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Tear Jerker / Shed 17

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These videos will just as likely bring tears as much as chills.

  • Once the image of Thomas's warped innards breaking free of his metal locomotive shell of a body and screeching stops being horrifying, it becomes horribly tragic. It's not the threatening screams of an Eldritch Abomination out to get you, it's the miserable crying of a boy who's discovered the Awful Truth about his own existence, all while being in physical agony, and just can't handle it. The whole thing looks and sounds too overwhelming for any human mind to comprehend well enough to do anything but implode emotionally. It almost sounds as if he's screaming "WHY? WHY?!" and who can blame him?
    • Keith Hartley's comments as we see Thomas near the end.
    Keith: He (Thomas) had no idea he was only one of many clones. None of us did. But I guess as time passed, we stopped asking all the questions we had at first. We were just glad our friend was back with us. He could work for us, he became our servant in a way. Someone who drew in the crowds, helped create jobs, was eager to work. Thomas always thought we were his friends. Sadly, over time we came to think of him as just... really useful.
  • In Project G-1, Duck and Oliver had been biofused. But the projects were shut down, and so they went to Japan, only to learn they had no rights there. As such, they had to fight to the death eventually. Duck won, and soon broke down in tears after Oliver died in the ring.
  • Annie's death, and Diesel being forced to watch as she was incinerated thanks to her link to the also-dying Clarabelle. In order to escape the years of loneliness ahead of him and the smouldering remains of his wife, he has to roll over her ashes, whimpering in disbelief, disgust and agony as he hears things give way under his wheels. It's no wonder his desperation turned to righteous indignation once he made it to the door.
  • Project G-1's Heel–Face Door-Slam in which Thomas attempts to reach out to Project G-1, it looks it's about to calm down only for the military to drop the boulder on G-1, sweeping him over the edge of a cliff to his death. What really hammers it in is Thomas' reaction, Keith's look of shock, the Good-Times Montage with clips of the classic episodes from the TV show and the shot of G-1 falling and tumbling down the cliff to its death.

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