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Nightmare Fuel / MonteFjanton

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Felix Recenserar - Vaxdockan

  • As if the movie itself wasn't eerie enough, the edit of the scene where Lundgren is dancing with the wax doll while yodelling is just beyond creepy.


Felix Recenserar - Djurens Konung

  • Just the plot of the video in general. Wabuu is portrayed as a Reality Warper that can rob Felix of everything he cares about within the blink of an eye, and he abuses it to his full advantage on his quest to create a world in his own image while tormenting and torturing Felix on the side.
  • The glitched out version of the intro.
  • The fact that as the video goes on, more images of Wabuu gradually appear on the wall in the background.

Felix Recenserar - 15: det är mitt liv (part 4)
  • Most of the quoted YouTube comments on the subject could be edgy jokes, but there are a lot of comments on the First Time-episodes suggesting that the boyfriend should rape his girlfriend to solve the episode's problem (namely that she doesn't want to have sex yet and he's gwtting inpatient). There aren't as many on the episode about a girl being molested by a potential step-father, but it does feature one comment stating that the step-father's actor is really hot "for us older viewers" - so is that comment ignoring him molesting an underage character, or do they consider it a bonus?