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Nightmare Fuel / MeatCanyon

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Do I look like a real boy, Papa?

Bizarrely funny, yet balanced out by the sheer unpleasantness of the imagery akin to animated caricatures, MeatCanyon is a master in his craft.


  • The Deranged Animation. It is a common saying that any character resembling their canon design is marked for death. For other characters, they are drawn in grotesque fashion often by exaggerating their proportions.

Specific Videos

  • JAWBREAKER: The Cul-de-sac is deserted leaving Kevin as the Sole Survivor. When he sees that the Eds were up to one of their scams, Kevin goes to investigate only to be convinced to go inside it due to Eddy claiming that whatever inside of it was breathtaking. It is never revealed what was inside of the tent as Kevin is attacked by Ed who goes so far as to melt himself down like hot butter and reform behind his back.
    • Eddy's speech to Kevin is rather unsettling, going on about seeing some sort of beauty and describing it as "God". Not helped by Double D just having a default smiling expression.
  • Hutcher Hancock's one million subscriber video opens with him humbly talking about finally hitting the milestone... before the screen abruptly glitches and cuts to a follow up scene for JAWBREAKER. Kevin awakens in a dark garage where the Eds, now clad in what appear to be cult robes, prepare to get "retribution" for his constant bullying. It's here that we finally get to see the grisly fates of the other cul-de-sac kids: each of them were tied to a chair to have their jaws ripped clean off their faces. As Ed grabs his mouth, all Kevin can do is sit there in pure, anguished horror as his face is swiftly mutilated, with bloody results. Victorious, Eddy grabs his enemy's jaw and sticks it on a disgusting jawbreaker made of the OTHER JAWS, popping it into his mouth before the corpses of the poor kids. Worst yet: it was just the cul-de-sac kids; it remains to be seen if the Kanker Sisters will also "witness perfection".
    Eddy: The taste of retribution... sure is sweet.
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  • PINK LOVABLE DOG: While Courage gets his due vengeance on Eustace for everything he had done to him, he does so by slicing off Eustace's face and wearing it and substituting himself as Muriel's husband and makes Eustace's corpse the "stupid dog"
  • When you wish upon a star: After creating Pinnochio, Geppetto is grabbed by his creation and is about to get devoured by it so Pinocchio could consume his flesh and blood to become a real boy.
    • Even worse is how several comments highlight that Pinocchio’s nose doesn’t grow when he says he needs to consume his father’s soul, but it does grow when he says “I can wait no longer.” In other words, he believes eating his father’s soul actually will make him a real boy, but he’s lying about not being able to wait, meaning he probably just wants to eat his dad. One shirt designed by Meat Canyon actually showed Pinocchio eating Geppetto!
  • JUST BEYOND THE GOLDEN ARCHES: The video involves a disturbingly drawn Ronald Mcdonald speaking directly to the viewer. While his dialogue is both creepy and hilarious (“Take a couple dripsss”), the video is overall less unsettling than the other videos, with the surprisingly casual dialogue taking away the creepiness- at first. Then, near the end, Ronald drugs you and ties you up in his basement, seemingly because you didn’t finish your Big Mac. The video ends with him lowering you into a dark cavern where The Grimace jumps out at you. Whatever happens next is up to your imagination.
  • RAILROAD: Almost everything about this video counts, but the most disturbing part is the Eldritch Abomination version of Thomas the Tank Engine.
    • The moment when Thomas first speaks, which features some of Meatcanyon's most effectively creepy voice acting yet.
      Thomas: "I have seen beyond the farthest star... and I have gone to the edges of the earth... I can take you there, if you so choose. I can give you all the things you never knew you wanted, taste from the tallest chalice, dine at the largest hall... all I ask in return, is your soul. Your soul for a chance at a life without pain, without heartache. All of this I can give you and more... just for your soul."
    • His spine-chilling response to Lightning McQueen seemingly turning down his offer.
      Thomas: Drain thee of woes... your God has turned his back on you. That's why my tracks still push me forward...
  • SWIPER NO SWIPEY: Even if Swiper had it coming for living a life of crime, the way he's killed is just so brutal. To begin with, Swiper is stomped in the back by a buffed-up, gorilla-like Boots, and then he gets restrained on the ground by Dora and the monkey. Seconds later Swiper gets his arm and tongue ripped off, causing him to die slowly, panicking, agonizing, until he bleeds to death. And if that somehow did not kill Swiper, he's later thrown into an acid barrel (which is somewhat softened by the barrel having a Synchro-Vox face and a snarky attitude). What a way to go.
    • This is made worse by the fact that the video is a not-so-subtle reference to the very real methods which the Mexican Cartels uses to torture and kill their victims. The acid dissolving part is a very real thing the cartel does. In fact, Dora's dialogue translated into English makes numerous references to Swiper as a "thief," sounding like something the cartel would actually say to their traitors.
  • I BOUGHT MY FRIEND HIS DREAM CAR!! #BLESSED: Dylan gives his friend, Greg, a new Lamborghini... But Greg complains that this is the sixth Lamborghini Dylan's given him and his minimum wage job can't cover the insurance and property taxes on them. He can't even sell them either, since they're all leased under Dylan's name. Dylan's retort? Angrily roaring at Greg that he only exists to be Dylan's friend, devouring him for refusing his "generosity", and revealing that he had cow-like udders which he feeds his other friends with.
  • "The Great Reptar Adventure!" is a huge dose of Adult Fear, from Didi and Stu arguing over Stu becoming The Alcoholic to Didi murdering Stu after it's revealed she and Chaz have been sleeping together. And then the two get killed by the police when Chaz threatens them. All while Tommy and Chuckie are, as usual from the show's logic, oblivious to the whole situation.
  • SUNRISE is often considered to be one of the darker videos even for MeatCanyon, and there are definitely reasons for that. The story follows the Teletubbies, who are all colorless and deformed, and seemed to have formed some type of cult, living underground and worshipping the sun they’ve never seen. Their leader gleefully ties one to a table and cuts him open as a human sacrifice, which the others then gleefully proceed to eat. Then, four are chosen to go to the surface dressed like regular Teletubbies; but when they get there, the sunlight is burning hot and overwhelmingly bright, and the sun’s face is that of a human staring down at them, presumably boiling them. Sweet dreams.
    • This is arguably the first cartoon parody with almost no actual comedy, which makes it even worse with the only thing remotely funny being that it’s about, well, Teletubbies.
    • The way how the underground Teletubbies move is also horrific; Meat Canyon tends to design a lot of extremely deformed characters, but the characters themselves still act as if nothing is physically wrong with them. But here, the Teletubbies look like they’re in near constant agony. The Nightmare Face all of the Teletubbies pull when they eat the sacrifice is also horrifying.
    • The entire video is also animated in black and white for most of it, which adds to the general insanity of it.
    • The noise at the beginning to start the music is also very jarring, with some complaining that they wish they’d turned down the volume on their phones. The soundtrack for the video manages to be a really cool and horrifyingly unsettling piece, with a very faint voice chanting “For the Sun”.
  • I'VE GOT A GOLDEN TICKET: Willy Wonka is depicted as a pedophile who tries to elicit Charlie into giving him a massage with the implication that he intends to do horrific things to him. This becomes even darker when Wonka is obviously based on notorious pedophile Jeffery Epstein down to the massages and his close relationship with Bill Clinton.
  • SECRET FORMULA: DEAR GOD. This animation is a parody of Spongebob Squarepants, and by parody it is of course incredibly grotesque. In the cartoon, the secret formula for the Krabby Patties turns out to be Spongebob himself, using his Healing Factor to supply an unlimited amount of spongey goodness to flavor up the patties.
  • Kitty: The Monsters, Inc. parody that’s so wrong on so many levels, where do we even begin? Sully is secretly hiding in a grown-up Boo’s closet while he’s calling with her, sure nothing messed up happens at the end, but still.
    • The credits scene, we hear an unknown sinister voice calling Boo, many imply that it’s Randall Boggs.
  • The Passion of the Craft: When the main character note  of the video receives 1,000,000 consecutive viewers on his Twitch, he gets painfully transformed into a Minecraft character and is dragged into the game to be crucified.
  • I Can Count To Three, Holy, Fucking, shit. For context, the short begins with Peppa (who's portrayed as monstrous two-faced creature, or a messed up version of Cheeky Mouth) murdering her father, eating his corpse with an unsettling narration about hiding and counting, all the while George is hiding under the bed in utter fear. Mommy Pig tries to coax him into leaving the bed so they can escape, only for her to be killed by Peppa. At first, she seems to suspect George is in the room...only to leave. However, the creepy narration begins once more, saying "You can proudly say 'I can count to three'", then all of a sudden Peppa barges under the bed, screeching before dragging George back into the darkness outside the bedroom all while George screams and squeals as the narrator counts to three...only to cut to black. While that happens, we don't see what Peppa does to George.
    • The fact everyone in the short speaks in pig squeals and cries, to say nothing about the squishing noises of Peppa eating her mother and father.
    • The most unsettling part is how the short starts: A black screen with pig squeals and bones shattering and flesh ripping. What the FUCK.
    • Fridge Horror kicks in as well when one realizes how Peppa found George- he is hiding in the same spot he hides in every single time they play hide and seek in the show. For all we know, Peppa was sadistically playing with George.
  • Oh, boy; LASAGNA. In the video, Jon Arbuckle is about to go on a date with Liz, but tells her that he needed to sort some things out with his "pets." It is then revealed that Jon is an insane man who kidnapped a guy and forced him to play the role of his cat. Worse, it is revealed that John had done this for quite some time, enough to have a basement full of victims. To make things even more unnerving, John is at first animated in a style matching the design of the newspaper comic and television series. However, he is actually able to physically change his appearance as evidenced by him putting on a more cutesy mask to Liz.
    • What's more disturbing is his plans for Liz, suggesting he will do the same to her. He puts a hammer in his coat before leaving.
    • Jon forcing Garfield to "make bread" until his fingernails fall off.
  • Let's Go Dababy: A couple watches memes in the woods until Dababy suddenly appears. Worse yet, clones of the rapper approach and outnumber them. What can only be described as little tiny Dababies hatching from Dababy's skull force themselves down their throats and they transform into copies of Dababy.
  • Gumballs In The Park. ALL OF IT. For context, it sees Benson forcing Mordecai and Rigby to eat his gumballs in a way that makes it very clear Benson is getting perverse sexual pleasure from it.
    • The fact the whole thing is taken as seriously as possible makes it even creepier, as it is an uncomfortably realistic parallel to workplace sexual abuse and harassment - which is sadly all too common in real-life.
  • Yokai Bob. A married Japanese couple is eating dinner and discussing a leak in their ceiling that the husband has been procrastinating on fixing. It's relatively lighthearted...right up until Bob shows up. Constantly repeating his catchphrase, "Can we fix it?", he chases down the couple and kidnaps the woman, leaving the man with a bloodied eye. When he demands to know why Bob is doing this, he only gets one sentence in reply; "How can a man take care of his family if he can't even take care of his home?" It finally ends on a Tear Jerker as the man undergoes Sanity Slippage, breaking parts of his house every day to try and receive the same fate as his wife.
  • Five Nights at Markiplier’s starts off downright silly, featuring a mock FNAF clone where the player must watch over a house full of Mark’s various characters who have a ludicrous fixation on Milk... then the power goes out, and Mark starts a diatribe about how "hard it is being me". Then the power jolts back on and an... image... of Mark just walks up looking like a fusion between Mark and an animatronic in all the wrong ways, in a FULLY 3D rendering before lunging at the screen. That’s right....Meatcanyon, with the help of Hoolopee, can bring his lovely creations into 3D.
  • BLOO CLOO. It's horrifying and depressing. The video focuses on Steve, who is tired of all the constant clues left by Blue, who is badly deformed with a misshapen head and her four legs fused together into two, and is constantly vomiting blue liquid that she keeps making paw prints with. As Steve tries to take a break, he is harassed by all of the talking objects in his house, who pester him with Blue's clues. As the video goes on, Steve quickly starts to go insane.
    • The ending. In a fit of insane rage, Steve repeatedly stomps Blue - only for things to suddenly change. Shocked, Steve looks and sees that his house is normal and none of the talking objects are there. He looks down and sees that the now dead Blue was a normal dog. Realizing he just murdered his dog, Steve breaks down and cradles Blue's body, tearfully repeating "Please don't leave me."
  • I SMELL A DEMON: Tanjiro is depicted as a delusional freak who murders a social worker who was alerted to the conditions his sister was in. Worse, Nezuko, who's depicted as blind and barely able to fit in the box Tanjiro keeps her in, is actually begging for help. Right before he stuffs her back in, Nezuko is heard mumbling for Tanjiro to kill her.


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