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Tear Jerker / Salad Fingers

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Weep for the Friendly Stranger

Despite Salad Fingers being one of the most disturbing web-series of all time and stars a prime example of a Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant, the series can get genuinely saddening as well.

  • The fourth episode after Salad Fingers rejects the "little boy"'s proposal. Even if he's a creepy, embryo-looking monster and a Stalker with a Crush.
  • The episode where Salad Fingers's little brother Kenneth "returns from the great war." In actuality, Kenneth is a decomposed half-corpse he found in the ground. Made even sadder when he puts him back in the hole and cries, saying "We'll meet again...don't know where...don't know when..."
  • The horse crying while Dr. Papanak rips his flesh in "Birthday". Salad Fingers just tells him to stay still.
  • Any time ''Rhubarb'' is played; it just makes Salad Fingers seem so... hopeless.
  • To some viewers at least, Salad Fingers's distressed reaction when Mable starts talking.
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  • The eighth episode, "Cupboard" has the viewers feeling genuinely sad for Salad Fingers. After having a hallucination about his radio (who demands that he give back some hairs he found on the floor), he refuses and hides in his "protection cupboard". The last scene shows him eating the hairs while crying, and the camera zooms back to show his house, as you hear him crying, which is pictured above. It really shows how Salad Fingers is starting to realize how alone he truly is.
  • Salad Fingers' situation in episode 11 can be rather upsetting, as he spends most of it being bullied by his reflection and verbally abused by an elderly old hag inside the mirror.
    • The scene where his Glass Brother steals Hubert Cumberdale from him. Salad Fingers is panicking and frantically tapping on the mirror glass. Of course, this makes his rescue all the more awesome.
    • There's also the scene where Salad Fingers is trying to pass the porridge to his "mother", but his reflection won't let him. Salad Fingers starts crying as he is then cruelly mocked and teased for being weak.
    Salad Fingers: He keeps on... Stop it! He's doing it! Look at, he's... (Inelegant Blubbering)
    • The last exchange between Salad Fingers and his glass family in that scene makes it pretty much impossible not to feel sorry for him.
    Glass Mother: I'd rather starve than watch this pathetic display! You'll forever be a lonely little reflection.
    Salad Fingers: I-it's not fair. I've been in here for far too long. I want to come home now!
    Glass Brother: Those cacky spider fingers aren't going anywhere, Andrew hands!
    Salad Fingers: (gasps) W-what a horrible thing to say...


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