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Emily Youcis, in all her glory.
"Hey folks Hey folks its me Emily Youcis and I'm here with yet another fantastic punch to your groin in the form of Fantastic Cartoon Dog entertainmen.t"(sic)
— From Emily's Newgrounds userpage

Describe Emily Youcis here—wait, is that even possible?

We will do our best. Emily Rose Youcis (b. 1990) is an internet personality and a self-described disturbed individual who had "fallen of the edge" sometime in her late adolescence. She began her creative endeavors around the early age of fourteen and has since amassed a cult following on the internet within numerous media outlets, namely the Newgrounds community.

She is probably best known for her animated works. Her most significant work and magnum opus being Alfred's Playhouse: a short, yet crushing tragedy concerning an abused pitbull succumbing to Split-Personality Takeover. This surreal series has aided much in garnering her present fanbase. Aside from Playhouse, Emily is also known for producing other Deranged Animations, such as music videos for Tyler, the Creator and MC Bushpig and whatever you would call her "Wal-Mart Twins".


When not enhancing others' lives through disturbing Flash animations, she is doing so in person and on camera. Back in 2010, ScrappleTV hosted Da Emily Show mini-series, a low-budget variety show consisting of "bad" music and general wackiness. From late 2010 to now, Emily has been front-running her own band, Emily Pukis and the Vagrants, a local GG Allin cover project turned Philadelphian underground hit.

Furthermore, Emily has made cameos and been involved in numerous collaborative projects with fellow creators. In Where the Dead Go to Die, for example, she lent her vocal talents for her good friend Jimmy ScreamerClaus.

Note: She has become in her public image and works an advocate for White Supremacy. And that is all that will be said on the matter.


General traits to this Creator:

Tropes relating specifically to her art/animation:

  • Art Evolution: For what had began as crude cut-and-paste MS Paint doodles animated into distorted music videos has slowly evolved into more and more sophisticated Flash animations. Most recently, the Alfred Alfer movie has produced segments featuring detailed expressions, shadows and lighting, and smoother motions.
  • Bowdlerisation: The Alfred Christmas Episode had received mixed reviews and some criticism on Newgrounds, mainly for Emily's heavy use of "lame" euphemisms and less offensive humor.
  • Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: In her early animations, Emily had another dog character, named Phat Dawg, who played Sidekick to Alfred. After "Perpetual Limbo of the Room", there was no mention or appearance of him there onwards. Coincidentally, the voice of Phat Dawg happened to be her own brother, Lee.
  • Darker and Edgier: Her earliest works comprised mostly of Affectionate Parodies and goofy, lighthearted skits of Alfred Alfer and an abandoned character called Phat Dawg. Over the past decade, the animations she's produced have grown increasingly sexual, violent, and depressing. Her current project crosses over with Where the Dead Go to Die.
  • Deranged Animation: You'll have a hard time finding a work of hers that isn't Up to Eleven in wackiness. The most outrageous (and that's putting it lightly) has got be her music video for MC Bushpig's "Eat My Rotten Meat".
  • Early Installment Weirdness: See Darker and Edgier entry.
  • Mad Artist: She has a touch of this trope. She's very odd, random, and full of energy, but it pretty much just makes her charming and funny. You can watch her and be like, "Yeah, that's the person who made Alfred's Playhouse".
  • Reference Overdosed: All of her animations make abundant references to all her favorite media, far too much for this page alone. For a full list, see her Reference Overdosed entry.
  • Take That!: Emily claims that the titular character from Mr. Pickles had been a rip off of her character Dictator Pickles, so in a teaser for the Alfred movie she has Alfred tie him up and violate him with a pickle, post-mortem.

Tropes relating to her music:

Da Emily Show and other live-action tropes:

  • Blasphemous Boast: In an episode of Da Emily Show, she inquires of the audience if she would be on the stage and "this throne" if she were not the Savior.
  • Comedic Underwear Exposure: Although exhibitionism is nothing new for her, there was a particular example of her half-nude as a gag in an episode of Smut Cave. Notably, the Spelunker auctioning off her worn undies in the Christmas Episode. Unwashed, of course.
  • Large Ham: On camera, she is known to bark, howl, spontaneously begin headbanging and so forth; all to express her identity as thee Emily Youcis.
  • The Stoner: She acts and looks stoned, constantly, and can occasionally be seen lighting up during livestreams. This is especially evident in her show which by and large is her convulsing and uttering non-sense.
  • Surreal Humor: Her standard style of comedy.


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