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At first glance, a show about anthropomorphic objects doesn’t seem like the type of show with drama and emotional breakdowns. Once Cerebus Syndrome hits and things begin to get heartbreaking, it makes these kind of sweet moments warm us up a lot more.

Season 1

  • Journey Through Memory Lane:
    • After they win the million and Pickle asks how they want to spend it, the winner stands at the edge of the Crappy Cliff and gives a very impactful speech.
    OJ: Y’know, sometimes people let greed take over their lives. People put all their efforts into doing something, to give them a sense of purpose. Whether it is becoming a millionaire, or going on a murderous rampage. I think in 4S's last moments, he realized what it is that really makes you feel fulfilled, and I think I have too. It's whether or not a person has some nice friends around them for support. Sometimes life can get about as crappy as a cliff-dive into elephant feces. And your friends are the only ones there to make the hard times not so bad. So I'm gonna put the million dollars towards something for all of us. ‘Cause there’s nothing more valuable than friendship!

Season 2

  • Marsh On Mars:
  • Alternate Reality Show:
    • After the disastrous results of the painting challenge, Lightbulb pays a visit to Paintbrush, who is sitting in the Calm Down Corner. They apologize for telling her they shouldn't work together, and when Lightbulb unintentionally annoys them by calling them a "guy", she learns that they are non-binary. Paintbrush sadly confesses that they never brought this up out of fear of being spurned by the others, so Lightbulb validates them in her own "Lightbulb" way. This scene very likely resonates with any non-binary viewers having trouble coming out.
    Lightbulb: It's "C", isn't it? None of the above!
    Paintbrush: ...that's why I don't bring it up. I don't think they even know there is a "C".
    Lightbulb: Really? Well...Baxter here knows there's a "C". He loves the "C". Without it, he's just a rab.
    • Paintbrush's elimination is both this and a Tear Jerker. Lightbulb gives them Baxter as both a farewell gift and a way to remember her if they ever feel down. Paintbrush accepts the gift, gives her a thumbs-up, and walks into the Rejection Portal with a bittersweet smile as their former teammates watch and Test Tube wraps her arm around Lightbulb.
    • A Freeze-Frame Bonus in the post-credits shows a picture of Balloon and the other members of Team Chickenleg (except Taco), which implies that he's finally been able to make amends with them.

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