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Tear Jerker / Inanimate Insanity

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Don't be fooled by the show's fun, seemingly light-hearted exterior - the interior does its absolute best to try and make you feel sorry for anthropomorphic objects. While still a comedy at its core, Inanimate Insanity begins to explore more and more of the horrific consequences of participating in a sadistic reality show as it progresses, and it is easier to count the number of contestants who haven't been broken or traumatised by their experiences than the ones who have.


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     Season 1 
  • Journey Through Memory Lane:
    • Pickle's best friend Taco is revealed to be a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing who was faking all of her kookiness to manipulate everyone into helping her progress through the competition and does not care about anyone else.
    • Mephone4S' sacrifice, as a whole. Just imagine losing 2 of your close relatives in a freak accident that you caused, and you have to give up your life to bring back one of them.
    Siri: No, I order you not to go! I order you not to go!

     Season 2 
  • Poor Marshmallow ends up feeling extremely guilty for indirectly causing Bow's death in the Season 1 finale. She goes to MePhone4 to try and bring her back to life, but it turns out that she died while he was dead as well, so he didn't get the notification to recover her, thus rendering her dead forever.
    • In Mazed and Confused, during Spoiled Lemon's concert, we can see Marshmallow looking at a picture of Bow that she drew. You can clearly see that she misses her friend, especially after she lost her friendship with Apple.
  • You have to feel some sympathy for Microphone, who gets ignored and criticized by her teammates for her volume and tendency to mess up challenges, even though she won the first one by herself. And to Kick the Dog even further, Cheesy likes to tell incredibly obnoxious jokes about her (and seemingly on purpose too!) and even calls her a monstrosity. She manages to befriend Soap, but that doesn’t last long since she’s eliminated in episode 9. Poor Mic does not take it well.
  • Let 'Er R.I.P.:
  • Theft and Battery:
    • Suitcase entering the Trauma Conga Line. Nickel forces her to steal a battery, and while doing so, she meets Mecintosh. What he tells her causes her to slowly lose faith in her alliance, and starting in Episode 10, she begins to hear his voice in her head and have unsettling Hallucinations that are reminiscent of real life panic attacks.
  • Rain On Your Charade:
    • Balloon vents to Suitcase about how he tried to discuss his problems with OJ, but OJ, understanding and compassionate as he is, didn’t allow him to fully voice his opinions. Seeing him cry is absolutely heart-breaking.
    • Soap’s elimination as a whole. She tries to reason with MePhone, claming his hardware “needs cleaning”, before realizing why she was eliminated-and for an unfair reason-she was the one who correctly pointed out that Suitcase stole a battery from Meeple, but Nickel was the one who forced her to do so. She then gives Suitcase and Microphone some final words of wisdom before she walks into the Rejection Portal, having accepted her elimination.
    Soap: Just remember who your true friends are, Suitcase. And Mic, remember to listen to your heart.
    • Once MePhone gives the contestants a free period, Microphone uses it as an opportunity to write in her diary. It comes to show how badly she was affected by Soap’s elimination.
    Microphone: Dear Mic’s Diary, Soap got kicked out today, when it really wasn’t her time to go. Nothing much else to say. I would complain some more, but hey. *stops writing and closes diary* Why would you care?! You’re a book! *throws diary into bushes*
    • A few seconds later, a strange voice (later revealed to be Taco) picks up her diary and begins to read some of her past entries, one where she laments her loss in the triathalon, and another where she says that, despite being loud, she still goes unnoticed. As Taco continues flipping through the pages, she calls her an “annoying, harmful, random, useless, insignificant loser” as tears well in her eyes.
  • Mazed And Confused:
    • Nickel and Suitcase get into an argument when Balloon accidentally leads Baseball’s alliance into a dangerous portion of the maze. Baseball fails to calm them down, and the aftermath causes him to lose faith in his role as a leader.
    Baseball: ...Why do I always let this happen? I could've helped back there, but I just didn't know what to say. [...] I can't keep the team together, I can't keep the alliance together, and maybe if I had some actual leadership skills, we wouldn't be in this mess.
  • Kick The Bucket:
    • This episode is the worst for Suitcase, full-stop. Balloon accidentally drops his team's bucket into the lake, and Suitcase has to retrieve it. This time around, she almost drowns. Fast forward to the elimination, where Balloon, someone she trusts and considers a genuine friend, is eliminated 5 to 1. And guess what? She didn't vote for him at all. And yet she's forced to watch him bid one last farewell to her as he waves goodbye and walks into the Rejection Portal, all while she has tears in her eyes. The poor girl could really use a hug right now.
    • Say what you will about Nickel and how he deserved to be eliminated, but his elimination has seriously affected Baseball’s mental and emotional state. Not only has he been separated from his best friend, his alliance has been destroyed by Suitcase, who eliminated said best friend.
  • Alternate Reality Show:
    • It’s heavily implied that Baseball's started to suffer from depression. He has now developed a cynical outlook on just about everything, as his painting is nothing more than a black mess of scribbles, and if you look closely, a subtle frowning face.
    Baseball: Just painting what I see. Darkness. Nothing.
    • This line from him suggests that, much like Suitcase, he might be developing trust issues:
    Baseball: An alternate timeline? That’s where I wish I was! Because what’s the point of this timeline if everyone’s out to get you?!
    • When Lightbulb and Test Tube are sucked through a temporal portal that the former accidentally created, Taco wistfully looks at it and reaches out to it at the last second only for it to dissipate and leave her morose for a moment.
    Taco: Another chance, perhaps?
    • Paintbrush reveals that they’re non-binary to Lightbulb. They confess that they didn’t bring it up with the others out of fear of being rejected. Many non-binary viewers likely share this feeling.
    Paintbrush: I don’t think they even know there is a “C”.
    • The scene thankfully shifts into heartwarming mode since Lightbulb validates their gender and finally gets some laughs out of them. Awwww!
    • Their elimination is the most bittersweet one as of yet. Lightbulb entrusts them with Baxter so they can remember her, and Paintbrush walks into the Rejection Portal with a somber smile as their former teammates say goodbye.
  • Mine Your Own Business:
  • This blog entry from Fan, which emphasizes how stressed he is about the game’s complexities.
    “Theories and patterns are easy. I didn’t want to believe Paintbrush, because they knew the game was… more. I’m scared of everything that’s happening… because it’s… more. If I could stay… in a shell… I’d never leave. You’d probably think I’d feel trapped. On the contrary, I’d feel free knowing that’s all there is to it. There’s nothing else out there. How reassuring, right? That’s all. If only it were so simple…”
  • Fan’s elimination. He gets into an argument with Test Tube over who gets to keep his egg: Fan insists he was the one who always took care of it, but Test Tube was the one who saved it from peril, ran tests on it, and knew what it needed to survive. Before he gets pushed into the Rejection Portal, he tearfully confesses that he never wants it to hatch, only wishing for the creature inside to “stay calm and secure in his protective little shell”.
    • Test Tube’s last words to him? “I’m...sorry, Fan.” Even though she disagrees with the idea of him keeping the egg, she still cares about him, and it’s almost as if she’s regretting her argument with him and wishing he got what he felt was best.
    • Fan’s monologue at the end of the episode.
    “So, push comes to shove, you gotta trust someone. If they're your friend, and they've done a lot for you, even if it doesn't make sense, and you don't agree... at all... you just gotta. ‘Cause, maybe, in reality... they're right.”


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