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Nightmare Fuel / Inanimate Insanity

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A reality show featuring anthropomorphic inanimate objects may look innocent and lighthearted at first glance, but with moments like these...

(Warning: As per Nightmare Fuel policy, all spoilers will be unmarked.)

Season 1


Season 2

  • In "Breaking the Ice", as OJ questions what happened to his hotel, Salt assures OJ that it's going to be OK, as they now have time to spend cleaning the hotel together, and in a demonic voice, Salt finishes the sentence with "FOREVER." Salt then drags OJ to the hotel off screen with OJ screaming. It's played for comedy, but just what on earth did Salt really use this opportunity for?
  • Suitcase's hallucinations in later episodes of Inanimate Insanity 2, especially when you consider just how close they are to real-world panic attacks.
    • Her hallucination in Mazed and Confused is the maze walls closing in on her while multiple voices speak to her, with it only being broken once Balloon tries to talk to her.
    • The one in Kick the Bucket is even worse, with an arm grabbing her as multiple tentacles with skeletons in them look like they're about to attack her as the same voices play, before a final shot lasting only a split second of a shadow on a white background flashing, of a round character with no arms, presumably Nickel. After this, Suitcase seems entirely defeated, and when Balloon concernedly asks if they're okay, they say in an uncharacteristically deadpan, monotone voice, "never better." It gets even worse when you consider Balloon says that Suitcase was down there for quite awhile...
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  • Watching Pepper beat the snot out of Salt in Episode 12 is pretty disturbing-she hits her hard enough for her to crack and fall into Black Hole. The worst part? The alternate dimension contestants find it absolutely hilarious. Jesus Christ.
  • Baseball's Death Glare at Suitcase is downright evil-looking. Take a look for yourself.

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