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Nightmare Fuel / NES Godzilla Creepypasta

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Though fortunately most of the characters are actually allies of the player rather than his enemies contrary to what you might expect from a Creepypasta and adopting a more Rousseau Was Right mindset than most other Creepypastas, Godzilla NES Creepypasta is still no less horrifying.

NES Godzilla Creepypasta

  • The screen being covered in the word 'KILL' in blood red, eventually taking on the shape of Red's face.
  • The very first hint that Zach gets that this game is definitely not what it seems is when, upon escaping from Red a second time, he says "Not this time, asshole!" And then Red, immediately upon Zach saying this, looks at him.
  • Red himself. First of all, he's creepy-looking and can shapeshift into whatever form is most appropriate for maiming you. Second, he's a kaiju. Third, he's a kaiju that's bigger than Godzilla and is powerful enough to be able to kill him (and presumably Mothra, Anguirus, and Solomon, too) in one strike. And he knows we exist... And his final form is huge enough to take up the entire screen!

  • The TV levels, which just show random animations to in-game music. They tend to be just random things like a bear-headed kid licking a lollipop or a woman with an eagle head, but there's two exceptions: the third animation in Entropy shows a masked executioner striking a woman's head with an axe, with the creepy as hell Password theme. And the one in Zenith a burned corpse in front of a burning wasteland. With no animation and no music
  • A YouTube user called Goji73 did a dramatic reading of this pasta which reads like a normal dramatic reading... Until Chapter 5 during the MELISSA scene... The Hellbeast's voice is just downright terrifying. The scariest part? During the "KILL" spam attack... just turn the volume down.
    • In the original, the giant collection of "KILL" which morphs into Red's face just sits there. In Goji's dramatic reading, IT JUMPS OUT AT YOU. With this scream that sounds like it came from Hell itself.
    • There's also the random flash of the dead and bleeding Face during the reading of Chapter 6.
    • In the blog version, Red reacts to Zach's "you're going to pay for this" line by simply turning to the screen and roaring. In the dramatic reading? He leaps at the screen.
    • Let's just say the reading on YouTube is scarier than the blog original, period.
  • How Red kills any of the characters: BY SWALLOWING THEM WHOLE.
    • Want to see how it would look like? Check this out.
  • UNFORGIVING COLD. One of the best uses of Nothing Is Scarier ever. Made even better if you listen to the accompanying music: the first fourteen seconds of this on endless loop.
  • The Not-Monsters who replace the ones originally in the game (IE Gezora, Gigan) take Body Horror to a new level:
    • Not-Mogeura isn't too bad to look at (being a flying fish with arms), but it can be a little unsettling on your first read-through
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    • Not-Gezora is a hideous bipedal creature with a brain for a head
    • Not-Varan looks like some horrifying spiked horse with its head facing the wrong way
    • Not-Hedorah resembles a skeletal sea monster
    • Not-Baragon is an armless bipedal monstrosity with an elephant skull for a head and a literal Gatling gun penis and is so big the "ground" of the battle is noticeable lowered and its head is still barely grazing the barrier that separates the battle screen and the monsters' power and life meter
    • Not-Gigan has one of Gigan's arms for a foot, Wolverine claws for hands, and a gaping mouth where Gigan's buzzsaw originally was with sharp, jagged teeth
    • Not-Mechagodzilla is a quadruped with an ambiguously-human head and cannons on its side
    • The Chimera combines all of them, and adds a samurai mask with a demonic smile.
  • The entirety of Zenith is horrifying, with non-NES graphics and tons of organs and blood.
    • Oh god, the final quiz level on Zenith. Face is horrifically mutilated, with blood flowing down from both of his eye sockets and open mouth, and instead of his usual questions, the words GET OUT are displayed in large, blood red letters, and the usual bar along the screen, the box around Face, and the Yes/No choices were also blood red as well. Oh, and to top it off, the scene started to heavily glitch and seemingly fall apart, forcing Zachary to high-tail it out of there with Godzilla before it got worse. The scariest part, though? In the quiz level on Extus, the previous world, Face's last question was "Will you miss me?", which means that Face knew ahead of time that it would have met its gruesome fate by the time Zachary gets to Zenith.
    • The final fight: the player quickly finds out that he can't pause the game, or even LEAVE. You're basically strapped down to your seat and forced to feel the pain of any damage Red does to your character.

Godzilla: Replay

  • This reading of Replay, featuring some custom music, may be incomplete, but what's there is very eerie. Carl sounds outright curious and almost... eager to see what the game has to offer. The end of the prologue doesn't help; Right as the title card fades in, there's a Jumpscare of Warlock facing the camera with a loud crashing sound. Way to set the tone.
    • Oh, and that crashing sound? That's used whenever he appears for the rest of the reading.
    • Zach's voice in Chapter 2, while not the same as the reading of the original pasta mentioned above, sounds incredibly shaky and nervous. With Unforgiving Cold kicking in while he speaks.
    • Chapter 2.5 has a similar scare; when the rowboat mouse gets eaten, there's an EXTREMELY loud and utterly terrifying roar.
    • Oh, and speaking of custom music, the whole thing is on Bandcamp. Have fun.
    • Warlock's voice in Chapter 3. Also, after the Warlock encounter, the reader's voice gets far more quiet and nervous.
    • Amorphis. When Warlock kills a character near the end, they yell in pain.
    • In the original story, Usol's kidnapper simply insults the protagonist and leaves with Usol. In the Tempest episode of the above reading, he sounds genuinely malicious and taunting and laughs maniacally when he leaves.
    • When King Caesar's identity is revealed, there's audible sounds of snapping and cracking bones and flesh as he transforms.
  • "You don't belong here… LEAVE."
    • And his next line after that... "I told you to leave." *gets blasted by an annoyed protagonist* "This is your last warning..." *flies away*
    • Hell, Warlock in general is scary. His face looks like an Easter Island statue, and he's colored in shades of grey. He also turns everything around him into shades of grey just by BEING THERE.
    • Chapter 5 reveals he can shapeshift.


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