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Nightmare Fuel / Matthew Santoro

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Matthew Santoro's videos are fun and pleasant, right? Think again.
  • The picture of the original Ronald McDonald in 50 Amazing Facts To Blow Your Mind- Part 9!. It's very disturbing.
  • Matt saying, "Back to school! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!" in Back to School-What NOT to Do!
    • Also, Matt portraying the creepy lunch lady. The weird filter that made his skin look all wrinkly did not help.
    "I made them extra sloppy for ya."
  • The various points in the video Anonymous where, if you pause it, you can see Matt wearing the Guy Fawkes mask.
    • In the same video, the very end, where Matt says, "Besides, I'm [a] small time [content creator]. I'm pretty safe." note  Then, the video goes to static, and the Guy Fawkes mask shows up on the screen.
  • The face Matt makes at the end of every vlog is very...disquieting.
    • Even more so than usual in Awkward Super Bowl Vlog, where Matt just brings the camera to his face slowly and silently.
  • Matt appearing to be possessed and saying something unintelligible in 20 Haunting Halloween Facts.
  • All of the theories discussed in 10 MIND-BLOWING Video Game Theories! will ruin your childhood.
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  • Matt saying, "Hey guys! Welcome to the vlog! Hu hu hu!" in a weird voice in the beginning of Am I A Psycho!?.
  • Matt's Evil Laugh in Drake NYC Riot!. The grey filter makes it even more creepy.
  • Matt saying, "Or I'll find you!" in ''500 MILLION!!!!", a threat to people who continue posting frequent Farmville updates on Facebook.
  • In Triumphant Return!, Matt says, "And if you're new to the show, welcome to the madness!". The way Matt says "welcome to the madness" is very creepy.
  • In his "10 weirdest foods" video, while talking about rocky mountain oysters (which are fried buffalo/boar/bull testicles), he wonders how someone would gather the ingredients needed to prepare the dish. It then cuts to him holding a pair of scissors with a deranged look on his face and saying, "Sorry Bessie, but I gots to eat dinner tonight! Hehehehehe!"
    • Admittedly, the look on his face does make the whole thing pretty hilarious as well.
  • THE GREATEST EVAR! ends with Hugo getting mad at Matt for locking him up, and attacking him. Then, he says to the audience, "Hugo's show now."
  • In one video, where Matt talks about cannibalism, we see him with his head down making feral and disquieting eating noises. He lifts his head to reveal that there's blood all over his mouth, and then repeatedly says "It's just veal!" while slowly breaking down in tears.
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  • At the beginning of Birthday Gifts I Always Wanted, Matt does a creepy laugh. It can take you by surprise when you watch it.
  • The start of his video on coincidences. It has him uncomfortably close to the camera doing a Slasher Smile. He then zooms out and says "Hi" in a creepily serene manner.
  • His video on the 10 most brutal prisons in the world. All of the prisons discussed exhibit inhumane living conditions for their prisoners, such as getting overcrowded with the prisoner population being much over what the facility was built to hold. His very first line in the video sets the tone straight.
    • While talking about the La Sante Prison in Paris, Matt states the highest cause of death for the prisoners is suicide from clinical depression. He says that prisoners who simply couldn't take it anymore have offed themselves drinking rat poison or cleaning products to escape from their torture. His personal comments over the prison are the icing on the cake.
    Matt: If I may throw my hat into the ring here, I would like to suggest maybe a rebranding for a name more representative, such as, you know... "Horrific Black Prison of Death", or something like that. I feel like that'd be a nice juxtaposition to the City of Love. *pulls off Slasher Smile*
    • He also said that the guards at the Rikers Island Prison have in the past put prisoners in fight clubs for their own amusement.
  • In "The A.D.D. Test", Matt comes to a question which states (paraphrased), "If you're on the phone with your friend and your favorite TV show starts, how hard would it be to pay attention to the conversation?" We then see Matt on the phone with his friend.
    Matt: Dude, slow down. What happened?
    Friend: Dude, she crashed my car. How could I not murder her? There's blood everywhere, and I think the cops are on their way. I'm totally stuck, man. I-I really need to get rid of the body before they get here and I-I just don't know what to do.
  • In "Pirates 4 FTW", he discusses the What Do You Mean, It's for Kids? vibe that the movies occasionally give off, resulting in Nightmare Fuel for younger audiences. He brings up a certain scene where Barbados and his crew step into the moonlight and expose their true selves, and Matt proceeds to demonstrate. Even though the VFX are bad, it's still creepy.
  • The thumbnail of Matt's zombie apocalypse video, depicted in the page image.
    • The start of the video, with Matt lumbering towards the camera in a zombie-like manner at an extremely fast pace.
  • On Matt's Twitter, he made a tweet saying (roughly) that since it was his account, he could post whatever he wanted. This tweet came with a linked picture of an animal graphically scratching out the eye of another. We won't link to this, for obvious reasons.
  • In "10 Extremely BIZARRE Phobias People Actually Have!" the first picture shown when he is talking about hypnophobia (fear of sleep) is pretty unsettling. Probably has something to do with the eyes.
  • When you have a video titled "The 10 CREEPIEST Websites on the Internet", you know it's going to be this. Whatever you do, do NOT even think of searching or knowing more about the "deep web". It will scar you for life.
  • After he finished with his countdown in his video "10 Most Disturbing Films Ever Made", he did mention A Serbian Film, and literally could not bring himself to describe it in detail, and if you have seen the film you will know why.


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