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Trivia / What the Fuck Is Wrong with You?

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  • Approval of God: Peter S. Beagle saw the review of The Last Unicorn, and commented positively on it. He also linked it on his Facebook.
  • Colbert Bump:
    • Nash really likes Alex Proyas' 1994 film adaptation of James O'Barr's The Crow (which he reviewed as part of his Here There Be Dragons series of specials). He explicitly states his admiration for the film several times during his review, calling it at one point "phenomennal". He praises a lot of the individual concepts and narrative elements concerning heavy themes like lust for revenge and the loss of loved ones. He also talked positively about the film's atmosphere and production design.
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    • In the same series of reviews, while he is more critical of the animated adaptation of Peter S. Beagle's The Last Unicorn, he still admires the film and considers it good.
    • Sometimes in lieu of having episodes of his own Pre-recorded shows to air on his Live RDA stream, Nash has uses the slot to promote promising internet talent such as Geek Crash Course and A Frothy Pint of Metal.
    • Nash routinely rolls videos and "shoutout" blurbs from the RDA Patreon.
  • Deleted Scene: Sort-of. You see, originally "Bad Idea Bonanza", Stick Boy's panicked fleeing from the bear near the end had him run though and interrupt episodes of Obscurus Lupa, Atop the Fourth Wall, and JesuOtaku (where upon he crashes into a wall). Now, however, the JesuOtaku scene has been removed, cutting straight back to Arlo after the Atop The Fourth Wall scene.
    • For the curious, here's the transcript of the scene.note 
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    • Several scenes featuring JesuOtaku have been deleted from several videos following his and Nash's breakup. These also include the ending scene in "Doctor Who: WTFIWWW" and the intro scene in "Top Classic Doctor". His appearances in the live shows and "This is All Your Fault (The Return)" remain intact, however.
  • Distanced from Current Events: The reason Nash temporarily retired the Douchequake after the earthquake/tsunami in Japan.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes:
    • Episode 21 of the recorded WTFIWWY is this, probably due to the co-hosting and thus heavy presence of JesuOtaku. It can be found by fan uploads on YouTube however. The same goes for some of the live episodes JO was around for too.
    • Pretty much all of Radio Dead Air besides WTFIWWY live is not recorded for future use because of legal and licensing issues. That being said, there are fans who record the parts where Nash just talks into the camera and upload those to Youtube.
  • Missing Episode:
    • At least one episode of WTFIWWY Live where Tara's sound was glitching horribly, making her sound like a robot or a Cyberman; the results were so out of sync that Nash decided not to release them, much to everyone's chagrin.
    • There was another one from the Saturday-night episode of the March Madness Megastream, where Tara's power went out in the middle of it.
    • Most of Nash's game streams count as well; the Twitch VODs are usually kept for around three months after broadcast unless archived elsewhere.
    • The live episodes of WTFIWWY and the reviews featuring JewWario were deleted after he was outed as a sexual predator in April 2018.
  • Old Shame: Nash eventually grew to regret the title of his annual "This is Hookerween" videos, where he and Tara riff on the latest Sexy Whatever Outfits for Halloween. Both he and Tara agreed the title came across as Slut-Shaming despite them focusing on the costumes themselves and starting in 2020, Nash renamed the segment "This is Halloworst".
  • Role-Ending Misdemeanor:
    • A minor one, but Nash announced he wouldn't be playing Cee Lo Green's videos on his stream anymore, after Cee Lo said that he didn't believe sex with a sleeping partner required consent.
    • Nash and Jason "LordKat" Pullara ended their working relationship because Jason kept badmouthing Channel Awesome on his own streams while Nash still worked for them, and got mad that Nash asked him to cool it.
  • Talking to Himself: Space Guy and Arlo are played by Nash.
  • What Could Have Been: Tara was planning a full fledged show spun off from the "Be a Better Criminal" gag at one point, but Real Life got in the way.note 

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