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Nightmare Fuel / Sam & Mickey

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  • The part in "Krissy's Christening" where a sprinkle of holy water changes Krissy into a fire-breathing dragon, who proceeds to attack Barbie, might scare some viewers, at least until it becomes revealed as merely Barbie's drunken hallucination. Consequently, the description warns, "Some content might be frightening for young viewers."
  • "Tutti and Todd" has Skipper share her theories on how either George, Margaret, or Aunt Millicent killed them, each one acted out by silhouettes. Margaret claims the accusation against her sounds rather far off, but the other two suspects deny only Tutti and Todd staying dead. The real explanation for their disappearance, shown in Sam & Mickey's normal style for flashbacks, proves more horrifying than anything Skipper could have imagined.
    Barbie:note  Once you've heard this story, there's no un-hearing it. It'll haunt you for the rest of your life.


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