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Fridge Horror

  • "Yeah, and I think, like, you should die." The scene seems harmless on the surface, but once you think about; Tissues' disease is debilitating, seemingly incurable, and quite possibly deadly, if "Theft and Battery" is anything to go by. Trophy basically told a terminally ill person to die!
  • Sorta Meta-wise, y'know how almost everyone in the fandom is comparing Baseball's state as of "Alternate Reality Show" to that of an "emo" pre-teen? Well... the thing is, some people emotionally or mentally regress to cope with things like stress, depression, or other mental illnesses. And assuming Baseball's a young adult at most... oh no.
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  • In "Marsh on Mars", Apple takes an alien egg from the titular planet, then Fan proceeds to 'adopt' the egg. While we don't really see any other creature there, it's most likely that whatever creature that laid the egg was just thinking of leaving it for a little bit and come back, only they find it disappeared, with no sign of where it is on their entire planet. Apple, then Fan, just kidnapped a child.
  • In "Theft and Battery", we see MePhone6, who's forced to guard the Meeple headquarters w/ZERO protection, which explains why he bent. Cobs was denying a LIVING thing who at the time was very young any form of care.

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