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Nightmare Fuel / Qem-95

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No wonder whats going on with Malcolm...

While Qem-95 is a nice animator, lets just say that he made afew little nightmarish mistakes. Lets take a look...

  • In Ark Warriors:
    • As seen above, Malcolm is having a fever dream-esque nightmare. Sure its creepy but if you look at it for long enough you'll see what he's struggling on.
    • In the pilot, it mirrors this scene with Qem instead of Malcolm. 3 episodes later, we get to see whats happening inside the dream.
  • Sometimes I wish I could just m҉̤̪a̷̤̰̙͎̲k͕̦e ̧̮̜i̪͘c̶͔̭̱̞̻e̬̹̣ ̬͔̬̙̻a̴͎̮̺̮͖̦t͜ ̵͙̪̼̰̩ẉ͚̯̜͖͉̥͘i҉͎͚̪͎̘
  • Qem-95's series have mild Body Horror.
  • Quarky. He's a cult that trys to summon a giant Flesh Golem that is the only thing that can destroy the earth. While we're at it, its weird to explain that this flesh golem lives inside the earth. And that's not diamonds the miners are finding. ITS THE GOLEM'S INSIDES.
  • Dopple Qem's transformation into his titan form. Think the Demon Fox transformation from Nautro mixed with Takuya's transformation into Agunimon. You get this. A monster with hair all over it's body, a skull for a head, crab claws for hands and wolf paws for feet. Also, he has falcon wings.
    • Its even worse looking under it's fur (apart from it's head). All its muscles are showing.
  • Qem nearly getting burnt to a crisp. Though his skin is now parrot red and he can blend in with the towel he bought which has the same colour as his burnt skin.
  • Usually, you'll nearly always see Qem with a mix between a Slasher Smile and a Chesire Cat Grin.
  • Upon going on Qem's website, you'll see a button that says Patman Pope. If you click on it you'll be greeted by the Kikia face. This is because he removed the video due to something...


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