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    What The Fuck Is Wrong With You? 
  • It may sound weird, but Nash's demonstration of puppies being a bad throwing weapon from WTFIWWY? Episode 18 is absolutely hilarious.
    Why does stuff keep exploding around here?
    • From that same video: "Showing a biker your ass is akin to showing Spoony a Highlander sequel."
    • Nash's attempt to fuck a toy car (since it's very, very wrong).
  • His chat with Bargo in his TGWTG introductory video.
    Bargo: ...and why is there a stick figure on payroll!?
    Nash: Union regulations?
    • "And yea, did the Lord say to thee... "YOU'RE NOT FUCKING HELPING!""
    • "We all know how insane pussy makes a man!" (He meant a Cat Plushie, but still...)
    • While going through all his toys and showing how they can be 'mistaken' for lethal weapons, Nash fires a toy gun... that shoots a laser through the wall and sets off his car alarm. (It is in fact Space Guy's actual laser gun.)
  • In "One Moron, One Scotch, One Beer":
    Where do booze plus sword plus elementary school equals anything good? Apart from the best episode of COPS ever, that is.
    • Nash explaining that the stories he covers have varying factors, including bad choices, damning circumstances, and country music.
    • Nash gets drunk and dials Emperor Palpatine.
  • Space Guy engaging in a "traditional holiday show of arms" with another unidentified space craft... and shooting down Santa Claus.
    Ho ho hoooooooooly shiiiiiiiiit!
    • Also, going up against a stuffed cat singing the Meow Mix jingle:
    Space Guy: DEMON! [throws it away and shoots it]
    • Also, the rest of the Space Guy learning montage.
  • He and JesuOtaku, after reading the articles on Japan (including one on an automatic pet washing machine):
    Nash: Oh, but we can't just tell you about this atrocity...
    JesuOtaku: You don't me—
    Nash: Ye-ep! We've got video~!
    (Cut to a cat in one of these machines, wildly jumping around in abject panic as it gets sprayed with water.)
    • There's also the story of an alleged underground restaurant where people screw animals before having them slaughtered for meals)
    • Near the end, they decide to "share the pain" with the other TGWTG panelists at MAGfest, and their reactions are shocked, except for LordKat, who was laughing his ass off.
      • And Spoony gets this expression of a crawling freak out, shrieks in fright, and runs into a wall.
      • "It's all fun and games until Spoony gives himself a concussion doing a cameo. Then it's hilarious."
    • JewWario in the bathtub.
      (Nash is using the toilet)
      JewWario: (flinging open shower curtain) Morning!
      Nash: (fleeing) JESUS!
    • While we're on that subject, Linkara's cameo. Apparently he's running a kaiju-extermination business.
    • Nothing about them being attacked by Domo? You should be ashamed.
    • JO's price for doing the episode is that Nash has to be on hand with a bottle of Febreeze "in case the fanboys try to touch me".
  • "All Creatures Great And Dumb"
    • A platypus has an existential Freak Out.
  • In the Valentine's episode, his more and more unlikely setups for explosions, and then Todd in the Shadows' totally-not-stalkerish-at-all cameo at the end.
  • He does an amazing and hilarious imitation of Palpatine's infamous "No...noooo.....NOOOOO!!!" from Revenge of the Sith.
  • His attempt to reason with the Internet in the third Viewer's Special. It doesn't work, and he ends up claiming to be a Nigerian prince and presorting penis enlargement.
    • Of course, before hand, he tries to make contact with the Internet... and finds a 2001 style monolith on his lawn, with the head of Cheezburger Cat.
  • From the very first episode, "Nothing is hot in the Walmart!"
  • The end of "Bad Idea Bonaza" in which Stickboy, Arlo and Space Guy become super-heroes and try to capture a bear that escaped from a zoo. Hilarity Ensues.
    Nash: Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is conspiracy. Four pissing me off. And five times is...
    (Static Cut)
    Nash: ...alien pants. Fuck me sideways.
    Trousers Cosmic: PERHAPS LATER, MORTAL.
    Nash: O_O
    • The Trousers Cosmic versus Space Guy.
  • From "Begging the Question", in which Nash argues against the logic behind smoking "bath salts":
    Nash: (takes a hit) I dunno, Bob, I'm not feeling nothing yet. Are you absolutely sure that—
    Nash: (takes one look at the pipe and tosses it away)
  • From "Nimrods are Forever", Space Guy gets Nash to turn off the filter for the questions they're getting... only for the questions to get really... weird. And when Space Guy finally manages to turn it, it destroys reality in the process. All that's left to do is Caramelldansen!
    • Said questions range from 'What is Space Guy's real name?' to 'Where did Arlo get his uniform from?' and most of them are about Nash's sex life. Unsurprisingly.
  • The MAGfest notice at the beginning of "Good and Evil":
    Nash: Oh, and if any of you decide to hold an elevator party at 3am, and I have to climb 38 flights of stairs to sleep so I can get up and do shit the next day, I will rise up and end you!. [Beat; Cheerfully] Hope to see you there!
  • From "Regret at Leisure":
    • Nash's enlightenment montage
      • "I no longer rage at my fucktarded brethren; I simply await them... in enlightenment."
    • Arlo: We review the latest space-age technologies and advanced medical research...and then just say the hell with it and subcontract the whole thing to India!
      • And how does Arlo manage to make Nash lose enlightenment? After getting Nash's show, he decides to make it Arlo's Pony Paradise. ''YOU COCKJUGGLING THUNDERCUNT-"
  • From "This is All YOUR Fault (Electric Boogaloo)"
    • It's a viewer submission episode, those are ALWAYS gold mines.
    • The Big "WHAT?!" montage following a story of a man grilling his own wang in public while wearing a crotchless body suit and shouting "we're having ourselves a weenie roast tonight!"
      • "This wasn't a random act of stupid! This took planning. He needed to choose a spot, buy the stuff, build the fire. THIS WAS PREMEDITATED BATSHIT!"
  • From "Deep Hurting"
    • "Mr. Owl, how many shocks does it take to drop a lunatic?"
    • Every single word in the following line:
      Nash: The point is, if you toddle off down the sidewalk in nothing but your foreskin and try to make small talk with a kindergartener, and you don't expect someone to react with a can of fuck-your-couch, then my question to you is this: did you do all the drugs or did you save any for the rest of us?''
    • The cameo by The Nostalgia Critic.
      Nostalgia Critic: Today we're going to look at a good nostalgic movie. Citizen Kane. Now...("Last Friday Night" plays in the background) Anyone hear Katy Perry music? (Space Guy's ship falls on his house)
    • And afterwards, Stickboy holds up a sign saying "You are SO fired."
  • From This Is All Your Fault (The Return)
    • Nash building a wall just so he can smash his head against it from the sheer stupidity of the story.
    • "Guy used a frontloader to steal deodorant!"
      • Including the unexpected appearance of Tara in a pre-taped WTFIWWY and Oancitizen inadvertently admitting that he dated Kurt Loder after a game of Telephone.
    • Linkara interrogating Stick Boy about recent changes in comics for the worse.
    • Nash transferring all his stress into a rocket and sending into space, and the Brick Joke that follows at the end.
    Aliens: Fuck!
    • Space Guy singing. It's priceless.
    • The bit where Nash sticks a knife in his computer, rants about how you can't stab a computer and magically destroy all the evil information... and then a picture of a scene from a porn magazine floats out of it.
    Nash: I read the articles in it for research. *looks uncomfortable*
  • From Armed and Ridiculous
    • Nash's rant about how one does not need a gun to go to church, or a horse, and one especially does not need to be on a horse with a gun to go to church.
    • Nash telling anyone who disagrees with the above notion to go to a new denomination, like the Church of Jesus Christ of Shut The Fuck Up.
    • His history of weaponry started by explaining that weapons were used to hunt animals. At one point, two of the stick figures pull out steadily upgrading weapons and kill each other with them, and once they're both dead, the animal figure from earlier runs past them.
  • From Dumber Than Curling
    • Nash explains that the Olympics are sort of like a family gathering in that, 'While most are content to just enjoy the festivities, there's always that one cousin who decides to shoot, fuck and swallow the Christmas turkey whole. In that order.'
    • Nash tries to release the traditional dove of elaboration... and realises that he forgot to feed it.
    • During his elaboration on the history of the Olympics, he talks about the first televised Olympics, which were held in Nazi Germany during the 1930s. Awkward hilarity ensues.
    Nash: Going back to 1936 with the first live broadcast of (Video footage of Hitler at the Olympics appears) OKAY! (Quickly cuts to footage of a bunny) Here's a bunny! Everybody look at the bunny! The...the Not-Hitler Bunny!
    • Geography and You. Sad!Nash's face is priceless.
    • "We chose only the greatest in exploited foreign labour! [Beat] But since they're all busy making iPads, we went with the second-best!"
    Nash:*Rubbing the bridge of his nose shaking his head* Oh, I am gonna get letters...
    Nash: Arlo... are you gonna tear down the barrier that separates our fragile world from the howling abyss?
    Arlo: [Pauses, holds up his fingers a small width apart] ...Little bit.
    • Nash trying to think of something to take from Arlo's little trip into another dimension and eventually settling on "Don't do drugs".
    • The written stinger.
    That bit with the beach at the end? That's a tax write-off. I love this job.
  • From That Doesn't Go There
  • From Rebel, Rebel
    • Nash gives us a short look at all the things Holly has had to stop him from doing. And then he drives a vehicle into a tree (she never said he couldn't break the laws of physics.)
  • All of the We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties captions. The most common one is 'Sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up', but the others include 'Please do not provoke the raging jackass', 'Don't worry, we're pretty sure he won't find the gun this time' and 'Please hold your fucking horses'.
  • At the end of "Disorganized Crime", Nash tries to take matter into his own hands... and somehow ends up on the raid of the Death Star.
  • In "This Is All Your Fault (The New Batch)", Nash gets a story about kids who recieved cocaine instead of candy on Halloween. He then proceeds to speculate on what happens when the children run out of it.
    Nash: (Snorts a Pixy Stix) Damn these Pixy Stix! They're not doing it for me anymore! *Pant, pant* I need something harder! (He looks to the left and pulls out some Pop Rocks) (He takes a deep snort, leading to a giant explosion.)
    • And then, Nash, being Nash, wonders how people can tell the difference from a hopped-on-cocaine kid to a normal hyperactive kid.
    Nash: Fortunately, the story states that none of the kids ingested the cocaine. But, honestly, how would they tell the difference? (Cut to a scene of a child freaking out over getting a Wii) I've always said: "there's no finer birth control than...other people's kids".
    • Nash mentions that one thief's quarter-assed attempt at identity theft still went better than his did... when he pretended to be Jesus.
    Nash: Hey, everyone! I'm baaaaack! So... where are the brewskis?
    • The gimp suit. Just... the gimp suit. There's really not much more that can be said.
    • "Why isn't Tara on the recorded episodes?" "Because I have a life!" (Previously, on Lost...)
  • "And Never Brought To Mind", which concerns horrible judgement and research by the media, has many funny moments:
    • First, the story about the black bear that was just passing through and (to our knowledge) didn't harm anyone, gets a reenactment using a cardboard cutout.
    Nash: Don't take my word for it, James Marsters agrees with me, don't you? (Cuts to a cardboard cutout of Spike.)No, he's totally with me on this. (creepily) He tells me many things.
    • Then, the story about the kid who was bought a comic book that had a nude woman on the first page and the woman who holds the cover, which has a patch of green on it, in front of the green screen.
    • The story about the Popeye's which ran out of chicken. The fact that this made the news is bad enough, but it's made worse by the fact that all the interviewees are black.
    • Nash utterly losing it and going on a rampage while casually singing "I've Been Working On The Railroad".
    • Space Guy reveals to Nash one of his species' traditions for celebrating the passage of time: they pick a date in the future, go to an undeveloped species, and tell the people there that they will die on that date. After several thousand years, if said species didn't buy it, they will join Space Guy's interstellar society. If they did, "so as to not disappoint them, [they] blow them right the hell up". Cue Space Guy getting a call and learning he was overdue on "that Mayan thing".
      • It gets better: in order to prevent Space Guy from finding out by researching the news, Nash claims that every year, everyone on Earth fucks and puts the images on the news. And since Space Guy intends to come back in a few weeks to check, Nash ends the episode by telling his audience to "fuck like there's no tomorrow. Literally".
    • In a meta sense, when Nash screened this episode on RDA, someone on the chat changed their name to "Cowboy Bebop" so that they can say *CowboyBebop is sitting at his computer*
  • A story about an elderly woman being in love with her own grandson caused Nash to scream so loudly that it was audible from the Death Star.

    Doctor Who Reviews 
  • "Warriors of the Deep":
    • The comment regarding the Myrka.
      "Ohhh no. No, nonononono." [Cut to Peter Davison's WTF expression] "There. Right there. That's the moment where Peter Davison said 'Fuck it, I quit'.".
    • The one doctor trying to fight the Myrka. Weakest. Roundhouse kick. Ever.
    • "Oh shit, the soundtrack's attacking!"
    • "Whoops, cooked his brain. We're gonna need another Timmy!"
    • Tegan: "What's that noise?"
      Nash: "What, that vaguely alarm-sounding alarm sound? I'm gonna's a chicken."
  • K-9 and Company:
    • His stuffy British accent bit.
    • "And to prove there's nothing resembling justice in this world, he doesn't die in this episode."
    • "K-9 pursues the intruder with lightning speed. I said 'lightning speed'. Lightning- ah, there he goes."
      Peter: You've gotta get away from here. You and the girl, you've gotta get away.
      Brendan: Why?
      Nash!Peter: Because half the audience is in a coma!
    • Nash's completely baffled reaction to a shot of a goat bleating directly into the camera.
  • "Robot":
    • The Book Ends of the review, with Nash talking to pictures of Tom Baker about the review.
    • His Squee when the Fourth Doctor says his Catchphrase for the first time.
    • A massive Take That! to the Tenth Doctor's regeneration and Russell T. Davies.
    • When Professor Kettlewell says that the titular robot is made of "living metal", Nash explains how that doesn't make any sense.
      Nash: "This is metal. It is...metal. It does nothing but sit there and be metal. The last time metal experienced any growth was The '80s."
    • "Escaping. Escaping. Totally escaping over here."
    • His re-enactment of the conversation between the producer and the prop guy about the toy tank.
    • "You already know Sarah from her coma-inducing romp with K-9. And here we have Lieutenant Harry Sullivan, who would later go on to win the award for pompous dickery.
    • The Doctor tries on various new outfits before settling on his classic mile-long scarf.
      Nash: Let's look at our options. (the Doctor emerges from the TARDIS dressed like a viking) Larper. (royal robes) Fast food mascot. (clown costume) Pedophile!
    • Doctor: I never cared much for the word "impregnable."
      Nash: There's nothing I can't impregnate!
  • "Terror of the Vervoids":
    • "But this week the Doctor faces what could be his most dangerous foe yet! (a picture of a head of lettuce fades in as a dramatic noise plays) have no idea how much much I wish I was kidding."
      Nash: Several times, the original Doctor Who had season long arcs, many of which are considered classics by fans and one which is... not. Guess which one we'll be looking at this week. Here's a hint. (facepalm)
    • Also, the reveal that the Vervoids are to be used as a slave race over perfectly good robots who DON'T resemble plantmen with very Freudian faces causes Nash to lose his sanity and declare himself Zodan the Unbounceable.
      Zodan!Nash: Now, Nash would point out that had there been enough light and carbon dioxide to accelerate the life cycle of plants that much, it would also be enough to suffocate and flash-fry everyone in the vicinity. Zodan the Unbounceable, however, gives not one fuck! (puts on a mask and begins chanting Uga Chaka)
    • Making fun of the Vervoids with continual weed jokes.
      Nash: A literal WALKING ARMY of icky sticky!!
    • Not to mention this bit:
      Doland: Professor, we have a problem in the hydroponic center.
      Professor Lasky: The hydroponic center? What's happened?
      Doland: It's been broken into.
      Nash: It's the DEA, man! They're raidin' our stash!
    • Making fun of the monster POV shot, what with the inexplicable green haze and the rather casual march towards the victim.
      Nash: Hey man, do I have green paint around my eye?
    • When the Doctor and Mel find that someone seems to have been sent down the garbage disposal, and the only evidence is a shoe, they discuss the man's tossed room.
      The Doctor: The room was a wreck.
      Mel: And there was a single shoe, exactly the same pattern as that.
      The Doctor: To be complete, the syllogism only requires its grim conclusion.
      Nash: Someone has shitty taste in shoes.
    • When Professor Lasky's underlings discover that the Vervoids have been awakened.
      Doland: Some fool must have introduced high intensity light into the center...
      Bruchner: We're confronted with a catastrophe and that's your reaction!? Do you realize what's been unleashed?
    • The scene in which Mel hears voices through her Walkman
      Mel: "Yes... Yes, I heard, but... who's speaking?"
      Nash *with his voice deepened*: "This is Jesus, Mel. Stop playing with yourself!"
  • "Love & Monsters":
    • Elton "running from the soundtrack."
      Nash: Run little man, or Murray Gold will eat you!
    • Nash complaining about the framing device for the episode: Elton's V-Log- a man sitting in front of a camera and talking about the Doctor. Halfway through demanding to know who would find this sort of thing worthwhile or interesting, Nash realizes that he's talking about himself.
    • Responding to Bliss's off-screen death by saying "And nothing of value was lost."
    • Jackie Tyler's speech, dubbed with sorrowful violin music and captioned "for Emmy consideration."
    • "Why do you need a phone? From the way none of you can hear those screams, you're obviously completely deaf!"
    • The Absorbaloff chase sequence, dubbed over with clips of Fat Bastard screaming "Get in my belly!"
    • Nash's utter freakout over the ending.
      Nash: Yep. The Doctor, the greatest hero in the galaxy, the champion of right... has decided, in his infinite wisdom, to consign a woman to eternal life as a blowjob-dispensing slab of concrete! Let that sink in. Let that settle into your minds. This episode tries to make you believe the Doctor thought this was a good thing to do — and even if it was, even if some life is better than none, they had to go that one inch too far and inform you that, yes, our protagonist routinely sticks his dick in an immortal disembodied head! CHARMING.
    • After examining the entire rating system from ten to zero, Nash has to settle for something different.
      Nash: Here's where this episode belongs, folks: this is Less Than Zero. He lives in a trailer park. He fills his days with the hits of Conway Twitty, watching his bugzapper and fucking his sister. His hobbies include filling roadsigns with buckshot, and eating things he finds lying on asphalt. He is the personification of the lack of effort, creativity and common sense that went into this episode.
  • "Daleks in Manhattan" and "Evolution of the Daleks":
    • Any of his Dalek impersonations.
      Dalek!Nash: SMELL MY PLUN-GER! SMELL IT!
    • His outrage at Dalek Sec using his tentacles to preform an Ass Shove with the Corrupt Corporate Executive. Which is immediately followed by a musical number.
      Nash: In the span of three minutes-three minutes!' we just saw a Dalek put a man up his own personal Time Vortex, and this was followed by a musical number that makes Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark look appealing! This episode has gone to plaid!
    • This Exchange:
      Dalek: Dalek Humans will obey!
      Human!Dalek: Why?
      Dalek: Daleks do not question or-ders!
      Human!Dalek: But why?
      Dalek: You will stop this!
      Human!Dalek: But why?
      Nash!Dalek: BE-CAUSE SHUT-UP!! *zap*
    • His Motor Mouth racetrack announcer commentary when the Doctor and pals are being chased by pigmen:
      Nash: Aaaaand they're off! It's Needy Bitch in the lead, followed by Smart Black Man, Southern Stereotype and Hipster Geek is bringing up the rear!
    • His description how the "gamma rays" were not the same thing as lightning.
      Nash: It is not lightning. It does not resemble lightning, it does not behave like lightning, and it does not function like lightning. They bear about as much similarity as Silly Putty does to a gorilla's asshole!
    • "The Doctor magics up a cure for Lazlo, and Frank arranges for him to spend the rest of his hideous, freakish days dwelling in squalor in Hooverville so he and Tallulah can live happily ever after. Fun fact: pigs have corkscrew penises. Just sayin'."
  • The Top 5 Best Classic Episodes (For New Series Fans):
    • Nash to the people who will complain about his choices:
      Nash: For those of you who are bound to lob profanity at my choices I would like to remind you that I am rubber and you are glue, everything you say bounces of of me and sticks to you, I would also like to add times infinity and nanny nanny boo boo.
    • Describing the Time Lord at the beginning of "Genesis of the Daleks" as "the fuckwit in the poncho".
  • "Time-Flight":
    • His channeling of Carnac the Magnificent.
      Nash: The disappearance of Amelia Earhart, how Southland Tales was green-lit, and why The Master was in disguise this episode". (opens envelope to reveal) "Shit that has never been explained"
    • From the credits: "Yes, I know Adric was shite. Everyone knew Adric was shite."
    • And suddenly... Colonel Sanders. I think this show is trying to confuse me to death!
    • "Professer Hater..."
      Nash: Hater's gonna hate, yo!
    • "Nyssa is overtaken by soapy nonsense!"
    • This dialogue, which the former says with an odd accent
      Kaleed: You will watch them suffer for this!
      Nash: Suffeh fuh this? You're Elmer Fudd now?
    • "Better watch out for the odd brontosaurus."
      Nash: Actually, they reassembled the fossils incorrectly, and there's no such thing as a brontosaurus. The proper scientific term is apatosaurus. (Beat) Yes, I've had sex. Shut up!
    • Captain Stapley appears to be instantly infatuated with the Doctor.
      • Stapley: Morning, Doctor. I'm Captain Stapley.
      Nash: But you can call me Tom. Or, you can just call me. Rawr.
      • Doctor: You mean the plasmatons?
      Stapley: (brushing off the Doctor's clothing) Whatever you want to call them.
      Nash: So long as they haven't hurt my precious boy!
      • Stapley: This is the Doctor.
      Nash: And he's mine!
      • Stapley: The Doctor's theory is - where IS the Doctor?
      Nash: I'm empty without him!
      • Stapley: Don't provoke me, Professor!
      Nash: That's my boyfriend you're talking about!
      • Stapley: It was a stupid idea, really.
      Doctor: Stupid? It was brilliant!
      Nash: HE LOVES ME!
  • "Dimensions in Time":
    • Nash's explanation as to why the first two Doctors' representation was terrifying.
      Nash: Oh, and one last thing: this was presented in 3-D...I'm amazed London wasn't washed away in a flood of urine from the resulting wetting of beds.
    • As the First and Second Doctors' heads fly out of the black hole:
      Nash: Free! Free to haunt the nightmares of children!
    • "The Doctor and Ace are attacked... by Windows Movie Maker."
    • "Oh, you see? When you shout at people, it makes the editor angry!"
    • "Yes, only a genius could write like a schizophrenic howler monkey. *beat* Wait..."
    • Nash's head explodes after watching a scene in which a tonne of exposition is delivered late. Twice.
    • "You can find this special on YouTube. And if you find yourself naked outside the BBC offices drunkenly shouting abuse, you'll know why."
  • "The Happiness Patrol":
    • It begins with him showing examples of social commentary in Doctor Who. When he gets to the modern era a clip is shown of Jack kissing Nine, and he stops what he's saying to shout "HOLY FANFICTION FUEL BATMAN!"
    • "This is Ace, she likes hitting things, hitting things, hitting things, hitting things, and blowing shit up. I like her."
    • "We open on a dark night in... Tim Burton's head."
      Silas P.: You shouldn't sit here, it might be dangerous.
      Nash: Yes you could be eaten by a wild Helena Bonham Carter.
    • His demonstration of how Anvilicious the episode's message about Thatcherism is... by dropping a giant subtitle with the word "MESSAGE" on top of himself.
    • During Helen A's tirade near the end it comes back to repeatedly beat him over the head.
      Nash: You know I think that Thatcher woman is quite awful. (waits in the hope that it's stopped)
    • "Oh my god they're painting the TARDIS pink!? No, no I had other jokes and shit written but no, the Pat Benatar renegades are painting the TARDIS pink!
    • And seconds later while trying to make a joke, "And I can... no, I'm sorry PINK FUCKING TARDIS!"
    • "So they've outlawed emo on this world... quick someone put Simple Plan on a rocket ASAP!"
    • "Who can make a sunrise, sprinkle it with dew? And... drown a motherfucker in Pepto Bismol."
    • All of the Mario Kart jokes about the go cart. "Quick Doctor, use the red shell!"
    • Behold:
      Kandyman: You see, I make sweets. Not just any old sweets, but sweets that are so good, so delicious that sometimes, if I'm on form, the human physiology is not equipped to bear the pleasure.
      Nash: So are you gonna make candy or fuck them to death?
      • "Before the Doctor can experience the Kandyman's creamy center..."
    • " If you tested the writers for drugs the test results would scare Keith Richards."
    • " So The Doctor and harmonica man escape into the candy pipes and dear god how insane do I sound right now?"
    • "Hey Brad, Phelous! Look, I found Troll 5!"
    • "I keep spouting so much gibberish I should be dancing with snakes!"
    • "They head back into the sewers, meet up with the trolls in the candy pipes and are pursued by a hand puppet. Also I'm running out of booze."
    • "The Doctor goes back to talk to the Kandyman because this episode hates you."
    • "How do you pimpslap someone with a hand made of licorice and gummy bears?"
    • "Because the Trolls have turned on the pipes and unleashed a flood of strawberry DEATH", which is followed by a Hurricane of Puns.
      • "Don't judge me, I'm very drunk right now."
    • "It is official: The Doctor is the whitest man in time and space."
    • "Happiness will prevail", "My gigantic ass it will!"
    • When Nash reveals that the production team was sued over the Kandyman looking too much like an existing candy mascot, he yells that "Even the plagiarism is stupid!"
  • "The Horns of Nimon":
    Nash: The Doctor just... slapped her on the ass? What? That's like Santa Claus copping a feel on your sister right in front of you!
    Mikuru: (cries)
    • The "Doctor Slap-O-Meter", which registers any time the Doctor does something so insanely stupid or dickish that you want to hit him. It reaches 12 by the time the review is over.
    • His comment after one of the bad guys lets K-9 beat him.
      Nash: And this is the guy that's in charge of the armed forces. How has the Doctor not won yet?
    • The scene in which the Doctor attempts to give K-9 CPR. Followed by Nash sobbing and flailing his hands about.
      • Followed not soon after by:
      Nash: DAMN IT, can we go 10 minutes without you molesting the robot dog?
    • Nash follows Soldeed's request for some of the Nimon's technology with "and could you please stop interpretive dancing while I'm talking to you, thanks ever so much."
    • "Doo-doo-doo, don't mind me, just sneaking away..."
    • On the "Swiss Family Disco's" inherent stupidity:
      Romana: Get out everybody!
      Nash: Uh, did she mean us? Let's wait for her to come back and clarify...
    • "She has Soldeed cornered and she shoots him. I said she shoots him. I said she shoo- oh for fuck's sake!"
    • During a conversation between the Doctor and Soldeed, Nash comments that "it's like they're trying to out-Gomez Adams each other."
    • A scene he brings up in the review suffering from a hideous amount of slowdown.
      Nash: The Doctor salvages some bits from the TARDIS and jury rigs the Skonnan's ship. The gravity from a newly formed singularity is playing havoc... with the film rate.
      The Doctor: *slowed down* As soon as I switch on the power, you know what to do.
      Romana: *Also slowed down* Plug the grafitic anonymizer into the main circuit.
      The Doctor: Good girl!
      Romana: What are you going to do?
      Nash!The Doctor: I'mmm gooooiinng tooo straaangle the editoooorr!
    • As Soldeed lay dying, Nash takes the opportunity to reveal that his actor, Graham Crowden, was in the running for the role of the Fourth Doctor.
  • "Invasion of the Dinosaurs":
    • Playing "Yor's World" when the Pterodactyl appears.
    • "And if you don't comply I'll switch to the laser gun sounds! Pew pew pew pew!"
    • His seething rage over the premise of Terra Nova, after he just got done explaining how the villain's plan will cause a time paradox.
    • This bit of dialogue:
      Scientist: Very well, Butler, but it will not be my responsibility if the countdown is delayed.
      Nash: Maybe you need to get laid, instead!
    • "Woah, hold on! Two people from the present, and a machine full of modern technology are now trapped in the distant past... and the Doctor's just gonna leave them there? *beat* If I didn't know better, I think the bastard was trolling me!!
  • The Most What The Fuck Moments of Classic Series History with Nella:
    • The running gag of "Jewelry Candy", and Nella's... disturbing analogies.
      "Five minutes ago, you thought candy jewels were real!" "Four minutes ago you were crying like a third grader. Your point?"
    • "What? What!? Stop that, the Daleks are a Nazi allegory you twatwaffle! This is not Hogan's Heroes in space!"
    • Nash using a video of monkeys on little bikes to represent the writers at the time. "Aw, they think they're people!"
    • "Dimensions In Time" could have been a grand adventure bringing together all the Doctors!
      Nella: I'd watch that! I'd watch the hell out of that! I'd watch it 'til it called me "Mommy"!
    • Nella's reaction how "Dimensions in Time" really turned out:
      Nella: [Boils with fury, then heads off-screen.]
      Nash: ...You okay?
      Nella: I'M FINE!
    • Their discussion of the 6th Doctor and his outfit.
    • The jab at the Fox Network. "So Fox is the reason we had to wait another decade for more Doctor Who? Is there any show they won't strangle in the crib?" "Not unless your last name is McFarlane, I guess..." "Touché."
    • Their reaction to Kamelion.
      Nash: You know, for kids!
      Nella: [punches him]
    • They decide to go to a bar, but first Nash has to ask JesuOtaku if he can go out to play.
    • Nash and Nella find the TARDIS at a bar. Nash walks inside, followed by several offscreen explosions, causing Nash and Nella to flee from the bar, as a certain voice is heard:
      The 11th Doctor: Did you think no-one was watching? You lot, back here now.
    • Nash's pure unadulterated Squee at the end:
      Nash: The Doctor knows who I am!! [HUGE grin]
  • "Castrovalva":
    • Opening the video with lines to intentionally enrage various fandoms so he can get away with reviewing the episode. It didn't work.
      Anime is indecipherable garbage, Greedo shot first, Jean-Luc Picard is the worst captain in the history of Starfleet, and Jim Henson can go fuck himself.
    • "So Santa was really The Master the entire time!... Christmas is ruined."
    • "Are they with Occupy Wall Street? Hey Donny, get the pepper spray!"
    • His anger over Nyssa, a SCIENTIST, having to look up what Hydrogen is.
      Nash: The writer just turned "dropping the ball" into an Olympic sport.
      Nash: Nyssa... is a scientist. Remember this. Because... she won't...
    • Trying to suppress his nerd rage over the Fifth Doctor unraveling the Fourth Doctor's scarf.
    • After saying that he likes the Fifth Doctor's outfit.
      Nash: "Wait, did I say something nice? WHO'S BEEN FUCKING WITH MY SCRIPT?"
    • "If the Doctor's regeneration is in danger of failing, he'd better have been in a nut-kicking contest with Cthulhu while having sex with a chainsaw!.... I really need to stop playing Garry's Mod."
    • This exchange.
      Tegan: What's a Zero Room, anyway? Doctor said something about null-interface.
      Nyssa: I suppose it's some sort of neutral environment, an isolated space cut off form the rest of the universe.
      Tegan: He should have told me that's what he wanted. I could've shown him Brisbane.
  • "The Twin Dilemma":
    • After a massive hammy rant about how Nash's previous reviews "tossed his childhood memories into a meat grinder", Linkara's sadistic glee when he finds out Nash is going to review.... that... is perfect.
      Linkara: The Twin Dilemma? You're going to sit through that classic ball of misery? [Gigantic evil grin]
      Nash: [Worried] Um... yeah? Why?
      Linkara: Oooh, nothing. Forget I said anything... ya poor dumb schumck.
    • Nash invoking the This Is Gonna Suck trope when commenting on people's reactions to shows going down a Darker and Edgier path.
    • Nash's reactions to the absolutely mind-numbing science in the plot and just how bad it is. Complete with clips from Billy Madison.
    • Describing the infamous strangling scene.
      Nash: But never mind the jubblies; the Doctor's set course...for the nightmares of children.
    • The scene where the Doctor suffers a slight lapse of sanity, made even better by the fact that Nash says this as the Doctor laughs like a lunatic.
      Nash: I think he just had a premonition of his next two seasons!
    • Nash playing up Edgeworth's creepiness.
      • "And before you can say 'White van with no windows', he slips them both a slip-on roofie!"
    • "Back with the Doctor, he's decided on his eyesore - I mean, outfit!"
      Peri: You can't go out dressed like that!
      The Doctor: Whyever not?
      Peri: You'll look dreadful!
      Nash: I'll take 'Things the audience is saying' for a thousand, Alex! Oh look, the Daily Double!
    • Stating that Peri "Is remembered for her tremendous talents. Both of them.
  • "Revelation Of The Daleks":
    • Nash's annoyance with the DJ.
      Davros: "Shut that fool up!"
      Nash: "I think I just fell in man-love with Davros."
    • Constantly pointing out how the Doctor is so irrelevant to the plot and calling Orcini as the real hero of the story.
    • His unadulterated glee when Orcini wastes a fucking DALEK with a SUBMACHINE GUN!
      Orcini: This is my sword.
      Nash: Oh , come on that's an Uzi, what kind of damage are you expecting to do with—
      [Orcini shoots the Dalek, which explodes in a MASSIVE fireball!]
      Nash: HOLY FUCKING SHIT! [Beat] I WANT one!
    • Did that....Dalek just go... Super Saiyan?
  • Voyage of the Damned:
    • The most perfect use of the forklift song in history.
      Nash: Okay, in doing these reviews, there are rare, beautiful moments; moments where the stars align, where 'Synchronicity' becomes more than the best Police song ever! Where from this madness springs something of such unspeakable, terrible beauty. My friends, prepare thyselves...
      Plays 'the song' over the clip of Astrid pushing Max Capricorn off the ship with a forklift
      Nash: [expression of unquantifiable bliss] I need to change my pants.
    • His elaboration on how RTD doesn't write actual stories but simply takes concepts and puts them in Doctor Who. He demonstrates this by taking items and putting them in his toy TARDIS.
      Nash: (grabs smartphone) Reality TV. (puts it in)
      shows clip of "Bad Wolf"
      Nash: (grabs microphone) Mass media. (puts it in)
      shows clip of "The Long Game"
      Nash: OK... (grabs werewolf figurine) Werewolves. (puts it in)
      shows clip of "Tooth and Claw"
      Nash: ... (opens TARDIS, makes a farting noise with his hand)
      shows clip of "Aliens of London"
      Nash: OH FOR FUCK'S SAKE! Wait... (grabs toy Titanic) he couldn't possibly make something horrible out of- (puts it in)
      shows opening scene from "Voyage of the Damned"
      Nash: ... (scared) OH GOD! (drops TARDIS)
    • Followed immediately by this:
      Nash: The Doctor gets his own personal viewing of Titanic in 3D, but since 3D is bullshit, the Doctor quickly hits the "Undo" button.
    • When it's implied that the Doctor is on board the real Titanic (it's revealed to be a spaceship a minute or so later)... and yet we see robots and aliens: "Uh... did the Doctor just go crazy?"
    • In response to the audience's claims that the episode is just "Titanic in space", Nash shoots that down:
      "Ripping off 'Titanic'? Come on, that's just silly!, they're doing The Poseidon Adventure."
    • After the Doctor mentions "he was there":
      Nash: Did they just retcon the Doctor into the Nativity?! [Beat] Suddenly, the fishes and loaves thing makes sense.
    • Nash's reaction to the "Doctor being lifted by the Angels" scene: "...I think we're all going to hell now..."
    • When talking about how the Doctor is putting the crashing Titanic into a nosedive as part of his plan, he cuts to a clip of "Turn Left" where it crashes into Buckingham Palace. Black Comedy at it's finest.
    • How does Nash make "My name is Maaaxxx." funny? By adding "I'd buy that for a dollar!" immediately after.
      • Similarly, we have Nash adding a Max Headroom clip after one of the robotic angels starts glitching.
  • Top Classic Doctor
    • Nash, in a really appropriate bit of what-the-fuck-is-wrong-with-you, recounting all the votes for other Doctors than the Classic ones, including the Eighth Doctor (who nobody was sure if he counted), and:
      Nash: And finally, and, yes, this is a thing that happened, the "Not Sure If Serious" awards goes to the guy who wrote two single-spaced pages on how the Best Classic Doctor was... Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. *cue the facepalm scene from Naked Gun 33 1/3*
      • Not to mention his response to the people who, despite him asking for Classic Doctors, voted for Matt Smith (2), David Tennant (1), and Christopher Eccleston (1). (What sells it is the way he says it):
    • Lampshading the Fourth Doctor's victory in the poll.
    • In a meta-sense, guess who got the 5th runner-up spot? The Fifth Doctor!
      • It gets better: the 3rd and 2nd spots? The 3rd and 2nd Doctors!
      • It gets even better: how many votes did the Sixth Doctor get? 6!
    • The entire opening, especially:
    • One submitter mentions Eric Roberts as the Master...and is promptly beaten.
    • Paul McGann getting all of one vote, proving just about nobody who participated in the poll knows about or was willing to acknowledge his staggering collection of Big Finish audios. The same goes for Colin Baker, who was Rescued from the Scrappy Heap in these audios.
    • The hilarity in realizing that less than a year after Nash posted this episode, the fanbase got even more confused over how to define Doctors as "classic" or "new" due to several shake-ups in the wake of its 50th anniversary:
      • The Eighth Doctor reappeared on the revived series, making it even harder to tell if he fell under classic or revival series (fans tend to call him the bridge between both).
      • And then came the matter of introducing one specific new Doctor in that same year: John Hurt's unnumbered War Doctor, which drove the fanbase crazy over where he was in the lineup and fits in a timeline apart from the classic and revival eras.
  • Dr. Who and the Daleks:
    • JesuOtaku doing the Opening in Nash's shirt, displaying Critical Research Failure of the highest caliber:
      Nash: Oddly enough, everything she just said is about as accurate as this is gonna get...
    • The mis-characterizations were forgivable, up until one fatal error...
      Ian: Uh, my name's Ian, Doctor Who...
      Nash: What.
      Ian: Uh, my name's Ian, Doctor Who...
      [We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties] - Don't worry, we're pretty sure he won't find the gun this time.
    • This:
      Dr. Who: The scanner!
      Nash: Wait, what? You had a scanner this whole time but instead of using it to look around for slimy alien death you just let everyone blunder out of your box of crazy...yeah, come to think of it, he pretty much is The Doctor.
    • The Thals roping and destroying a Dalek. It has to be seen to be believed.
      Nash: Again.
      [Replays the clip]
      Nash: No words... should've sent a poet...
    • Nash saying there were nothing like the Daleks seen before... followed by an image of salt-and-pepper shakers. "Except that."
    • "James Bond: the Dalek who loved me".
    • The list of Dalek-related merchandise, ending with Daleks the Flamethrower!
    • Nash pressing apps, corresponding with a door repeatedly opening and closing in Ian's face.
    • "You know, they have an awful lot of buttons for a species without fingers..."
    • The disgruntled Daleks grumbling in the background.
      Razzafracking stupid Thals, stupid planet, what I wouldn't give for a shower...
      Always got me on the bloody third shift; I never get home in time for Matlock...
      I swear, if they move my desk one more time, I'm gonna blow up the building!
    • "Ah, my old friend Heroin, we meet again."
    • While reviewing the scene in which Susan is being forced to write a letter by the black Dalek, Nash notices the three Lava Lamps in the shot.
      Nash: The Daleks opt to accept the deal, and because they lack things like opposable thumbs, they need Susan to write theWAAAAAAAIT A SECOND.
      [Cut to Nash holding a Lava Lamp, with a "Seriously?" expression on his face]
      Nash: I don't have to say a word, do I?
  • Daleks' Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D.:
    • The Daleks human slaves, and Nash's repeated Devo jokes:
      Nash: Are we not men? We are Dalek!
    • Later the brainwashed humans carrying their weapons...
      Nash: Well shit. Now I am legally obligated to do this...
      [Replays the scene dubbed over with 'Whip It'.]
    • Repeatedly subjected to bad slapstick.
      Nash: *kaff-kaff* Well, there goes the Sad Trombone Machine. We're not even ten minutes in.
      Nash: *kaff-kaff* Great, there goes The Price Is Right Fail machine. This movie is costing me money!
    • "Did the Daleks paint the World-Splitting bomb bright red? WHY?! To make it go faster?!''
    • "And what happened then? Well in Whoville they say... Nash's embolism grew three sizes that day!"
    • Nash's impersonations of a Dalek whenever something ridiculous happens to them in the film.
      Nash: (As a Dalek that's sliding down a ramp) Wheeeee!
    • Nash wondering what the payoff will be for when the bomb explodes. The 1812 Overture starts playing in the background...
      • "That can't be good". Said right before a montage of Daleks dying in ridiculous ways.
    • "(Gargling) EXTERMINATE!"
    • "Some sort of receiver... highly advanced." [cut to Nash waggling his itty-bitty smartphone in the air with an "are you kidding me" look on his face]
      • What makes it even worse is the actual prop appears to be made out of a Thermostat.
  • Delta and the Bannermen:
    • Nash making a running gag of what he thinks Delta is thinking on the bus and in the camp.
      "Maybe genocide was better..."/"Yeah, genocide was better."
    • Everything surrounding Delta's offspring. Its first appearance is described by Nash as a "spinach fish baby", and later:
      Nash: This is not even one of my What The Fuck Is Wrong With You? videos and I still have to say the words "We do NOT paint the baby green!"
    • The opening, in which we have plushie!Nash running around the screen to Looney Tunes music, incoherent backwards babbling ("I shall talk to my bees" backmasked), and Nash dancing in black & white to a-ha. All in the space of 15 seconds.
    • Nash's horrified reaction to the toll booth guy: "Would you please stop doing... everything? EVER?"
    • "Could you please turn down your shirt?!"
    • Nash's final jab at the end of the review stating people will have probably decoded the backwards message before even finishing the episode. And it is possible (if you have Clip Converter to download the video and Sony Vegas to un-reverse the audio).
    • When the tour bus and the driver are blown up.
      Nash: Murry's fixed the bus and Mel bids them farewell while she waits for the *The Bannermen fire at the bus, causing it to explode* FUCK ME!!! I've seen some novel ways to handle a character in a dragging second act, but this is the first time I've ever seen a writer opt to BLOW THEM ALL UP!!... Although that really would have improved Snow White & the Huntsman.
    • The Doctor returns under flag of truce, but what he doesn't know is that a flag killed Gavrok's mother!
  • The Cartmel Masterplan:
    • The opening with Sad Panda.
      Sad Panda: And now, here's an aging hipster that looks like Jesus.
      Nash: What?
    • Diamanda Hagan stating that she has everyone on Earth under 24-hour surveillance.
      • Not to mention when he first hears her voice, he thinks she's Starscream.
    • Linkara dressing up as the Seventh Doctor in order to recreate a cut scene from the original broadcast of Remembrance of the Daleks, only for Nash to reveal that he has the cut scene from another source. Linkara isn't happy. And Linkara still hates Nash's review of "Time and the Rani".
      Linkara: I am committed to sparkle motion! LET'S DO THIS!
    • Phelous apparently stays alive despite dying a lot via cloning himself with a genetic loom like the Time Lords use. Evidently, you really don't want to spill Dr. Pepper in the gene intake on one of those.
      • Before that, he trolls Nash:
      Phelous: Oh, so you think I'm a Doctor Who fan just because I keep regenerating in my reviews?
      Nash: Well... yeah.
      Phelous: That's racist.
      Nash: What.
    • The Last Angry Geek repeatedly asking Nash who he is.
  • "The Web Planet":
    • The opening when Nash gets covered in silly string.
    • The Doctor's oath.
    • Nash's reaction to the serial.
    • "Three words... err.. Old man... old man go... old man go through door...ah, Fullmetal Alchemist! What do I win?"
    • "Why do you come now...?"
      Nash: *stunned silence*....NOT....TOUCHING....THAT!!!
    • Nash's reaction to Vicki pressing random buttons on the TARDIS.
      Nash: On a scale of bad ideas, that's right up there with playing pin the tail on the Chris Brown.
    • "So what did I think about this serial?" *opens mouth and makes the noise the Zarbi made in the serial*

    Here There Be Dragons 


  • Nash using the crude puppet theater format to explain the concept of Executive Meddling, especially considering said executive was Michael Bay.
  • Him noting that the voiceover narration has nothing to do with what's happening onscreen. He then tells the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears over the footage.
    Nash: Once upon a time, there were three bears: A papa bear, a mama bear, and a baby bear, and one day it would come to pass a blonde-haired bimbo called Goldilocks would vandalize their home, criticize their food, and be discovered in their beds. But it is not for me to know if these bears did devour the stupid twat. Though they probably did, they're fucking bears.
  • His reaction to dubbing over the English lead actress with an American one.
    Nash: Gee, what language do they speak in England? Let me think, oh yeah that's right, ENGLISH!
  • "It is at times like these when I recall the words of my mother when she said to me, 'You idiot'."
  • "OK, so our story begins with FUCK ME!"
  • Nash freaking out over a three minute scene of nothing but the main lead climbing a mountain. In fast-forward.
  • Fires mares.
    Nash: So what the hell are Fire Mares? *picture of Rapidash trading card appears onscreen *beat* think I'm kidding? *cue Pokemon theme song over ...exactly that*
  • Post-credits: "What is so important about this goddamn mountain? You are not Captain Kirk, motherfucker, do not make love to the mountain! Come on!"

The Last Unicorn

  • Space Guy. Just... anything involving Space Guy:
    Nash: You have no idea what I do for a living, do you?
    Space Guy: I'm not entirely sure, but I do know it involves the word 'Fuck'. A lot. A lot a lot.
  • "Y'know what? Space Guy, and you folks at home? Eat me."
  • "I'd like to thank Space Guy for helping me out-" "YOU GO TO SPACE-HELL AND YOU DIE!"
  • Nash is so enamored with the film's theme song that he's nearly reduced to tears and crying defensively every time he's challenged over it.

Legend (1985)

  • Nash and Darkness conversation at the end is just hilarious.
    Nash: Can you sing "Sweet Transvestite?"
    Darkness: (Annoyed) Look, if you're not going to take this seriously, I'm just gonna go. (Leaves)
    Nash: How about "I Can Make You A Man"?
  • Nash pointing out how Tim Curry embodies the Evil Is Sexy trope in the film.
  • With all the franchising that's been happening lately, Nash fully expects "Frosted Flakes: The Movie".
  • In the opening, Stick Boy is standing in front of Hogwarts while Nash is explaining that a fantasy writer needs to make their world unique. Stick Boy then gets beaten by Neil Gaiman's Books of Magic
  • The Gump's hissing lecture gets "THIS IS WHAT SCIENTOLOGISTS ACTUALLY BELIEVE" pasted under it — at least, until Nash gets a call and is told that if he makes another, he'll be ''stuffed into a volcano''.
  • Upon hearing that the surviving unicorn is the mare, Nash is confused as we are treated to a close-up shot of the live unicorn's other horn...


  • Saying the name Ladyhawke summons Obscurus Lupa and The Cinema Snob. She's there because it involves werewolves. He's there because it's about a dude having sex with a bird. (This episode was debuted during the 14th anniversary livestream and Alison and Brad were there live, so you can hear them cracking up throughout much of the review.)


  • Nash announces to various other Channel Awesome members he's reviewing Highlander:
    • First to The Nostalgia Critic team, which causes Malcolm to cry and Rob to chase Nash out with a broom.
    • Next to Film Brain, who blows an airhorn through the phone.
    • Next to Brad Jones, who does the "point and scream" thing from Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
    • Finally, he visits Obscurus Lupa. Before he gets to say anything, she sprays him in the face with window cleaner, as if she knew what he was going to say. Except she didn't.
  • The opening credits scene:
    • When he reveals that the echo in Sean Connery's opening narration is because he was recording in the bathroom, Nash claims that they have something in common. Cut to Nash's old "making train sounds in the bathtub" clip.
    • A few seconds after Princes of the Universe starts up, we cut back to Nash with wide expression on his face....then looks down briefly and excuses himself as he goes to change his pants.
  • Nash's mocking of the sheer 80's-ness of the opening scene.
  • Playing Jizz in my Pants over Connor's inheriting the decapitated Fasil's power.
  • Nash's attempt to demonstrate the Highlander transition leaves him locked out of his house.
  • Nash getting confused by Connor's alias.
  • Once he is done, knowing he has "inspired the ire of the entire internet," he asks what he could do next to piss people off. Cue: The NeverEnding Story.
    Nash: (beat) Ooooh, fuck me.

The Neverending Story

  • After watching the movie for his review, Nash stating he won't be able to get the movie's theme out of his head. Cue several scenes of him screaming every time it appears.
    • Comes to a head during his signing copies of group pictures with the rest of the Atop The Fourth Wall Movie Crew, where he can no longer take it and has a Freak Out out of the room. Their reaction? initial surprise, but then back to apathy.
    • Right before Nash's Freak Out, Linkara trying to threaten them to keep signing...and the only threat he can come up is treating them with ice cream. After Nash runs out of the room:
      Linkara: You all get his ice cream.
    • MarzGurl is clearly trying not to laugh at Nash's Freak Out.
    • After two weeks pass, Nash is reduced to a nervous and paranoid wreck clutching onto his hammer. The song plays just as Nash thinks it's safe and drifts off to sleep, snapping awake with another Freak Out:
      Nash: EEEH! EHHHH! AAH! *weaker* AAAAAAAH!
  • When Atreyu and Falkor take off for the boundaries of Fantasia:
    Falkor: *responding to Atreyu asking about where they're going* I have no idea ...hahahahahahaha
    Nash: *as Falkor* hehehe...I'll be honest Atreyu...I am HIGH AS BALLS
  • When Bastian takes the attic key from the broken store box:
    • Upon seeing the attic itself:
      Nash: In the school's insanely vast and creepy attic - again, the hell - Bastian sets up shop for some hardcore reading.
  • When the theme song plays again over the credits, Nash voices over his pleas for it to stop.

The Dark Crystal

  • After Kira claims that only female Geliflings have wings, Starchibald and Sunny Jim decide to figure out if this is true of all women... by asking Tara.
    Tara: Is this some sort of sex thing?
    Starchibald: It's a Jim Henson thing!
    Tara: Yeaaaah, this is the Internet. That's not a "no."
    • Later in the conversation...
      Sunny Jim: Fly What the Fuck Lady! FLY!
  • During the above series of remarks, we get to cut to Nash completely silent and giving up on the whole thing, leaving Tara completely lost.

Hawk the Slayer

  • The derailing rant during the beginning about movie directors that just don't "get" fantasy films.
    Nash: They don't "get" the characters. They aren't "real fans," don't "understand" the genre. They "go outside," they "get dates," they..........I'M NOT PROJECTING YOU'RE PROJECTING SHUT UP!
  • Stickboy's "well-intentioned pile of nonsense" that is his car, even honking "Dixie" as he drives along.
  • His warning two minutes into the movie when things start getting ridiculous.
    Nash: I'm legally obligated to mention that the exits are located at the sides and rear of the website, and in the event this thing goes right off the goddamn rails, your inevitable empty liquor bottles may be used as a floatation device. Thank you for watching with us, and we're all going to die.
  • Nash's inability to stop dancing during the movie's intro.
  • The repeated metaphors of the film to a standard Dungeons & Dragons session. The wooden acting of the elf is because his player wanted to play a Vulcan, the sorceress' rescue is because the entire party failed their dexterity check and so the dungeon master had to send in an NPC to save them, and the dwarf's surprisingly dramatic death scene is because the player wanted extra XP for next session.
  • Nash's repeated annoyance by how short the fight scenes are, at one point using the same effect for the bow firing to flip the movie off.


  • Comparing the awkward negotiation between the Duke of Cornwall and Uther to a Republican primary. He then gets an angry call telling him he's not allowed to make political jokes, and out of spite yells out "Donald Trump said grab em by the..." before getting cut off by a We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties card.
    • He keeps making them throughout the review just to piss people off.
  • The incredibly on the nose use of "Dancing Queen" for Igraine dancing.
  • "I used to love killing dudes, but now there's a baby, and I just want to hug like a motherfucker!"
  • Lampshading how awkward the fight scenes in full plate are, comparing them to two tin cans fighting.
  • Complaining that if Lancelot and Guinevere were gonna doom Camelot with their love affair, they should at least have had more appealing sex while doing it.
  • Nash attempts to replicate Merlin's teleporting Jump Cut and succeeds...then has no idea where he is.
  • And of course, Linkara shows up to sing Camelot.

    Radio Dead Air 
  • The 7/4 RDA discussion of Winnie The Pooh. What does Nash think Eeyore wants for a present?
    Nash!Eeyore Thumbs and a gun.
  • JO did a very temporary Hostile Show Takeover on 8/22/11 (which was done at his house). His mark is still left though — the regular banner is modified to look very girly (Nash's reaction is priceless when he realizes this).
  • Nash's attempt at a Halloween costume.
  • The Tale of "Ghettocon". For reference, this is the hotel in question.
    • While Nash is in the middle of giving some much-needed exposition, Tara's computer begins auto-playing a video of a baby crapping in a pool. Listening to the audio, Nash can only reply: "...The fuck was that?"
  • From the 5/28/12 show, JO's improvised bit with the hippo doll in the TARDIS warning Nash about the "Hippocalypse".
  • From the September 17th, 2012 show, Disembodied Orgasm Hippo died. Nash cheered.
    • RIP Disembodied Orgasm Hippo. 20XX-2012. Gone but not forgotten.
      • 2/11/13 And he's back!
  • From 2005, Nash's content disclaimer for RDA.
  • Nash played "Pokemon: Black and Blue" once. He didn't like it.
  • From the 11/12/12 show, Nash pre-recorded the entire first segment and ran it backwards.
  • From the 12/31/12 show, we had this image.
  • From the 1/21/13 show, Nash must pet a hippo through the internet to get Tara back.
  • Nash was talking about MAGfest 2013 where he and a few friends were trying to get to Todd's room on the 18th floor and the staff told them that the 18th floor doesn't exist. What follows is a story of pure weirdness.
  • Nash and Hope related a story once where they were in a Wal-Mart and a guy was screaming 'Come on, Wal-Mart!' and generally trying to be a dick. After talking to the manager, the guy said that he 'just wanted to use his huge voice for good', upon which Hope commented 'Yeah, I thought "Huge voice, tiny cock".'
  • On the 3/18/13 stream, Nash had not been having a great day. In comes Hope, trying to cheer him up by dumping an armload of plushies on him. Three times.
  • During the March 2013 Megastream, Nash and several others, mainly TGWTG people, played the game Cards Against Humanity. The best round was probably the one that Nash referenced several times afterwards:
    Black card: In Rome, there are whisperings that the Vatican has a secret room devoted to ______.
    White card: Making the penises kiss.
    • Observe the hilarity here.
    • Also from the Megastream, during the Q&A with Film Brain, there was this gem...
      Matt: I was balls deep in Chipmunk for about a month.
      Nash: ...
  • April Fool's Day 2013. Space Guy hosting.
    • During a Q&A session, a Twitter user asks him why he didn't help out with the Plot Hole crisis. The answer? Nobody asked him.
      That's a very good question, seeing as that involved space, and I am from space. I have a spaceship. I am Space Guy. I was sitting there, waiting, willing to lend a hand. Did anybody ask me? No! Rather than coming to the guy with his own flying saucer, what did you do? You strapped engines onto a house. Nice one.
    • Nash left Space Guy very specific instructions to play Tom Jones' "What's New Pussycat" four times, then "It's Not Unusual", and then another "What's New Pussycat". Funny enough on it's own, especially with the chat going absolutely nuts, but then, an hour later, this comes on, and suddenly everything makes sense.
  • In the 13th Anniversary show, Nash played an old audio skit in which the Incredible Hulk and Stephen Hawking explain the different types of geek at a con.
  • Once, Nash was playing a long song with the green-screen set on 'psychedelic'. When the chat pointed out that a folded blanket nearby had taken on the properties of the green-screen, Nash proceeded to wrap himself (except for his head) in the blanket and do a little dance, which looked rather... trippy, to say the least.
  • In February/March 2014, whenever Nash discussed his impending move to Illinois, he said that he was moving to Shermer, Illinois.
  • After playing the Fast Food Song by request, there's a Beat for a good five seconds, before Nash just yelled '''THE FUCK WAS THAT?!'''
  • On the 14th anniversary special, after the first set of songs, the camera cuts to Allison at the controls, who says that she'll be subjecting the audience to five hours of The Room. Then, she brings in Brad Jones, who says he'll be showing five hours of The Room porn. Finally, Nash comes in and attempts to be angry at them, but ends up cracking up.
  • At one point, Lupa refers to Brad as "The Cinnamon Snob". This sparked an outpouring of TGWTG producer/food puns in the chat, which continued all night, and was producing fanart before the broadcast ended.
    • Nash asked that someone make a Strawberry Shortcake parody out of the puns. This generated more puns to be created, all of which had to do with dessert. These included: Todd in the Sherbet, Hagan-Daaz, Sconecitizen, Rantas'mores, Marz Bar, Rolo T, Y: Ruler of Pie, Team Petit Four and Lincaramel. Tara requested to be called Taffy D. If only someone came up with That Guy with the crème glacée.
  • 10/27/14: For the 2014 Halloween show, Space Guy once again assumes control of RDA.
  • 06/01/15: Nash starts the show speaking backwards a la Twin Peaks
  • 7/21/15: Nash plays "Rosana" by Wax, a NSFW music video that tricks the viewer into thinking the singer and his girlfriend are having sex, only to repeatedly reveal they're doing something totally worksafe. Nash cuts to facecam partway through, and he's embarrassed.
  • 7/28/15: Nash starts off the show by describing his agonizing ordeal of getting on the plane to Con Bravo, which involves missing his plane. He then says that Linkara just barely managed to get to his flight. Staring grumpily into the camera, Nash humorously yells at Lewis and tells him to go review a lamp.
    • To celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of Radio Dead Air, Nash riffs on the first recorded episode of WTFIWWY. Highlights include giving himself two middle fingers, facepalming many times, and hiding in his sweatshirt like a turtle out of embarrassment.
  • 9/21/15: After demonstrating his ability to hand-fart, Nash gets a request for a video of some guy doing the entirety of Stairway to Heaven via hand-farts. Nash's facecam appears partway through the video, with various hilarious reactions. Once the video is over, Nash gawks, with the video screen black, for nearly a minute.
  • 1/4/16: After Todd in the Shadows requests "Muskrat Love", Nash plays it back to back, the second time after a full minute of Stunned Silence. He then uses the broadcast to reenact the Salt and Pepper Diner routine to the increasing confusion and tension of the chat. After capping it off with a bit more "Muskrat Love", Nash looks right at the camera and reminds the audience (and especially Todd) to not fuck with him.
  • 4/5/16: When asked how much Grady weighs, Nash says that he weighs 'one fuckbunch'.
  • 4/25/16: Nash got into a yelling match...with his cat.
  • 9/12/16: After Nash reluctantly shows off the new glasses he's now forced to use and bemoaning how he's getting older, the chat spends 5 solid minutes alternating between trying to reassure him that he looks nice and going "Neeerrrrrddddddd" at him.
  • 9/19/16: Nash introduces Spam Poetry, wherein he reads spam emails very dramatically and snaps his fingers a lot.
  • 10/31/16: Nash builds up his Halloween costume for this year as the scariest, most horrible, most terrifying thing ever. He turns on the show... and he's in a pastel pony costume. Even better, he explains his choice by saying that he didn't want to scare the kids... he wanted to scare the parents.
  • 01/10/17: Todd requested 'My Name Is Potato', so Nash retaliated by playing "What's New, Pussycat?" seven times in a row, then "It's Not Unusual", then "What's New, Pussycat?" three more times, then "Muskrat Love", then "What's New, Pussycat?" again, just to ram the point home. And then he politely reminded us all of the lesson learned.
  • 1/29/18: Nash tells a story about how, in his efforts to keep Loki out of the studio (Grady's food and litter box are in there, and Nash doesn't want Loki eating out of those), he gets a baby gate with a roughly 8" x 10" cat door. Loki, a 60-pound black lab, somehow managed to squeeze through that door right in front of Nash.
  • There's a running gag on both RDA and WTFIWWY that whenever people asked Nash what he did for a living, he'd say 'I make videos online', they'd ask if he meant porn, and he'd say no. Now, thanks to all the You Tubers being fucking dicks, when people ask if 'I make online videos' means porn, Nash just says yes because it's better than the alternative.
  • 8/18/2020: At the start of the show, Nash jokingly declared it the Grady National Convention. (The Democratic National Convention was going at the same time.) 20 minutes later, Nash had to take an unexpected break in order to wash Grady's butt, as poop got stuck in his fur, then the start of WTFIWWY got delayed due to Nash needing to take a box of packing peanuts outside as Grady was trying to eat them.
  • 11/2/20: Nash set up a second camera to show Grady's cat tower off. The first time he switches to it, Grady immediatly jumped down. When Nash complained about Grady doing so, the chat was insantly filled with comments in the vein of "Cat.exe working as intended. Ticket closed."

  • While the review itself was still pretty informative, the very fact he took over for JesuOtaku to review Transformers: Animated for April Fools' Day. In the end, he gets into a fight with the Red Snark Titles.
  • From the Justice League TV movie review:
    • He's asked by Linkara to imagine what the JLA movie would do to a classic foe like Starro the Conquerer. Nash thinks on it... and immediately flashes to Starfish Hitler. He promptly shuts up.
    • Nash's reaction to what Guy Gardner looks like.
    • Which is immediately followed by Nash setting off The Continuity Alarm regarding something Guy did in the comicsnote 
      Nash: "I don't know whether I'm proud or sad."
      Linkara: "I think the fact you can't decide is answer enough."
    • Nash's comment on Barry Allen's job-finding woes.
      "This man can read the entire Library of Congress in the time it takes me to fart! Where did I put my World's Smallest Violin?"
    • This bit regarding Ray Palmer/The Atom limboing under a laser tripwire.
      Nash: Okay, there has got to be a way to make that scene make sense. I got it! Describe it to me again.
      Linkara: The Atom shrinks down and limbos under the laser...
      Nash: *smacks himself on the head with a hammer* Again.
      Linkara: The Atom shrinks down and limbos...
      Nash: No, still stupid. *smacks himself again with a hammer* Again.
      Linkara: The Atom limbos...
      Nash: *grumbling* Stupid. *smacks himself for a third time with a hammer *gestures Linkara to repeat himself*
      Linkara: The Atom limbos...
      Nash: I LIEK MUKAW!
      Linkara: Are you okay?
      Nash: Fish!
    • Later, when Fire and the Martian Manhunter (disguised as Fire's civilian identity) manage to convince her love interest that they're different people (despite having the same hair, build, skin color, and Fire wearing a mask that is basically just heavy makeup), Nash and Linkara just stare slack-jawed at the fact that the guy bought it. Then Linkara speaks up:
      Linkara: Can I borrow that hammer?
      Nash: *clutches it protectively* MINE!
    • The Spaceballs reference in the opening:
      Nash: I left the camera on didn't I?
      Linkara: Yup
      Nash: How much did you see?
      Linkara: No sir I didn't see you playing with your dolls again sir!
    • Also the creepy smile Linkara gives to get Nash to review the JLA movie with him.
    • This little exchange:
      Linkara: Meanwhile, back at the plot...
      Nash: There's a plot?
      Linkara: Shut up.
    • Their reaction to Martian Manhunter's appearance: "Well, now we now what happened to the rest of Green Martians - he ate them!"
  • Nash plays the Inspector Gadget theme over the Green Lantern flying with a helicopter blade-like protrusion from his ring.
  • The Return of The Incredible Hulk:
    Film Brain: Does this director understand that this is an action film and not a Nescafe advert?
    Nash: We've secretly replaced their comic book movie with a mediocre train wreck. Let's see if they notice.
    • After Nash complains bitterly about how the movie screwed up Thor's canonical identity as Donald Blake's alter ego and was instead a completely separate entity who was summoned by his hammer:
      Film Brain: Naaaash?
      Nash: What?
      Film Brain: Don't take this the wrong way or anything, but have you ever touched a boob before now?
      Nash: Would punching you in the face count?
      Film Brain: Touché.
    • The "Ghost Love Score" montage as Film Brain and Nash try to find out how epic slo-mo can add to mundane things.
      Nash: Yeah, slo-mo doesn't seem to increase the drama.
      Film Brain: Oh, don't tell Zack Snyder that, you'll break his heart!
    • Thor's, erm, interesting relationship with Donald Blake:
      Thor: I like you, Blake, but only when you're asleep!
      Cut to Nash and Film Brain's horrified expressions and then...
      Cut to the Rape Horn.
    • And then a callback to that scene:
      Thor: Splendid places you bring me to, Blake.
      Donald Blake: This isn't a date!
      Nash: No, Thor waits for you to sleep first for that!
  • When JO played a fan translation of Utawarerumono on his stream, the translators left "Obaa-Can" as it is with a small note on top saying "Grandma". Nash's reaction was hilarious:
    If I want to learn, I'd go to Sesame Street! Translate this shit!
  • Nash, Linkara, and Film Brain reviewing the Wonder Woman TV pilot.
    • The "car battery" exchange between Film Brain and Linkara.
      • Really, the entire opening sequence, as Linkara and Film Brain gleefully if unsuccessfully throw themselves into the villain roles.
    • "Third base!"
    • After Wonder Woman promises a mother to get "vengeance" (as opposed to justice) for her dying son, Linkara takes Nash's hammer... and smacks Film Brain with it.
      Film Brain: Why did you do THAT?!
      Linkara: ...I don't know...
    • "So Wonder Woman goes on national TV and admits to the entire world that she's broken the law to stop a crime she can't even prove was committed?? What's the word for that?" "SOPA?" "Ooh, nice!"
    • The "Pants to be darkened!" running gag
    • "Beware the coming of the Uber Boob!"
    • Linkara and Nash discussing the details of Wonder Woman's invisible jet, while Film Brain looks on in annoyance.
      Film Brain: Just for comparison, do either of you know the name of your congressional representatives?
      Linkara: Pre- or post-Crisis?
      Film Brain: *Groans, puts head in hands*
    • "Hey, JO, they didn't have any Digimon stuff, but the guy at the booth had this Legend of the Overfiend thing he said you might like. Is that okay?"
    • Linkara telling Nash he's got JO in a safe place like he kidnapped her, but she's outside reading The Far Side while eating Smarties.
      JO: Vultures don't wear cowboy hats! Well, that's just silly.
    • Linkara's mocking of the completely unprofessional journalism.
      Reporter: That was fantastic, Rob. Wonder Woman just swooped in, ran down the suspect, shot out her lasso, and reeled him in like a trout.
      Linkara (as an anchor): Thanks, Barbara! In other news, Green Lantern used a midget like a basketball and Blue Beetle eats poodles. Oh, those wacky heroes.
    • "I got the test results back. You're definitely a psychopath."
    • Nash attempts to replicate the wire tricks the unfinished pilot's climax and predictably falls from the ceiling, while Film Brain and Linkara bet on whether or not he'll die.
    • When Diana's assistant reveals she designed her costume just to sell action figures.
      Linkara's head explodes
      Film Brain: SYMBOLISM!
      • Later, when Diana's "deal" is that she won't kill Elizabeth Hurley.
        Nash and Film Brain stare in fear at Linkara
        Linkara: No, you only get one head explosion per crossover. It's in my contract.
    • Linkara attempts to comfort a traumatized Film Brain after seeing Wonder Woman gruesomely murder a security guard.
      Linkara: No, no, no, sweetie, he's just sleeping.
      Nash: (scoffs) Oh, great, and next you'll be telling him Santa is real... (Film Brain's face falls further.) jolly...and swell, a-and great and...I'll shut up now.
      (Film Brain breaks down in tears, and Linkara puts his hand to his head and then walks away.)
    • They see Wonder Woman snag a perp around the neck with her lasso, yank him towards her, and then stab him in the neck with a hypodermic needle, just after Linkara finishes explaining how Wonder Woman was a paragon of honor and compassion in the comics.
      Linkara: (weakly) ... Well... a-at least she used a sterile needle.
    • Their constant calls to the other characters not to confront or irritate Diana lest she kill them after she gives her assistant a Death Glare for scolding her language.
      Film Brain: You get the idea that Wonder Woman's previous assistants are in a shallow grave in a field somewhere.
    • The comments about Wonder Woman casually violating the law and basic rights, culminating in:
      Veronica Cale: You have entered my place of business with no warrant! You have injured several of my employees, some catastrophically! Others you have killed, and I have it all on various cameras! You are about to meet your equal, Wonder Woman: the American criminal justice system!
      Nash!Wonder Woman: [as Wonder Woman rolls her eyes] Laws are for poor people.
    • Later, when Wonder Woman saves the day and is met by applause from her employees:
      Linkara: I'm smiling! I'm clapping! Am I clapping hard enough? OH GOD, WONDER WOMAN, PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!!!
    • "I think feminism just got whiplash."
    • Film Brain's failure at finding the right amendment for unreasonable searches and seizuresnote .
      Film Brain: Second amendment be damned!
      Linkara: That's the right to bear arms.
      Film Brain: Fifth amendment!
      Nash: That's self-incrimination.
      Film Brain: Thirteenth amendment!note 
      Linkara: Yeah, sure, go with that.
    • Linkara's foul-mouthed Dr. Phil impression from the blooper reel.
      *everyone else cracks up*
    • The ending where JO suddenly shows up:
      JO: HEY! You're doing a review?! I just spent the last four hours sitting on my ass downstairs in one spot because somebody told me Gary Larson was going to be coming by to give out autographs. And did this happen? NO! [whips out a Tommy gun] So, I wanna know exactly who I can hold responsible for this RIGHT NOW! [smiles in the exact same way that Wonder Woman does when threatening Veronica Cale]
      Nash, Linkara, and Film Brain: PANTS TO BE DARKENED!!!!!
    • From the commentary: "I can just imagine Grant Morrison in the middle of the night getting on a jet to go fight crime. It's Peyote-Man!"
    • From the commentary: Linkara singing an alternate version of the "Single Female Lawyer" theme from Futurama.
      Linkara: Single Female Lawyer, killing lots of guys!
  • From the 9/11/12 Tuesday Tech Talk, LordKat starts reading ridiculous hot-air quotes from tech-industry people at a recent conference. When he gets to the word "glocal" (short for global-local) Nash lurches into a gradually building rage, eventually coining the term "brenis" to explain how little sense "glocal" made.
    You cannot make a tesseract business model! It doesn't work that way!
    • From the same talk:
      LordKat: "We don't measure our success by financial results".
      * beat*
      Nash: What do you measure it by, candy?!
  • The Trial Of The Incredible Hulk review is full of hilarious commentary by Nash, Linkara, and Film Brain to the point where the whole episode could be considered a CMOF.
    • One point in the film features two thugs sexually harassing the female lead and an elderly man much to the trio's horror.
      Film Brain: Leave Santa Claus alone, you monster!!!
    • Right after a scene of intense interrogation, the three bust out their best legal quotes - to mixed success:
    • The ending, with JewWario walking into the room, saying he bought a god-awful pilot to a Dr. Strange series...
    • On Daredevil's intro scene:
      Film Brain: So our introduction to Daredevil is him getting his ass handed to him by a woman dressed as a nurse, who he then electrocutes?
      Linkara: Yeah, this could've fit right in to Frank Miller's Daredevil.
    • The preceding joke's great too:
      Linkara: I don't know what baffles me more. The 'Daredevil' costume, or that his first 'battle' in the film is against a middle-aged woman dressed up as a nurse.
      Nash: Neither. It's the fact that he's losing
    • Adding Taylor Swift's "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" when thugs use a stereo to disorient Daredevil and prevent him from beating them up.
      Hulk: *smashes the speaker*
      Linkara:*weak, high-pitched* Thank you Mister Hulk.
      Film Brain:I can't feel my legs!
      Nash:I forgot math!
    • All three get startled by a repeating, out-of-nowhere ominous musical cue.
      Film Brain: It sounds like somebody fed Chipotle to a Casio keyboard!
      Nash: I think God is angry!
    • Nash's quip that "the Kingpin has a landspeeder, your argument is invalid!"
  • These two tweets were retweeted by Nash for a reason.
  • After watching Pacific Rim, Nash got pissed off that one of the giant robots was called 'Gipsy Danger' ('Gipsy/Gypsy' being a very bad racial slur against the Romani) and created two new robots: 'Honkey Explosion' and 'Cracker Please'.
  • In his stream of Scribblenauts, one task involves comforting a crying child. Nash's solution? Beer!
    • At the beginning of the tutorial... "I BLEACHED THE PIG~"
  • After the Nerf War of MAGfest 2014, we got Action Nash, who then became the focus of the tumblr Nash Bozard In Places He Shouldn't Be.
  • Another classic con review with Linkara and Film Brain: The Punisher.
    • The beginning has Nash being woken up by the Rap Critic.
      *Nash asleep, snoring loudly*
      Rap Critic: *tries to nudge him awake* Naaaaash.
      *Nash still asleep*
      Rap Critic: WAKE THE FUCK UP!
      Nash: *eyes snap awake* DON'TSHOOTSHESAIDSHEWASSINGLE!
      Rap Critic: *startled* Oookay...
    • Nash learns that what he, Linkara, and Film Brain took after their drinking was not aspirin. Thus, Nash goes wild in the arcade, Linkara tries to chase down a crowd of cosplayers (including an army of Fat Grandmas) with a Poke Ball, and Film Brain just meanders around the con with a mad grin on his face. The result: Linkara is splayed in the tub and Film Brain is in the closet, dangling from a clothes hanger by his shirt.
      • When Nash and Rap Critic try to get response out of Linkara:
      Linkara: No! Go on without me! The needs of the many outweigh...the duck!
    • Nash asks why they're even putting themselves through the movie. Linkara states the alternative is going downstairs to face whatever they did. Film Brain then enthusiastically states the least painful option: jumping out the window. The other two's faces briefly light up before all three realize its stupidity.
      • When they realize that the movie's opening sequence resembles that of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century....and the implication that the movie will last 400 years, we hear the trio racing each other to the window and shattering glass.
    • When the Punisher cauterizes his stab wound in the sewer, his scream of pain resounds throughout the sewer. Cut to Rap Critic sitting on the toilet, hearing the scream from inside the toilet.
      • A Brick Joke of how Rap Critic just casually states he's "gonna take a shit", after having...not much of an assurance that the trio are gonna be alright by themselves.
      • Not much later, one of the scenes in the movie involving Frank shooting up a casino has the guys getting into a bit of More Dakka until Rap Critic tells them to stop cause he's trying to apologize to the toilet! The guys sorta collect themselves...except for Linkara, who dazedly points out he ended up writing his name with his shots.
    • After seeing some very bad audio synching.
      Nash (out of sync): I gotta say, the ADR in this movie is great.
      Linkara (with Nash's voice): Top notch!
      Film Brain (with Rap Critic's voice in all its deepness): Perfection.
    • After they're done with the movie, they think it's safe to go back down. A knock on the door immediately follows:
      Brad Jones, completely naked (with a lens flare covering his pelvic area) and an arm of his glasses' frame is missing: Whew! WHAT did we DO last night!?
      • Our last shot of the trio shows them in various degrees of weirded-out and freaked-out.
      • During the blooper for this scene, some people walk past the shot in the background and it's pointed out to Brad. His response to the passers-by?
      Brad Jones: (teasingly) There's room for more!
  • On the Tech Q&A for 9/5/15, Nash and Mike are talking about a laptop that has a radiator attached to it so it can run a higher graphics card. Nash starts breaking out into Under Pressure , then Mike leads into this wonderful Take That!:
    Mike "I wonder if this thing will give steam burns?"
    Nash "You mean aside from early access games? OH! Oh, I went there! Oh!"
  • On the 8/6/16 episode of Tech Q&A one viewer has a question regard their files "for school" which they want protected. Nash keeps coughing the word "PORN!" while reading the message.
  • The 11/12/16 episode opens with a rather grim discussion about how the election of Drumpf will likely mean that the concept of net neutrality will be taken out back and shot... and then Nash and Mike fall silent as Grady performs a kick flip off of the green screen.
  • During the Tech Q&A for 1/21/17 (When Anime Filters Strike), Grady decided to be frequently loud, much to Nash's growing frustration. It was barely 10 minutes before Nash had enough and put Grady outside.
  • Mike showed up on the Quotes page to clarify that he didn't have clown porn, he just knows people who made it.
  • Nash's instructions for Tara to make her own episode of Twin Peaks: 'Set a truck on fire and teach your cat to play a theremin. Take five minutes to say three words. Roll credits.'
  • Nash's late father's house. It all started when Nash decided to replace the stove and, while clearing a path for it, found what reads like a list of Noodle Implements, including a door.
  • Shortly after the release of Frozen, Tara greeted Nash with a short, sung "Do you wanna do the nonsense?" ("the nonsense" being shorthand for the WTFIWWY bit), then idly suggested that someone should write a full version of that parody for use as the show's new intro. To her surprise, a fan went on to do exactly that, not only writing the lyrics but recording the song itself. Now Nash plays it every year for whatever WTFIWWY falls just before Christmas. (The song itself is funny, but also doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming, both that the fan would go to such an effort and for the song's last verse, a plea for Nash not to lose his faith in humanity in the face of the worst examples of it.)
  • During The Dom's review of Fifty Shades Darker, the Dom goes on a tear about the infamous scene in which Christian fondles Ana beneath the table at a charity benefit for abused children. Meanwhile, in an alternate universe, the video swaps Nash and Tara on WTFIWWY, reporting the scene as if it were one of their actual news stories. Tara expresses visible shock; Nash just stands up and nopes off camera entirely.
    Tara: When they say 'Think of the Children!'...this is not what they're talking about.
    Nash (from the distance, still off-camera): NOPE!
  • During one broadcast, Nash decides to dangle a toy for Grady...and not only does he end up pulled, but he falls over with his chair flipping on top of him. He's laughing for two whole minutes immediately as the chair goes on top of him.
  • Nash's reaction to finding out someone's 10-year old stepdaughter was using the show to learn English. Two simple words:
    Oh buckets.
  • Nash joined in a Halloween game of Among Us with Linkara & company. Funny enough on its own, but Nash in particular managed an absolute gem by winning a round as the Imposter...which he spent wearing devil horns.