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  • Accidental Innuendo: "Just give all the balls to me."
  • Angst? What Angst?: The show tends to switch from an angst-filled scene to comedy fairly quickly. An example can be seen with how the hard-hitting revelation that both Balloon and Nickel are being eliminated is announced by Toilet jumping out of a giant cake.
  • Awesome Art: The series got a major Animation Bump in its second season, and for the four years that it's been going on the art has progressively improved that by the time "Alternate Reality Show" debuted in early 2018, it's surprisingly well-animated for a Flash cartoon on YouTube made by only a handful of people
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  • Awesome Music: "Afterlife in the Limelight".
  • Base-Breaking Character:
    • Starting from “Everything’s A-OJ” to the end of “Alternate Reality Show”, some people praised Paintbrush for having hilarious rage moments, while others were left unimpressed on how they Took a Level in Jerkass, how take things way too seriously and unable to control their rage, and how they outright batter anyone who slack off, especially Fan. This died down at the end of "Alternate Reality Show", however.
    • OJ from Season 2 has also faced some mixed reactions from those who admire him for being the winner of Season 1, to often criticizing him for his hosting career in the 7th episode.
    • Even Nickel is hit by this. Although beloved in the first season, the second season put him into this. Some fans love him for his sarcastic personality and his friendship with Baseball, while others hate him for how cruel he is towards Balloon, not caring much about Suitcase and making her have hallucinations due to his actions, and being more rude than he was in the first season.
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    • MePhone’s mixed reception was somehow bigger than the two mentioned above, either applauding him for having a Chris McLean-esque personality, his funny moments, and his understandable backstory in “Mine Your Own Business”, or disowning him and just losing all sympathy for him for not being called out for his sadistic attitude, (unless you count Everything’s A-OJ where he gets sent to jail for 1 day and later getting affected by Tissues “condishawn”) such as constantly torturing and tormenting his own contestants for the longest, treating his staff as if they weren’t useful at all and outright driving one of his contestants on the verge of insanity after spending time on Idiotic Island (e.g. Paper).
  • Elimination Houdini: Nickel and Soap fall into the bottom 2 after the events of “Theft and Battery”. Nickel was the one who forced Suitcase to steal a battery and ended up unknowingly kickstarting her escalating trust issues, while Soap only pointed out Suitcase’s crime (though her abrasive behavior throughout the episode didn’t help her much). Soap is eliminated (she even lampshades how unfair her elimination was), and Nickel’s presence for the next two episodes only makes Balloon and Suitcase’s personal issues worse. He finally gets his just deserts in “Kick the Bucket.”
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Bow, who joined halfway through the first season, is loved for her affirmation with chairs. Which makes her death all the more depressing.
    • Suitcase and Balloon got this later into Season 2, especially after Episode 9.
    • The alternate contestants from "Alternate Reality Show" are pretty popular.
    • Downplayed for Nick-Le. He isn't as popular as the other characters on this list, but he has still gotten a small following of fans.
  • Epileptic Trees:
    • A lot of fans speculated that Taco was hiding inside of Box, this was eventually lampshaded after its elimination. It turns out that it's just an empty box with the words "Box" written inside of it. Nothing more
    • A lot of viewers also suspected that Apple was actually being possessed by Bow when she revealed that she was just pretending to be friends with Marshmallow in order to get farther in the game. However, this turned out to be true, as of Episode 11 Part 1.
  • Growing the Beard: Inanimate Insanity was relatively silly and filled with generally crude animation in its first season. While still a comedy like the shows it is based on, it saw a shift in its second season towards a smoother visual style filled with nicely done shading, cleaner audio, original songs and more sound effects than just basic stock ones; and drama in the form of exploring the characters' relationships further and the consequences of playing on a game show that routinely subjects its contestants to torturous or life-threatening situations, encourages the breakdowns of the best of friendships and generally ruins the lives of all that compete in it.
  • Jerkass Woobie: MePhone4. The episode "Mine Your Own Business" reveals that in his early days he was often physically and emotionally abused by Steve Cobs, and it was bad enough that MePhone eventually got rid of the memories.
  • Ho Yay:
    • The scene between Knife and Pickle in Episode 7 can definitely be seen as this.
    • Marshmallow and Apple's entire story arc can be seen under the lens of a cheesy romance movie plot. In particular, their reunion at the end of Episode 11 Part Two seems like a stereotypical scene where a couple reconciles after a fight... but instead of playing a boombox, Marshmallow throws a boulder at Apple's window.
    • OJ and Balloon, in "Rain On Your Charade". Balloon paces back and forth outside of Hotel OJ for hours attempting to apologize to OJ. His note sheet has many interesting scribbles, such as "Hey OJ~!" (tilde included), "Bae" written under OJ's name but scribbled out, and an offer to get tofu burgers, although Balloon decides otherwise as he dislikes tofu. To top it all off, while talking to OJ in the hotel, Balloon blushes and cries out "It's gotta be you!"
  • Memetic Mutation:
  • Narm/Narm Charm: It can be hard to take inanimate objects with stick figure limbs seriously, especially considering the show originally being a light-hearted comedy before its change in direction. Special mention goes to Balloon, who's involved in some of the most serious moments in the second season yet keeps a high-pitched, Mr. Bill-esque voice throughout.
  • Player Punch: Viewer Punch would be a better word. Soap is eliminated in Episode 9, mostly because of her abrasive behavior towards her team. However, she points out that Nickel’s behavior was even worse, given how he forced Suitcase to steal a battery and is a bigger jerkass than her. Her elimination also puts some heavy strain on poor Microphone, which likely made some of her voters regret their decision to vote her off.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Balloon and Knife got this treatment in Season 2 — the former completely turns into The Atoner, while the latter gets more Jerk with a Heart of Gold moments.
  • The Scrappy:
    • Pepper and Salt are hated due to them being Satellite Characters who act rude and have no purpose in the show.
    • Dough was a deliberate attempt to create one of these by aggravating Bow's fans with a blander Suspiciously Similar Substitute.
    • Cheesy also falls into this, in and out-universe, as he has no purpose other than to tell jokes, which annoys people. Most fans were happy that Microphone told him off in episode 8 and it wasn't a surprise when he got the most votes.
    • Trophy is heavily disliked by viewers due to his Jerk Jock persona, bullying the others, and blackmailing Knife when he found out about his Dora doll while not feeling sympathetic for him at all when he broke his leg.
  • Ships That Pass in the Night: Trophy and Fan are somewhat frequently paired together, although it's popularity is surpassed by Test Tube x Fan. Despite this, they have only had two interactions so far.
  • Squick:
    • The first challenge, in which the contestants must jump off a cliff and land into clean water, or else they'll fall into elephant feces. Most of them are unlucky enough to fall into the feces.
    • Nickel defecating on Baseball in "A Lemony Lesson." It's only somewhat mitigated when Nickel claims that his chocolate bar melted in "Marsh on Mars." Even then, it's still gross.
    • The Taco Show, in which Taco makes OJ uncomfortable by asking him if he would rather eat raccoon feces or make out with Rebecca Black, and if he refuses to answer, she will pour a tub of "Strange Warm Yellow Liquid" into his glass. He is understandably grossed out and runs away.
    • Apple eating garbage in "Sugar Rush."
    • Tissues' "condishawn" can come off as this to some viewers. It doesn't help that his snot is green, which is a very clear sign of illness in real life. This may be the reason for his elimination.
    • Soap adding disinfectant to her team’s pizza in Episode 4 of Season 2. The month-old leftovers are even worse, and Soap, of all characters, eats it and throws up. Euerghhh.
  • The Woobie: Several of the contestants, so it now has its own page to explain all of them.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: The show wants us to feel bad for Trophy due to how when stuffed in a closet with the eliminated contestants when out of the game, he gets sneezed by on Tissues a lot. However, due to how he treated Knife and blackmailed him, no one's feeling sorry for him at all and feel like he deserves it.


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