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Nightmare Fuel / Salad Fingers

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Just another day in the life of Salad Fingers.

Salad Fingers,, a unique webseries. While disturbing in and of itself, there are some moments that simply go into the pure Nightmare Fuel department.

  • The "Somewhere over the Rainbow" sequence in episode 2 "Friends."
    • Not to mention the oven scene. "That fish smells about done..."
    • The unidentifiable screeching noise Hubert Cumberdale makes.
    • Salad Fingers luring the unidentified young child into his shack, even if his intentions turn out to be (supposedly) innocuous.
  • The screaming armless man wearing the BBQ apron in episode 3 "Nettles", who chases Salad Fingers home when he takes home a baby carriage. Because he doesn't have arms, he instead beats on Salad Finger's door with his head and ends up eventually killing himself. He dies by the time Salad Fingers investigates the noises. Salad Fingers hangs his corpse on a meathook once he finds it...
  • The bug-eyed kid and his wedding ring in episode 4 "Cage". The ring is a human tooth on a band!
  • Episode 5 "Picnic", particularly the ending.
    • When Salad Fingers compliments Mable on her dress, you see the Marjorie puppet suddenly appear in the window...
      • W h a t ' s w r o n g , M r . F i n g e r s ? D o y o u n o t l i k e m y m o u t h w o r d s ? N a u g h t y m o u t h!
  • The Mind Screw Humanitarian of an ending of episode 6 "Present".
    • Even before that, the build-up to it. Salad Fingers' Split Personality has him doing two separate conversations at different points in the episode that, when spliced together, come across as a very angry father talking to a soldier who raped his daughter.
  • One of the scariest things is seeing Salad Fingers make the shaky, nervous transition from one delusion to another; he goes from bringing "baby Yvonne" (a strange object that burst from his intestines) to "Auntie Bainbridge" (the shrieky child from the first episode) to washing "Auntie"'s windows... using what was once considered "baby Yvonne" as a cleaning tool.
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  • Mr. Branches. Remember that tree that was apparently advancing toward Salad Fingers' house? It's alive (or at least Fingers thinks it is). It speaks with the voice of a child, calling Fingers 'daddy', and it has a hideous Nightmare Face. And when it gets angry, it squeezes Fingers' midsection until the aforementioned Yvonne comes out, along with a lot of black blood. Even if it's all in Salad Fingers' imagination, something caused those injuries.
  • Salad playing his own teeth as a music box, while his eyes slowly grow larger and larger as the music speeds up. Doubles with Nausea Fuel.
  • Dr. Papanak. A monstrous "doctor" hand puppet with photo-realistic teeth (which are based off a horse's teeth) and razor sharp metal shards for hands. The puppet can move and act on its own. And it only wants to shred flesh.
  • Salad Fingers "clones" at the dinner table just repeating motions while eating Milford Cubicle's rotted remains.
    • Actually, the entirety of episode 10 can count as pure nightmare fuel. It has loads of gore and disturbing imagery, not for those who can stand those things on their worst extremes.
    • The fact that 'Milford Cubicle' was left hanging on that hook for so long that he was left a pale, rotting husk.
  • In the 1 Million Viewers video (which may or may not be canon), Hubert speaks for the first time, and pulls a psychotic looking Slasher Smile to boot:
    • Not to mention the cake decorated with moving green fingers.
  • Hubert Cumberdale’s ‘real boy’ form in Episode 11.
    • His "Glass Brother" usually isn't all that scary, but at one point he opens his mouth to reveal a bunch of rusty screws, nails and hooks in place of teeth... then they start to move.


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