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Paintbrush is transgender or genderfluid.
Will probably be mentioned somewhere in Season 2.
  • Jossed, unless you count nonbinary people as transgender. They're non-binary.
Marshmallow will be disqualified in Episode 12
Due to her deciding to quit the show and live with Bow in Purgatory Mansion and MePhone announcing she will be eliminated if she does not return, it's more likely than not that this will be the case.
  • Confirmed.
Suitcase will be sent to a mental hospital in episode 14.
Her hallucinations become so bad that it drives her to harm (or attempt to kill) herself, and Mepad sends her to a mental hospital. MePhone4 will have a mental breakdown in the episode, and he will start to cry and think it's his fault. Nickel is crying too, and he keeps saying "I'm sorry" to Suitcase, even though she isn't there.
Lightbulb is a transgender girl, and there'll be a character arc about it.
Since she was referred to as a boy in Episodes 1 and 2 of Season 1, but referred to as a girl after, she may be transgender. Another supporting point is that her wires changed shape, which may be an illusion to a sex change. The character arc will be about Lightbulb breaking down after being called a boy instead of a girl, and it will explore transgender issues.
  • Jossed. Creators have confirmed that the gender change was only to balance the genders of the characters.
Taco will betray Microphone in a future episode, or vice versa.
Meeple is a cult.
MePhone4 was abused by Cobs.
He seems to look scared when he sees Paintbrush's painting in Episode 12.
  • Confirmed.
Knife and/or Fan will get more Character Focus in Episode 13.
  • Confirmed.
Mephone4S will come back in Episode 13.
  • Despite the fact that Lightbulb and Test Tube fixed the timeline after Lightbulb messed it up, there still might be a slight change to the timeline. A hole in the timeline will happen, which will summon Mephone4S from an other dimension where he was after he downgraded, and cause him to come out of a portal. A possible line for the situation will be:
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  • Jossed. He did not appear, although his paperwork does in one of Me Phone's flashbacks.
MePhone4 will have a flashback in Episode 13
  • The flashback might contain him as a child, with the other mephones (also children) making fun of him for having no shockwave mouth or sunglasses.
One of the characters will become a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds.
I'm betting either Baseball or Microphone. I dunno.
Nickel's having offscreen Character Development at Hotel OJ.
The characters (sans the Meeple products) are actually results of an experiment on giving inanimate objects life similar to that of The Island of Doctor Moreau.
Sounded cool in my head...
MePhone5C is a trans woman.
  • It seems a little off to have a cis females be in the middle of a product line of cis males. Cobs programmed MePhone5C to be a boy, but she wanted to be a girl. I wouldn't be surprised if this was confirmed, since we already have a canon nonbinary character in the show.
Baseball is a Yandere for Nickel.
Okay, okay, I might be overreacting, but despite the fact Suitcase had a good reason to vote Nickel off, Baseball seems the most scornful to her, most likely to murderous tendencies judging by the facial expressions. Now, I know Baseball and Nickel are great friends, but remember that Nickel is a massive Jerkass, and it just so seems Baseball is blinded by his (platonic or not) love for him to notice. Not to mention earlier in season 2 Baseball becomes uncomfortably close to Nickel at one point. Not to mention Baseball kicked Knife powerfully just for calling him fat. Who knows what Baseball could do to Suitcase?!.
  • Jossed. Test Tube helps him calm down, and when he runs into Suitcase, he decides not to talk with her so he can let her focus on the challenge.
Whatever laid the martian egg in "Marsh On Mars" will come to Earth and go after Fan and Test Tube.
Haven't any of you seen Chicken Little?! That egg definitely belonged to something, and I don't think it would be happy about Fan taking its child without its consent...
Humans who died were reincarnated into the objects.
I know, I know. Theories like this have been done to death. But I thought it was fun.Now, as for why Bow and Dough come back as ghosts, that’s because the magic could only reincarnate them into something once. Therefore, they’re just ghosts now. Now as of how they died: Knife was stabbed, Marshmallow fell onto a campfire, Baseball was a baseball player who suffered obesity-related health issues, Lightbulb was an electrician who was also a woman with Pica who ate an electrical appliance, Paintbrush was an artist who flew into a rage that got them killed by someone in self-defense, the Cherries were siamese twins that died before birth, Suitcase was a traveler who got cut open by a hippo in Africa, Trophy was an athlete who used steroids, Test Tube was a scientist who died in a lab accident, Yin-Yang committed suicide due to bipolar disorder, Tissues was a doctor who caught Ebola, Cheesy was a loathed comedian who was beaten, Balloon died of asphyxiation from inhaling helium, Microphone was a metal singer whose vocal chords were gruesomely and crudely ripped out when she got nodules, Fan was cyberbullied to suicide by a hatedom, Soap was a cleaning lady who accidentally ingested a cleaning product, Nickel was a banker whose head was cracked open by falling onto something made of metal, Box was a stillbirth, OJ drowned, Apple was a farmer who suffered a brain disease, Bomb died in an explosion, Paper was an office worker who suffered a really bad papercut, Bow was a stylist who was strangled by a ribbon, Salt and Pepper suffered dehydration, Pickle was stabbed through an eye, Taco was a waitress at a Mexican restaurant who choked on a lemon, and Dough died in a baking accident.
One of Paintbrush's parents is a torch.
That would explain why their bristles catch fire when they get really angry.
The series finale will have a "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue.
The final episode will be a Bittersweet Ending.
Judging from the Cerebus Syndrome, I'm pretty sure it would... or...
The final episode will be a full-blown Downer Ending.
Marshmallow is an Eldritch Abomination.
Remember when she manipulated gravity at a couple points in season 1? Marshmallows don't do that. Not to mention she can also apparently heal from being burned to death without Me Phone having to revive her...

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