can actually be quite violent.
  • The rejection portal is the new way for elimination. While it isn't bad, the contestants used to be flung into it, screaming. The droning reverb makes it sound unsettling.



Season 1


Season 2

  • In "Breaking the Ice", as OJ questions what happened to his hotel, Salt assures OJ that it's going to be OK, as they now have time to spend cleaning the hotel together, and in a demonic voice, Salt finishes the sentence with "FOREVER". Salt then drags OJ to the hotel off screen with OJ screaming. It's played for comedy, but just what on earth did Salt really use this opportunity for?
  • In Marsh on Mars, the Cherries literally fling Marshmallow to Mars over Soap calling the joke "dirty" just because she ruined their joke about her. If an object stays out of the atmosphere for too long, they'll die and won't get any recovery signal.
  • A cut scene in "Tri Your Best" has Yang ripping Apple in half for not knowing what the word "joke" means.
  • Let's not forget the one time when Yang swallows Dough alive and blames it on Yin.
  • Let Er R.I.P.: The episode is scary itself, as dead objects that are permanently unrecoverable become ghosts.
  • Suitcase's hallucinations in later episodes of Inanimate Insanity 2, especially when you consider just how close they are to real-world panic attacks.
    • Her hallucination in "Mazed and Confused" is the maze walls closing in on her while multiple voices speak to her, with it only being broken once Balloon tries to talk to her.
    • The one in Kick the Bucket is even worse, with an arm grabbing her as multiple tentacles with skeletal arm-shaped light shining on them look like they're about to attack her as the same voices play, before a final shot lasting only a split second of a shadow on a white background flashing, of a round character with no arms, presumably Nickel. After this, Suitcase seems entirely defeated, and when Balloon concernedly asks if they're okay, they say in an uncharacteristically deadpan, monotone voice, "never better." It gets even worse when you consider Balloon says that Suitcase was down there for quite awhile...
  • "Alternate Reality Show": Lightbulb's knocking of Salt and Pepper creating the "Inanimate Insanity Infinity" reality is enough, but it's implied that the contestants other than Lightbulb and Apple have been thrown into Black Hole for elimination. Not to mention that Black Hole mentions millions have fell into him.
  • Baseball's Death Glare at Suitcase is downright evil-looking. Take a look for yourself.
  • In Mine Your Own Busines, it is implied that Steve Cobs locks his employees down if they fail him until they die, as seen with MePhone3GS running out of battery.
  • Hatching The Plan:
    • Fan's nightmare at the beginning of the episode.
    • Taco killing Test Tube and shooting Fan, knocking him down.
    • How about the introduction of MePhoneX at the stinger? He makes horrifying alarm noises, and doesn't speak while marching towards Toilet, and the flashing red X (which is his face) getting redder. What makes this even better? It's unknown if he killed Toilet or not. After the Adamationz logo it precedes, unnerving piano music plays.
    • Even worse, if that thing just so happens to find MePhone (which is probably why it exists) and the contestants, who knows what might happen...

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