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YMMV / Autistic Communist

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  • Les Yay: Yuri and Sayori have a moment in the video revolving around Monika's birthday when they were both alone on a Ferris wheel.
    • Yuri admits to feeling turned on from whipping Monika in the video where the girls punish Monika for the things she pulled in the original game.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Natsuki murders and cannibalizes MC in the aptly-named Natsuki becomes a cannibal video. Even worse? She has sex with MC's corpse.
  • Nausea Fuel: The descriptions of how Natsuki prepares MC's thigh for cooking as well as subsequently eating it can be stomach-turning.
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  • Nightmare Fuel: See here.
  • Squick: Natsuki slicing off MC's left thigh before preparing to cook it in the oven in the appropriately-named Natsuki becomes a cannibal.
    • And to make it even worse? Natsuki decides to have sex with MC's corpse. What the hell, Natsuki?