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  • Acceptable Targets:
  • Angst? What Angst?: At the end of 'Nimrods Are Forever', Space Guy accidentally activated his Ultimate Nulifier and wipes out everything and everyone except for himself, Nash, Arlo, and Stick Boy. The four take the fact that everyone they know is dead and they are the sole survivors of the entire universe...very well, actually. Possibly justified given how things go right back to normal in the next episode.
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  • Archive Panic: The live show has been running almost every single week for close to seven years, with episodes running from thirty minutes to an hour, totaling somewhere over 300 episodes as of March 2017.
  • Awesome Music: The remix of the famous Doctor Who theme that he uses for his classic Doctor Who reviews, MarineDalek's "Howell This", which combines the 1980 Peter Howell arrangement with an electric guitar.
    • Additionally, his use of "Doctorin' the Tardis" by The Timelords when he has to explain back-story. Sometimes he uses "Doctor Who on Holiday" a mashup between "Doctorin' the Tardis" and Green Day's "Holiday" from the American Edit mashup album.
    • In fact, Nash has a knack for choosing appropriate music for the situation at hand, which is understandable given his line of work. A crowning example of this would be in his Top Classic Doctors review, where he managed to choose perfect songs to represent each Doctor.
    • The intro to Here There Be Dragons features a chiptune cover of Gary Moore's "Over the Hills and Far Away."
  • Crazy Awesome: William Todd from "Walmart Chemical Warfare," a man who committed 11 felonies in Nashville, Tennessee. Including, but not limited to, jacking a Slaughterhouse (a gun shop), two cabbies, four people leaving a bar, a Canadian couple and ransacking a law firm. All in NINE HOURS. It's the frickin' Real Life Grand Theft Auto!
    • Also, Arlo. He's crazy, but he's a crazy genius.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Disembodied Orgasm Hippo, a rather creepy hippo toy Tara has and frequently shows off.
    • Bridget, the cat that lived with Tara became even more popular, to the point that Tara joked that nobody cared about her any more and just wanted to see the cat.
      • The next cat that Tara lived with, Miracle, was also loved for her crankiness and utter refusal to acknowledge the camera. They called her "Kitty-Gives-No-Fucks."
    • Whenever a chat participant gets their pun spoken out loud by Nash during the show, they become sort of one in the chatroom.
    • Peggy and Dottie, Tara and Dan's new kittens. Dan also counts, as whenever he shows up or comments, it's always funny.
    • Nash's own cat, Grady, is this for his antics in the background and frequent need for Nash's attention.
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    • Loki loves the whole world, and the whole world loves Loki, mostly for being a big lovable doof.
  • Fridge Horror:
    • The show has an absolutely colossal number of stories where people go insane for any number of reasons and attack or harass random strangers, often out of nowhere and without provocation. As cliche as it sounds, it could happen to anyone.
    • Especially since there's really no way to prepare for that level of batshit crazy. You can take martial arts classes to learn how to defend yourself from a mugger, but there's no classes on how to deal with a crazy naked guy on bath salts who's clinging onto the hood of your car as you drive down the freeway.
    • The logical end point of any discussion Nash, Tara and the Radio Dead Air chatroom share in trying to understand how one of the bizarre stories they encounter could have possibly happened and the results that occur when Reality Ensues.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment:
    • Tara's stories about her Hilariously Abusive Childhood have become this ever since her father died.
    • In "A Shotgun Christmas", Tara made fun of Nash for getting worried about being bitten by a Brown Recluse Spider. Several years later, she was bitten by one and had to be hospitalized.
    • In "Karate for Beginners", Nash mentions he's somehow lost enough weight that he needs a belt to keep his pants up. Kind of funny in the context of mocking the "Butt-Crack Bandits". Terrifying when Nash's health issues (most likely the cause of his dramatic weight loss) come very close to killing him later that same year (see: Nightmare Fuel).
  • Harsher in Hindsight: During the 12/10/12 show, they had a story where something bad happens to a child in Connecticut. There's a moment of realization for Tara that it happened in Connecticut (because she lives there) and Nash laughs at that. But for anyone watching when it was posted later, after a certain tragic event that happened in Connecticut... Nash's laugh might have seemed inappropriate. (The comments on Blip and TGWTG were quick to point this out.)
    • In "Red Bull Gives You Madness," there's a story about skeletons being stuffed into teddy bears. That's pretty bad on its own, but gets even worse if you're familiar with Five Nights at Freddy's, where the game's backstory implies that a murderer lured five children backstage at a Suck E. Cheese's, and stuffed their corpses into the animatronics.
      • There's also the infamous real life Hello Kitty murder, which is so vile that it's frequently mistaken for an urban legend.
    • In his crossover review of Justice League of America with Linkara, Nash remarks that there is no way one can screw up a concept as simple as the Justice League. This was meant to be a joke in regards to the TV movie's notoriously low quality, but now the team's gotten a theatrical movie...a movie with a 38% on Rotten Tomatoes.
    • Stick Boy's crush on Lupa was accidentally the start of the "Everybody loves Lupa" running gag, which Allison Pregler grew to hate so much she only agreed for it to be in To Boldly Flee on the condition that she could kill it off.
    • Everything about the ending of Trial of the Incredible Hulk where they nearly kill JewWario is this:
      • First, it's the last thing he's in before he leaves the site.
      • Then a year later he died (shortly after appearing in the follow up review having apparently been in a coma the whole time).
      • Then we find out he didn't leave the site, he was fired for sexually assaulting a fan.
      • Then fans did the math and realized the incident he was fired because of actually happened at that same con he filmed the cameo in.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Tara's rant about how juggalos will be the downfall of western society becomes even funnier if you happen to be reading Homestuck about a month later.
    • The story from the 3/5/2012 show of the man who showed up naked to a job interview becomes hilarious with JesuOtaku's Witchblade review.
    • During his review of K-9 and Company he announces that there is a plot hole "Large Enough To Swallow the Earth." Several years later...
      • Also, in his review of "Terror of the Vervoids", he mentions how the Valeyard is the evil between the Doctor's twelfth and final incarnations. Following the retcons of 2013 in Doctor Who, the picture of Ten's regeneration from "The Waters of Mars" is suddenly very apropos.
    • In Gooey Hot Pockets, Doug Walker jokes about someone making a silhouetted "no fucking" sign. In Right Turn, Clyde, there's a story about this happening.
      • Doug also jokes about having sex with a hot pocket. The episode that covers this very thing happening is titled It's All Doug's Fault.
    • Evil Alien Clothing? That's ridiculous.
    • In one episode they talk about a guy masturbating while driving and mention the need for a "Don't jerk and drive" campaign, a few months later note  they cover a campaign that uses that as a slogan to tell people not to jerk the "wheel on icy roads.
    • When Film Brain, Linkara & Nash were talking about News Stories about the Terror Clowns, they joke that a News Show should have a Clown come on, in full Make Up, to talk about how Real Clowns are against the Terror the same week, that actually happened on a UK Morning Show, which featured not only that, but also some one dressed as Bat Man, to comfort those affected by these Terror Clowns! It has to be seen to be believed!?
    • Considering his distaste for the fandom surrounding My Little Pony, no one would have ever expected him to dress in a pastel pony one-piece costume for Halloween 2016. (He does excuse it by explaining that he wanted to scare the parents rather than the kids.)
    • The very first Hookerween special featured a "sexy" costume based on Honey Badger meme.
    • In one episode, Tara suggests Disney buy the rights to the X-Men Film Series for a Yaoi Fangirl related joke. Disney took her advice Up to Eleven in late 2018, since they bought Fox in it's entirety.
    • One episode from 2016 features a questionably-worded ad campaign for Vitamin D informing people that "We all need the D." Fast-forward to 2019, in which Nash reveals he has been diagnosed with a severe Vitamin D deficiency. The You Tube comments immediately brought up this ad campaign.
    • After seeing Grady wearing his 'birthday outfit' without complaint, Tara comments that, if she were to try that with any of her cats, she'd be "rockin' the Nick Fury look". Come Captain Marvel, and we learn how prophetic that joke was.
    • Tara's tangent about a cat strip club was about 3 years early.
    • The Here They Be Dragons review of Highlander has him being shunned by most of his fellow reviewers for reviewing the film, starting with The Nostalgia Critic crew. Turns out that Doug Walker and Tamara Chambers hadn't seen it, either.
  • Ho Yay: After the very long break between pre-taped episodes, Space Guy is seen singing "Stand By Your Man".
  • Just Here for Godzilla: There's a large portion of the viewership of Radio Dead Air that are only there for live WTFWWY, to the point where asking when it will start in the chat before its 11:30PM US Eastern start is now apart of the Drinking Game the regulars have. The regulars also enjoy lightly riffing about the "mass exodus" of people leaving the chat immediately once the show is done (some even leave before the sum-up is over).
    • Some new users that come only for WTFIWWY are often dismayed that 90% of RDA is music (primarily requests that skew towards the Alternative Rock side of things) and make their point of airing their dissatisfaction with this as loud as they can. These people are usually banned before WTF even starts. Bans are also a part of the Drinking Game.
  • Memetic Badass: Colonel Igor Koslov, Savior of ERF. During Nash's New Year's Eve 'Iron Man' note  play-through of XCOM: Enemy Within, he hired a rookie Russian Assault-class with big ambitions. (Nash immediately took a liking to him solely based on his name) Being one of the only soldiers to live all the way through, start-to-end, his exploits grew from impressive-but-typical to deific in short order.
    • Even months later, Igor's still one of these. Nash's playthrough of XCOM 2 had the chat note that X-Com lost the war because they failed to recruit Igor in that timeline, and after being badgered by the chat Nash added an Igor Koslov to his RimWorld game.
    • When Nash played XCOM 2 again in late 2017/early 2018, he discovered Igor's successor: Wilhelm Vos, a soldier who started his career in a pair of hotpants and developed into a badass Sniper for the ages. Needless to say, once he earned his nickname, Nash immediately changed it to "Hotpants"note .
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Poop is not a plan! Explanation 
    • Grady, get off the amp!Explanation 
  • More Popular Spin-Off: WTFIWWY is just a segment of Nash's main program Radio Dead Air. That being said, it's incredibly more well known and those who have never tuned into Radio Dead Air have watched WTFIWWY when it is uploaded to youtube. The fact that WTFIWWY is the only part of Radio Dead Air recorded for future use due to legal issues doesn't help matters.
  • Never Live It Down: The audience have been reminding him to hit "record" (whether he needed it or not) since he forgot on 5/21/12.
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: WTFIWWY may tend to feel a bit Anvilicious at times, since Nash and Tara will often repeat certain morals multiple times throughout an episode... But it's completely justified because most of those morals are things that should be common knowledge or common sense. However, the staggering amount of idiots who do stupid or dangerous things proves that, yes, those morals bear repeating.
  • Squick: The stories featured on the show tend to be... kind of gross at best, and absolutely horrifying at worst.
    • Taken Up to Eleven when somebody has sex with a dead squid. Which, as theorized by Nash, will spawn CTHULHU.
    • One very notable example was when the story was about a guy with his dick caught in a toaster, and the article had a list of all the other weird 'person gets body part stuck in thing' stories. Both Nash and Kyle were horrified when the article said that there had been five instances of people with their hands caught in shredders, and Kyle looked like he was going to throw up for a minute.
    • Two words: Nose maggots. Thankfully, this later turned out to be fake.
    • In fall 2014, Tara was briefly hospitalized for a spider bite that had ended up turning necrotic, as well as her later testing positive for MRSA. The medical care left a hole in her leg that has become, according to Nash, "almost a character on [the] show" due to Tara's descriptions of it. Those descriptions are, to say the least, rather gross.
    • The 12/1/2014 show's last story: man boils My Little Pony doll in jar of his own semen.
    • One 2019 story involves a lawyer who showed up in court with bedbugs crawling all over him.
    • The first story for the show on 9/23/2019: Blaze hits bull artificial insemination facility, causing a massive semen explosion! Nash, Luke, and the chat reacted exactly how'd you'd expect.
  • The Woobie: Stick Boy. During "Tainted Love", he has a crush on Obscurus Lupa...only for her to reject him, and then get threatened by Todd in the Shadows.
    • Nash himself following him losing his job and he and Hope cheating on then breaking up with him in the same week. Seriously, the guy looks like he needs more hugs and puppies then Doug does when he's depressed. Some fans have noted that 2013 just sucked for the guy.
      • Especially since he's now suffering from insomnia.
      • And now his dad has died as well.


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