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Nightmare Fuel / What the Fuck Is Wrong with You?

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • On the 9-19-11 Live show, a story featured a man having an eel swim up his penis. Fully conscious. He even tried to pull it out while it was "burrowing" in. *shudders*
  • The entire sequence in both the beginning and ending of Nash, Linkara, and Film Brain reviewing ''Trial of the Incredible Hulk''. Showing that their addiction to review and criticize is so scary that they might hurt anyone to get to it. Even JewWario.
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  • The end of his review of "The Web Planet" where he starts shrieking like in the episode veers a little into the Uncanny Valley realm.
  • Any story where Nash has to specify that nobody got hurt is bound to be this, especially if kids are involved.
  • The opening of the Here Be Dragons review of The Crow, Nash silently greeting the viewer with a Slasher Smile in full Crow makeup. You will crap out your own soul.
  • On the Christmas 2017 episode, Nash mentions that his girlfriend could potentially have been crushed in her car when a tree fell on his driveway. It fell while she was driving home, and landed in the spot she'd probably be sitting while checking her phone 20 minutes later.
  • The last story of the 10/21/2019 Live show. A family's basement filled with blood. While it turned out to be a plumbing issue that caused material from the neighboring meat processing plant to flood into the basement, that probably wasn't the family's initial conclusion...
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  • At the beginning of his 12/09/2019 Live Show, Nash finally has a diagnosis for his continuing health issues: an auto-immune disorder regarding his thyroid. The chilling part is he says that had he waited any longer to go to a doctor than he did, he would already be dead.
  • The final 7/7/2020 Live show story. While driving, a man realized a brown snake (one of the world's deadliest) had slithered into his car and was trying to bite him between the legs. He thought he'd been bitten, so he killed the snake and started speeding to the nearest hospital. Officers pulled him over and determined that he was suffering from shock instead.