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Nightmare Fuel / Borrasca

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • The story starts with a kid named Sam moves to a small mountain town named Drisking and makes friends with two other children named Kimber and Kyle. Drisking used to be a mining town, until the iron ore in the mines drained out and were rendered useless, and the Prescott family has taken over a large part of the town. A creepy factor of Drisking is the metallic grinding noise that comes from the mountains, which the children say is "Borrasca", a place where "Skinned Men" live. Over the course of the story, Sam's sister, Whitney, vanishes and never returns. It all gets worse from there...
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  • There's a seven year Time Skip and the eeriness of Drisking is becoming all the more apparent. Kimber's mother kills herself unexpectedly, and Kimber disappears shortly thereafter. Adults Are Useless comes into full play, and it's up to Sam and Kyle to figure out what's going on. The Reveal is a punch to the gut that's equally horrifying and disgusting. The iron ore that leaked from the mines contaminated the water supply of Drisking and rendered many people infertile to have children. The Prescott men made a business of impregnating women and then selling the babies they birthed. They've been doing this for decades, and Whitney and Kimber were two of the girls that were kidnapped and impregnated. The grinding sound that came from the mountains? It's a machine that skins and grinds up the mothers once they're rendered useless. And the real stinger? It doesn't stop by the end of the story.
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  • The babies made in the "community services" are named after their fathers, "P" names for "Prescott" and "K" names for "Killian", the town sheriff. Many of the children have names that begin with these letters, like Parker and Paul. There's also Kyle and Kimber, which explains why her mother was so against their relationship.
  • Jimmy Prescott mentions that Whitney was only giving them "shit babies" and they'd get rid of her after this next one. Why? It's revealed her own father impregnated her several times, so the children were inbred. In the epilogue, Sam mentions that one of the families in town had a child named William. There's also the implication the naming convention may even have been a sort of branding, so Clery and Prescott know which girls they shouldn't impregnate, so as to avoid inbreeding and "shit kids".
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  • One of the worst parts about this story? It starts off pretty innocently, with children exchanging ghost stories and growing up. Then they're normal teenagers after the Time Skip, while still thinking over the small town conspiracy. But when the shit hits the fan, it hits it hard.
  • The ending of the first half of the story, an absolutely brutal Downer Ending where The Bad Guy Wins flawlessly. The closest thing to a silver lining the story had is that none of the main trio die, but Kyle is hospitalized, Kimber is on the run, and the three will likely never see each other again. Sam also has to go on knowing that his own father was dragged into the conspiracy that kidnapped and almost certainly killed his own daughter to the point of willingly participating in it, and also knowing they didn't even manage to inconvenience Prescott's operation and there's nothing he could have possibly done to stop it or save any of the girls aside from Kimber.
  • The sequel Borrasca V makes things a little better but not before they get worse. Sam and Kimber meet up again and, after some pretty extreme trials, manage to dismantle the Borrasca operation entirely — we even discover, at the very end, that Kyle isn't as much of a vegetable as previously thought. That being said, Sam's dad more or less becomes the Patron Saint of Borrasca Nightmare Fuel, revealing himself to be even worse than any of the Prescotts, usurping their role and turning the Borrasca operation from a method of restoring the town into an even worse human trafficking operation.
  • Sam's dad reveals he really was reassigned from St. Louis because he was just as crooked a cop there, and he was involved in human trafficking and all he did after taking control of Borrasca was link it to his old contacts. It's also shown that Sam's dad had feelings for Whitney that no father ever should, because when Sam goes back to his old house, there are dozens of pictures of Whitney hung all over the house, to the point that it borders on a Stalker Shrine. It also reveals he had Sam's mom killed and married and had a daughter with Sam's old crush; the fact that he named the new daughter Whitney and what his motives were implied to be with the first Whitney were, it's best not to think what he might have been doing or planned to do with the new Whitney.
  • The Broken Bird status of Sam and Kimber in V. Years after learning the truth of Borrasca, it's revealed Sam took up a drug habit in order to cope with what he witnessed and when he and Kimber reunite, it's discovered that Sam's dad was her rapist. As they go to seek justice for what happened in the past, they are pretty much on the run with Sam being public enemy number one due to his father framing him for Kyle's assault. Throughout all this Sam is going through a drug withdrawl and it's not pretty for him to go through, especially when he blows his lid at discovering his half brother/nephew while in town. It turns out his dad has been secretly supplying his drugs to keep him docile and intends to mold him into his heir.
  • Just about everything about Sam's father in V with how nonchalant and remorseless about his crimes list above and how he pretty much drove the town to near poverty with his greed, likening himself to the undisputed king of Drisking. During Sam and Kimber's final confrontation after trying to interfere with his operations, he states that he has killed children for less, and Sam thinks that at that point there's nothing he could put past his father. It's also implied most of the people who work for him do so out of fear. There's also why he does what he does, besides wanting a harem and power; it's that he likes "playing games with his children". That's the whole reason he married one of Sam's crushes. He also more than willing to kill and replace Sam should he refuse to be his heir.
  • An unhealthy dose of Fridge Horror. The sheer fact that almost all the adults in town were in on the conspiracy and were either killed or bribed into silence. This gets worse on two accounts.
    • Sam's mother is implied to be innocent in all of this, but also not ignorant of her husband's actions. What if she really knew what happened to Whitney but was kept quiet by her husband. No wonder she was borderline catatonic.
    • Kyle's parents also may have known about the truth considering that Kimber's parents knew too. In other words, they were willing to go along with having their battered son kept barely alive and heavily drugged for years in addition to the plan to frame Sam, just to either stay alive or worse, to keep the operations going. The fact they seemingly abandon Kyle after the operations topple unfortunately implies the latter.
    • Sam's uncanny resemblance to his rapist father not only makes it hard for his friend Kimber to let him touch her even casually as an adult, it might be what caused his sister not to attempt to escape with him when he freed her. She had never seen her brother older than 9 and thought instead her rapist was returning for more, emphasised by her assuming her bound position and then looking away.