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  • Titan A.E.
    • "Space Chase!" (It Makes Sense in Context)
    • After Preed betrays Corso: "Et tu, Preed?!"
    • Commenting how one-track minded the Drej are, and ultimately concludes their hatred of humanity means that they're members of... PeTA!
    • "There's realistic violence in my cartoon movie? Beat YEAH!!"
  • The Little Vampire review
    • Counts as both Funny and slight creepy, but the part when he inserts "scary music" into a scene of the movie is a treat.
    • "Oh my God, a sexually ambiguous 10 year old!"
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    • "Oy! We'll teach you to talk in a funny accent!"
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas!
    • (after seeing the Grinch as a baby) OH MY HELL! I'm sorry, I've just seen the source of my nightmares for the rest of my life."
    • Anytime he's imitating the mayor of Whoville.
      (after Cindy-Lou nominates the Grinch for Holiday Cheermeister) "Come on, can't we talk about something less delicate, like gay marrige?"
      "We just outlawed Hannukah; we don't need anything else effing up our holiday."
  • Dungeons & Dragons
  • Kangaroo Jack: Il Neige's face upon seeing Christopher Walken as a mob boss. The Hope Spot and the happiness upon seeing Walken's Ham and Cheese performance further cement it.
  • Monster House
    • "Does Chowder have Tourettes? That's not a joke; I seriously think I would understand his character better if I knew this."
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    • The Twilight Zone parody discussing Uncanny Valley.
    • "Abort mission! Chowder has been compromised! He has fallen in love with the dummy!"
    • Regarding Chowder once again: "Okay, I seriously love this kid! Don't get me wrong, back in elementary and middle school I would've done everything to aviod him, but that's why I love him. We all knew a kid like this, and if you didn't, that's because you probably were that kid!"
  • New Moon
    • His disbelief in how dangerous Victoria is.
    Bella: Be careful. She's really fast.
    Il Neige: Like, totally fast, man.
    • And later:
    Il Neige: Watch out for that wicked curve ball she has!
    • Getting rid of the Jacob fangirls by threatening them with nun-chuks.
    • After complaining about not getting to watch any good Films based on good books, he receives Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. By way of it being thrown in his face.
    • This deleted scene.
    • "Thank God I was here to make everything worse."
    • Il Neige's reaction to Mike: "You are such a massive wiener!"
  • Treasure Planet
  • The April Fool's Day review of Snakes on a Plane
    • Il Neige's spot on performance as Film Brain is both funny and awesome. That takes skill.
      • And creepy...that smile could scare paint off a wall.
    • Since the protagonist is boring compared to the sheer badassery of Samuel L. Jackson, he's just called "that guy."
    • (after Kenan Thompson's character's "flight experience" is limited to a flight simulation game) "Next up, you'll see how Call of Duty inspires douchebags to join the military."
  • For Pokemonth, where he spends all of October 2013 watching and reviewing every movie in the franchise...
    • Pokémon 3: As he addresses how by the time the third movie had come out, most of the fanbase had started hitting puberty and had moved on to other things, particularly Harry Potter, a kid shown reading a book has a thought balloon first of a sexy Misty cosplayer, and then of Emma Watson.
  • Atlantis: The Lost Empire
    • This:
    Il Neige: So after Kida gives us some Atlantean cheesecake-
    Il Neige: *grips nunchucks* Back off man!
  • In his announcement for his Channel Awesome debut, he mixes up other contributor's names. Kind of like a certain jerk mixed up the name of the website...
  • Eragon:
    • Il Neige, accurately summarizing how it felt to be in high school or in late elementary school when Eragon came out:
    And our teachers would not let us forget it! Seriously, if you were still in school when this came out, at every possible turn, there'd always be some administrator telling us 'See, kids! With a little hard work, and if you're imaginative, and your parents own a publishing company, you too can be successful! Just like Christopher Paolini!' Which, to the average insecure teenager battling puberty, sounded like: (Il Neige suddenly acts incredibly disgusted) 'What have you done with your life?'"
    • When Eragon gets his ass handed to him by Brom, You suck
  • The Spongebob Squarepants Movie
    • The theme song.
    • When talking about he Goofy Goobers scene, Spazz runs off.
      Neige: Spazz where'd you go?
      Spazz: Oh no, I already did a video on Five Nights at Freddy's I'm not going through that again!
      Neige: He's just a happy dancing peanut.
      Spazz: I don't care a spring loaded hand just shot out of his crotch!
      Neige: You're over reacting- wah!
      Goofy Goober jumpscare
    • Whenever something nonsensical happens in the movie, Spazzmaster attempts to explain it away by saying "It's SpongeBob."
    • Neige's realization that the plot of the movie mirrors that of Homer's Odyssey.
    • Plankton's "Under my umbrella" line remixed to sound like the Rihanna song "Umbrella."

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