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Nightmare Fuel / The Nostalgia Chick

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  • The Chick trying to kill herself in her review of City of Angels. There's something just...wrong about seeing her breathe in a plastic bag.
  • Her review of "Top 10 Disturbing and Inescapable Christmas songs" has a few instances:
    • "Fairy Tale of New York." We're treated to a few seconds of a drunk Shane MacGowan, with no teeth, crying. Squick!
    • When she slows down a chipmunks song to normal speed (making the whole thing sound horribly distended and making the lyrics unnerving) while showing creepy images in black and white (old horror movies, Domestic Abuse, Stuff Blowing Up, ect) and herself miming to it with creepy gestures (and at one point her image becomes blurred so that her face looks like a skull, and it's not helped by the, um, expression).
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    • When she impersonates the dad of the boy from the Christmas Shoes in an incredibly creepy manner while The Joker's music from The Dark Knight plays.
  • The first appearance of Dark Nella. Bonus points for a Nothing Is Scarier vibe before we see her and right after, Chick locked in the fridge and screaming over the credits.
  • She's a horrible person, but it's still scary to see Dr. Tease looking terrified and in pain when Dark Nella destroys her.
  • We get the delightful image of a completely ruined Chicago in part one of her Roland Emmerich episode, complete with being covered in a sickly green light.
    • Her breakdown in that same review is too hilarious to be creepy, but her earlier screeching at Matthew Broderick — about how does he know the exposition he's spouting — comes out unexpected and will at least make you jump.
  • She does her best to keep it funny, but the scenes of animal abuse she shows from the film make the Milo And Otis review very hard to watch.
  • The Armageddon review ends and the Bratz review opens with the Critic tranquilizing the Chick, locking her in a basement and making some incredibly creepy comments. Even though he loses the power and what he's doing ends up sweet, it still comes off as rape-y.
    • It's seen as fanservice more often because of the Double Standard involved, but the end of the Transformers review where the Chick chloroforms the Critic, hushes him while he screams and fondles his neck while giggling is also pretty bad for implications. That the next episode states that she apparently does this a lot doesn't help.
  • In Sleepless in Seattle vs. When Harry Met Sally..., her excited expression when she has Todd (although we don't know that yet) captive and taped up. Basically this is the moment where you knew she had completely lost it.
  • In "Vampire Wine", a drunk Maven trying to stake an also drunk and uncaring Chick. Luckily for both of them, Nella still has her reflexes.
  • In the Top Ten Viral Videos From The Ancient Internet (Before YouTube), the Chick goes over those weird old videos many of us found hilarious in high school and middle school for some reason. And then, midway through the sixth on the list (BADGERBADGERBADGERBADGER), the Slender Man shows up and statics you into a commercial break. Um...huh. Didn't see that coming. It's also never mentioned again.
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  • Anyone else freaked out when The Nostalgia Critic was staring at Maven's Count Chocula cereal with an obsessive look on his face.
  • Mara Wilson's original plan to kill the Chick because she knew it would break the Critic is pretty fucked up when you think about it. Certainly a step up from showing everyone embarrassing videos of when he was young.

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