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Shout Out / What the Fuck Is Wrong with You?

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  • In episode 14, "One Moron, One Scotch, One Beer", after Nash gets wasted he does a "Oh my God, this is the best film I have ever seen in my life!" routine that ends with "SYMBOLISM!".
  • Did he just go crazy and fall asleep?
  • The "Great Moments in Stupid History" cartoon from "This Is All YOUR Fault (Again)" (about the exploding whale incident) is set to The Liberty Bell and at the end, Stickboy is flattened by a piece of whale meat in the same way and with the same sound effect as the giant foot.
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  • In episode 34 ("Dumber Than Curling"), the initial sketch resembled part of the Monty Python sketch with the Royal Society for Putting Things on top of Other Things, mostly done to lampshade the new camera being used.
    Nash: Ladies and gentlemen, I have bad news. This room is surrounded by DSLR.
  • On the first episode of "Here there be Dragons" we have a dragon appearing with the one they fear, playing in the background, also when Nash picks up a sword he immediately thrusts it in the air and a fanfare plays
  • In the Live episode "All Aboard the Windex Express", Nash reads a story about a cleaning lady accidentally starting a train. Upon asking what the woman's reaction must have been:
  • The review for The Trial of the Incredible Hulk has Linkara repeatedly slapping Film Brain while Film Brain alternates between answers.
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  • Tara's "Do not taunt Happy Fun Police."
  • In general, shout outs are very common during the live show. Nash and Tara like to tie the story they're covering to relevant piece of pop culture like a meme or a famous movie quote. When they can't think of an appropriate shout out, usually someone in the chat will provide one for them. Tara seems especially fond of quoting The Big Lebowski.
  • In episode 13, Lupa kicking Nash to the face multiple times in a row mirrors Ferris Bueller's sister kicking Principal Rooney when he surprises her in the Bueller home's kitchen.
  • Scatological stories are often punctuated by Nash yelling, "I'm the conductor of the poop train!"
  • In "Cloudy With A Chance of Spiders," there's a story about 51% of Americans assuming cloud computing has something to do with meteorology. Nash quotes "Old Man Yells At Cloud".
  • SNOWFLAME! (as popularized by Atop the Fourth Wall) is often invoked when discussing drug-fueled mayhem, especially if cocaine or crack is involved.
  • In the 5/26/14 live episode Don't Hold Your Breath, Nash claims that a man dancing on train tracks was trying to stop the train through the power of imaginaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaation!
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  • From 5/16/16's discussion of Tara's antics on Twitter:
  • For quite a while now, patrons of a certain tier or higher have been able to have their name in the credits. While most use their username or their name, one patron has been listed in the credits for a while that’s perhaps concerningly fitting for the show: Junko Enoshima.