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Western Animation / Furby Island

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"I didn't find the tortizard, but something much more interesting. Small furry beings, never seen anything like them. They seem to know and feel what you are thinking. It's magical and amazing."
Maddie, in an email she write to Doctor Conquest after discovering the Furbies.
The hot toy of Christmas past is back-with an all new origin story! Above: E-Loh

Furby Island is a 45-minute CGI animated special that aired on Nickelodeon and Teletoon in 2005 to promote the emoto-tronic line of Furby toys. The plot centers around a teenage girl named Maddie who lives with her explorer family. She admires the famous explorer Doctor Conquest and wants to discover amazing creatures like he does. One day, she tries to find a creature called the Tortizard and winds up discovering the Furbies, whom she finds amazing. But Doctor Conquest actually is out to capture the Furbies and Maddie and her family have to save them before it's too late.


This television movie contains examples of: