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He doesn't deserve this.
Even with the show's Cerebus Syndrome, its still pretty hilarious at times.
    Inanimate Insanity 
The Crappy Cliff
  • This exchange:
    Pickle: "Don't worry guys, I have loads of experience in jumping off cliffs."
    (Pickle jumps but lands in the elephant poop while screaming)
    MePhone4: "And it looks like Pickle is out... in three seconds. That's just sad."
  • Marshmallow defying gravity.
  • Balloon claiming that the challenge is his and falls off the aforementioned cliff. You can guess what happened next.
    "Oh, come on!"
  • What's more funnier is the fact that he actually managed to land in the water after more than 20 minutes of falling.
  • At the end of the episode:
    Pepper: "Ugh, it smells so bad in here!"
    Marshmallow: "It's elephant poop; it's not supposed to smell like roses."
Inanimate Smackdown
  • "Aw, he's dead. Let's poke him!"
    Inanimate Insanity II 
Cooking for the Grater Good
  • This exchange:
    Trophy: Why in the world would the viewers vote ME off?
  • Lightbulb's ethiuanstic response at making the cookie pizza is not considered very funny, until...
    Lightbulb: This cookie pizza's gonna knock their socks off! You know, hopefully they're wearing socks, or something could go horribly wrong... *gasp*

Rain On Your Charade

  • MePhone4 quickly coming up with a new "challenge" for Lightbulb and Paintbrush: Find the bottlecaps or death. If you listen closely, you can hear Marshmallow saying:
    Marshmallow: "Oh bottlecaps, where have you ruun from mee? Boooottlecaaaps... where have you ruuun?? From me-"
  • The challenges on Mephone's whiteboard.
    • Make More Filler
    • Pie Eating Contest
    • Avocado Peeling (considerable)
    • Breathe like really loud
    • Zumba Lessons
    • Collect my toenail Clippings
    • Eat a Quinche Lorraine
    • Arguing for no reason
    • Sing a Song
      • And in the corner of the board is a drawing of Baseball sitting on a cactus, with an arrow pointing to it saying "Make him do this".
Kick the Bucket
  • MePhone rushing to start the elimination even though there is none.
  • Fan's existential crisis about the game's twists, whilst Paintbrush and Test Tube try to get him back on track.

  • One of the animators, WoopDooCreations, made this; an animation that's a dub of the infamous Stone football scene from the Super Mario World cartoon. And it's surprisingly funny, especially in contrast to how the events of the actual II episode it's referencing played out.


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