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  • Crossdressing Voices:
    • Bow, Apple, Lightbulb, Suitcase, and Test Tube have voice actors with different genders than the actual character.
    • Taco, Salt, Pepper, and Marshmallow can be considered this depending on which voice actor is utilized.
  • I Knew It!: Many fans correctly theorized that Apple was possessed by Bow in Episode 6 of Season 2.
  • Old Shame: In this livestream, Taylor (a prominent voice actor/writer/animator) watches the earlier episodes of Season 1 and audibly cringes whenever Toilet Humor shows up. He also confessed that if he were to go back in time, he would remove Bomb’s Speech Impediment.
  • Schedule Slip: Happened due to a mixture of the episodes being longer (around 18-20 minutes) and the animators having to focus on school work.
    • As of Season 2, they don't even have a schedule, instead posting when they're done.
  • Role-Ending Misdemeanor:
    • The original voice actor for Balloon became infamous for hacking into the creators account and deleting all of the videos from his channel. Needless to say, Adam promptly cut ties with the voice actor and Balloon was eliminated the next episode. Balloon didn't even get a spot in the end credits of the first season (he does appear in it but only for a split second), leaving him as the only voice actor to not receive any credit.
    • MePad was originally voiced by Digibro. In May 2018, fans learned that he was openly into lolicon, among other things, in addition to being a massive Jerkass outside of voicing MePad. He was replaced by Justin Chapman (the voice of Knife and Paper) as of Episode 13 of Season 2.
  • Saved from Development Hell: The creator was almost forced to can the series due to him and most of the other crew members starting college. Luckily, a successful Kickstarter campaign was able to save the series from the cancellation, and a new episode aired shortly after.
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  • Throw It In!: Box was originally just a prop used in a promotional image for the second season but then became an official character when the creators discussed how funny it would be to have an inanimate cardboard box as a contestant, as well as just curiosity as to how long a character who did literally nothing would last.
  • The Other Darrin: According to Adam, a lot of voice actors just straight up dropped all contact with him, forcing him to either voice certain characters himself, or get the voice actors he actually on hand to them.
  • The Wiki Rule: Gained a wiki on Wikia.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Before the show’s voting system was switched to viewer votes, the final 3 would have consisted of Balloon, Salt, and Knife, none of whom made it past the merge.
    • For the recommended character contest from early on in Season 1, the other contenders who could've made it in were Teddy Bear, Dictionary, and Spikey Mervert. Teddy Bear could have added drama, Dictionary could have provided some smart jokes, and Spikey Mervert was special in his own way. The decision was slowly moving in favor of Teddy Bear, but Apple ultimately joined the show because of her innocent, forgetful personality, which made her more relatable and likeable according to Taylor.
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    • Pepper was originally going to be Killed Off for Real in the Season 1 finale, with Salt and Pepper getting into a fight and Pepper getting hit by something, but Salt would have been the only one who cared about her death. This idea was scrapped because it was distasteful and unnecessary, as the creators figured nobody would care if Pepper was killed off, and even if her death gave Salt more to do, the creators didn't want her in Season 2.
    • Several characters were created as newbies for Season 2, only for them to be scrapped. They are:
      • Chip: A french fry with a British accent. He hated being called "French Fry" and insisted on being referred to as "Chip" instead. Taylor thought he was a ripoff of Needle from Battle for Dream Island.
      • Hot Sauce: Only spoke Spanish.
      • Game Boy Color: An old-timer who complained about everything "new"; he essentially wore Nostalgia Goggles. He would've had a similar appearance to BMO.
      • Pearl: A Spoiled Brat who wanted to be treated like royalty.
      • Frank: A hot dog, his name was short for "Frankfurter". He behaved much like a New Yorker and was very close to making it in.
      • Goggles and Textbook: Beta versions of Test Tube. Textbook snorted and was snobby, but looked too similar to Book. Goggles was rejected because the creators had trouble designing him.
      • Hay Bale: She had a western accent and was proud of it. Was going to be a team captain alongside Lightbulb, but was removed to make room for more female newbies.
    • The Infinity timeline characters could have been knockoffs of the regular II 2 contestants. One such character who ultimately didn't make the cut was Yarn, a Soap knockoff with a knitting obsession. There was also going to be a Fan knockoff that simultaneously made fun of a particular member of the fandom, but the creators quickly realized that would be problematic, so he was scrapped.
  • Word of Gay: Subverted. Justin Chapman "headcanons" (even though he's part of the crew) that Knife is Pansexual, and Paper is gay. He also states that Marshmallow is, in his opinion, the "second gayest", after Paper.
  • Word of God: According to Justin Chapman, it is possible for MePhone4 to have a baby.
    • According to the livestream held after its debut, the entire design for the Gemories in Season 2 Episode 13 came from the designers looking at a list of emojis for inspiration, and finding the "Diamond With a Dot" emoji. Its scarcity, general unpopularity, and simplistic design ultimately led to it being the basis for the Gemories.


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