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  • Directing everyone in Pocahontas to make the build-up to the climax so much more epic.
  • Calling out the writers of Teen Witch who use This Loser Is You, as it's insulting, not identifiable and usually makes the protagonist look creepy.
  • In the "Top Ten Disturbing Christmas Songs", the video that accompanies the weird slowed-down version of Alvin and the Chipmunks' Christmas song, setting it to misshapen creatures, Robot Maria's dancing driving men wild in Metropolis and nuclear-test destruction. It's brilliant.
  • Four episodes where two people mostly beat on each other shouldn't be considered awesome usually, but the Transformers-Bratz arc really was. Slapstick Knows No Gender, no Double Standards and a dynamic so intriguing you stopped caring about what she was reviewing.
    • Outside of that relationship, Chick giving Michael Bay “The Reason You Suck” Speech for how racist and jingoistic he made the Transformers movies.
    • Chick coming in to chloroform the Critic at the end of the Transformers review, mostly for how much of a shock it was at the time.
    • Seeing as how Critic's usually pretty stupid and vindictive, it's a cool (and pretty sweet) twist that instead of wanting her to suffer for chloroforming him and going into his territory like people thought was going to happen, the reason for why he did what he did was actually a Secret Test of Character self esteem boost.
      • Hell, Critic managing to be scary (for about a minute but still) by sounding like Him from The Powerpuff Girls was pretty impressive.
  • Nella and Chick singing along to "I'll Make A Man Out Of You". Admit it, you joined in at home.
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  • Her sheer despairing angrish over Belle's spine getting completely removed in Enchanted Christmas.
  • Odd choice, but the Nostalgia Chick's "I'm the Nostalgia Chick. And that's why I don't have a catchphrase" at the end of her video on The Smurfette Principle feels awesomely defiant.
  • Nella's ridiculously awesome song at the end of the Showgirls review.
  • Nella's dancing at the end of Blonde Girls Now And Then.
  • Nella: "For Sidekickassia! And for geekery!" [Rushes off with sword held high.]
    • Also in that episode, even though it's pretty obviously Lindsay talking and not the Chick, giving a speech on how it doesn't really matter if a character is "feminist" or not because everyone will read into them in a different way.
  • The Nostalgia Chick ending her review of Grease by singing along with "You're the One That I Want". She has some genuine pipes.
  • A minor example, but it was pretty satisfying to see Nella freaking out the Chick for once by popping up on her couch uninvited in the "Disney Vs. Dreamworks" episode. Small-but-nice payback for the cameras and the abuse.
    Chick: How did you get in here? ... Why are you on this coast?
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  • Her argument with Douchey in The Fifth Element, with even his mother agreeing that he should probably bathe more.
  • "Goodbye Internet Rose", sung by Lindsay. Also Awesome Music.
    • Followed by Dark Nella showing Chick into the fridge. Yeah, she's evil but after everything the Chick has put her through over the years, it's nice to see the shoe on the other foot for a change.
  • The Sex Bot refusing to help Dr. Tease and the Chick when they're stuck in a dead end and giving them an utterly epic The Dog Bites Back speech on their mistreatment of him.
  • Her Driven to Madness rant on every single stupid moment in Roland Emmerich's films. So Motor Mouthed that even Yahtzee would be jealous.
  • Near the end of The Craft, her finally getting Lord MacGuffin to tell her what the fuck he knows by pointing his own gun at him.
  • Even though the Chick wasn't really listening, Dark Nella giving her a Hannibal Lecture in the TRON review about how much of a pathetic person she is.
  • Defeating Dark Nella through the power of Newsies.
  • Numerous members of the site singing "One Day More". It's actually pretty chilling by the end.
    • Nostalgia Critic entering as Enjolras. 'One more day before the storm!' Chills. Actual, physical chills.
    • Oancitizen was amazing, and also gets credit for also being a Unexpected Character. The commentary confirms that he was a last-minute addition and took the staff by surprise.
    • The commentary reveals that JewWario's Precision F-Strike alteration of Javert's lines was because he actually forgot the real lyrics. And yet both he and Lindsay were able to keep straight faces through the whole thing, deciding then and there that this had to be the take they used.
  • The ending of her review of The Little Mermaid, where all the girls who showed up for Lindsay's intervention sing "Part of Your World". (Except for Diamanda Hagan.)
    • And once again, Lindsay shows off her impressive singing voice in probably her best singing role yet.
    • The entire review of The Little Mermaid counts, with the Chick sticking to her guns about why she dislikes the movie (and giving serious reasons after the comedic hating of fangirls) but fans of the movie also being allowed time to defend it.
  • Nella standing up for herself when The Makeover Fairy pops in during Grease 2
    Nella: I! Deserve! Better! *storms off*
  • The last few minutes of her video on TLC, where she visibly fights back tears while reminding everyone making jokes about Amy Winehouse's death that drug and alcohol addiction is a disease like any other, and states that she was inspired by Lisa Lopes, for whatever it's worth.
  • Oan's rant at the Chick in City of Angels, basically calling her out on being so lazy (and note that her "busy" is drawing hearts around Todd's name) that he needs to do the explaining work for her.
  • It's Played for Laughs, but the montage of everyone holding up their pets set to "Circle Of Life" is still pretty epic.
  • She does a surprisingly good Tim Curry impersonation, as seen in the review of The Worst Witch.
  • Her distaste over Crossroads reneging on its portrayal of giving a baby up for adoption when you can't take care of it as the mature, responsible decision it really is, but hardly ever gets portrayed as.
  • Seeing as how Critic established that taunting Disney villains usually turned you into a Baleful Polymorph, her getting away with calling the Evil Queen in Snow White an idiot for not delegating jobs to her minions.
  • Although she peppered it with a few dark jokes, she made her total disgust of **NSYNC's and The Backstreet Boys' manager very clear.
    • Carries on in the "Top Ten Boybands", and the anger in her voice when she mentions him is still just as cool.
  • She really goes all out on The Christmas Shoes, and how it's quite morally repugnant if put into a real world setting.
    • You can see just how badly she wants to stab the lead guy's wife and mother for acting like entitled bitches when they don't have jobs.
  • The video about Daria, a detailed exploration of why the show works so well, all while doing a perfect Daria impression.
  • In the "Top Ten Worst Disney Sequels", tearing down the Stockholm Syndrome accusations directed at Beauty and the Beast simply by comparing Belle's strong personality in that movie to her Stepford Smiler behavior in Belle's Magical World and Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas.
    • Her conclusion to the episode, a scathing critique of the "kids entertainment is dumb because it's kids entertainment" mentality.
    Entertainment is the only product in our kids' lives where parents will go "So what if it's crappy? It's just for my children." You don't say that about anything else in their lives. "What? It's just a car seat! So what if the belt barely works?" "What? It's just food." And do you know why that is? Is it because you want your kids or yourself to be enriched? No. It's because kids are stupid, and you don't care what they watch, and you just want them to shut up! So you can blame Disney for going crazy with direct-to-video shit but you know what? It's your fault, parents, for buying shitty awful movies for your kids based on the standards your company used to uphold. Oh wait! You don't care, because kids are stupid, and they want the same shit over and over, and you're okay with them watching shitty movies.
    • She should probably get also some kudos for slogging through all the Disney sequels and surviving with her sanity kinda-sorta intact.
  • In What Women Want, one of her criticisms for the movie is how they made sexism so over the top it's almost safe. Sexism in real life is usually ingrained in society, and therefore a lot more dangerous.
    Character: *about Nike* They want to empower women.
    Chick: Like the twelve-year-old Indonesian women who made them?
  • Her mini-rant in the "Top 11 Hottest Animated Men" about Jessica Rabbit actually being a pretty cool character, not just a pair of Gag Boobs.
  • Her Tranquil Fury throughout the entire review of The Adventures of Milo and Otis, particularly when she brings up how she loved the movie as a kid just as much as the people asking her to go easy on it, but she just can't stand for this.
    • For those who get tired of Doug/Critic's Extreme Doormat tendency towards his fans (the fuck-up lists, constantly apologizing for everything, Critic getting himself killed or otherwise punished because they didn't like something he did), her saying she's not remotely sorry for destroying childhoods because it's her job. You've gotta admit that's refreshing.
  • Putting out a very thoughtful critique of The Lorax in all three forms, including doing some of it in rhyme, less than a week after the film was released.
    • Challenging fanboys to a fight after she says that she likes the much-maligned 2005 Hitchhikers movie.
    • Even though it's segueing into Hypocritical Humor of bitching about a remake of something she loves, giving a speech about how ridiculous it is to bitch about screen adaptations that change the original.
    • Just like the Motor Mouth explosion in the Roland Emmerich films, her huge angry rant about the Fridge Logic, again set to classical music going crazy in the background.
    • The review was so scathing that a worker from the film's marketing tried and failed to do damage control on the forums.
    • Doug recced the review on his facebook later, giving her much respect for getting through and analyzing the film so well.
      • And compared to his later, more one-sided review, while she still despises the film, she realizes that a downer ending about environment in these times would do more harm than good, and execs do have plenty of restrictions placed on them when it comes to family film remakes.
    • Her analyzing why there's no stakes in the movie, and comparing it to ''Wall-E” that had the sense to put a love story first and then surround it with environmental messages.
  • Nella successfully (or until the end anyway) guilt-tripping the Chick in Sister Act, as well as subtly damning her for her stalking of Todd.
    Nun!Nella: Or all those times I watched your dog when you ran off to stalk Todd in your futile attempts at fornication.
    Chick: It's not fornication if we were married in a previous life.
    Nun!Nella: Oh don't let me judge you, God will do that for me.
  • The Critic/Chick song at the end of The Chipmunk Adventure might not be great technically (which was more than likely the whole point), but it was glorious fun nevertheless.
    • Also Doug and Lindsay calling out Channel Awesome's bad business practice in hiring someone to just be a Distaff Counterpart for Critic. Moreso after other bad business of theirs came out.
  • Her analysis of Men in Black II as her personal Most Triumphant Example of Sequelitis, including her disgust at substituting Fanservice for characterization, and saying they shouldn't have written Tommy Lee Jones out of the series (with a perfectly fitting ending) in the first place if they wanted to bring him back.
    Chick: Am I saying that Agent K should not have been in the sequel? (beat) Yes! You ended his story! You knew the film was gonna be a franchise, if you didn't want him in the sequel, you shouldn't have written him out!
    • Adding to this, she points out that even "Revenge of the Fallen" did better as a sequel than Men In Black II.
  • For Wild Wild West she actually watched several episodes of the original show, to properly review it as a bad adaptation as well as just a bad movie. How many other people who have reviewed this one can say the same?
  • Got to give one to The Rap Critic- when Nostalgia Chick tried to get out of doing the crossover with someone who was not Todd, by saying that the topic was about Will Smith being a leading man in films, he proceeds to shoot down it by telling her that he watched Smith's Rom Coms. So he is knowledgeable on Smith's movie and singing career, and perfectly qualified to do the crossover.
  • The way almost every person on the site did the Carlton dance on the Fresh-Prince review. It's just so great she managed to get so many people to agree to it. Kyle's smug, "That's right I'm awesome" look while he's doing it seals it.
  • The video about Ender's Game, taking several well-deserved shots at Orson Scott Card while also making a mature, thoughtful examination of how much Death of the Author can justify liking the work of someone with such hateful opinions.
  • Her irritation in the Supergirl review that even in this golden age of comic book movies, there's still a complete lack of female superheroes getting films.
  • Defending the song in Tank Girl as a way of coping with something as scary and terrible as child slavery.
  • It might not have worked, but Nella and Elisa trying their best to convince the Chick that you can be a feminist and dress pretty at the same time.
  • After retiring the Nostalgia Critic, Doug was very clear that while we might see him again someday, it would only be the occasional special appearance as he really wants to move on from it. Lindsay got him to play the character again one week later.
    • And again in a cameo less than a month after that.
  • Her calling out Chuck Norris on his homophobic behavior in recent years in her ''Top 10 Viral Videos from the Ancient Internet" list.
  • The entire review of Reality Bites, ripping the protagonists' Hipster pretentions into tiny pieces by repeatedly pointing out what horrible people they are, and ending with the perfect response to the movie's failed attempt to define "irony."
  • How she managed to get every viewpoint in for such a divisive movie. In order from positive to negative: Nella's literature-loving fangirl > Mara's pride on how it gave kids a voice > Chick thinking it's So Okay, It's Average and not really giving a fuck either way > poor Critic, who got bashed for disliking it and learned to keep his mouth shut.
  • Giving a completely serious discussion on the "gay hobbits" issue and pointing out just how ridiculous it was, rather than just using it for jokes like some people were probably expecting.
  • Lindsay and Nella flipping off to the ones who marketed The Host as "science fiction for people who don't like science fiction" ie women.
  • Defending Megan Fox in the Transformers: Age of Extinction review, explaining that she was actually an active character and good actress until she got so chickified and passive in the second movie that she didn't care any more.
  • In True Lies, her disgust at the fact that Jamie Lee Curtis's character being sexually exploited is the most famous and loved scene in the movie.

Out of character.

  • In a meta example, turning the complaints of Lets See You Do Better into a character trait: Chick knows she'll never get anywhere, so that's why she enjoys tearing down people more successful.
  • The A Word. Just the emotional maturity and personal steel it took to make the documentary, and about such a personal issue, let alone a political one, gets her my undying respect.
    • She won an award for it. Much deserved.
  • Her vlog of Channel Awesome's trip to Washington to lobby against SOPA, particularly the parts about how the bill's support hinges on statistics that the FBI itself says are unverifiable, and no one can explain where they came from.
  • Lindsay's rant in the X-Men commentary about how there's no point feeling ashamed for liking something. And this includes furries and fanfic writers, further separating herself from her character.
  • Her response to a writer's (retracted) shot at Lupa after she had reviewed several films he wrote, with zero hostility. It's roughly half-way down.
  • On the forums, Lindsay giving a hilarious smackdown to people already talking nonsense (including a rumor that someone got crucified and nobody cared enough to help) about the third anniversary. Bear in mind that she left that community ages ago.
  • This might be really weird, but considering all Lindsay's Self-Deprecation on how terrible an actress she is and how she blogged once on how hard it was to write a female character, you've got to give her credit on creating a... female character who's wonderfully funny, filled with depth and still manages to be sympathetic even though she's a terrible example of a human being.
    • Elisa and Nella also deserve praise for their loads of characters who are just as original, funny and flawed as each other.
  • The Dark Nella trailer. Holy frigging crap, that was badass.
  • On a meta note, pulling off the Dark Nella saga despite her two main actresses (herself and Nella) being on opposite coasts for the majority of filming. You really don't notice unless you're looking how little they appear together.
  • The Nostalgia Chick interviewing Comic-Con counter-protesters of the Westboro Baptist Church.]]
    [[Deadpan Snarker "You know, you really have to wonder if they're worth counter-protesting...ah well, at least they're having fun."
  • The Ascended Meme of her idea for a Disney movie based on Anne Frank, which now has its own TV Tropes page. Which Lindsay herself has actually contributed to, and challenges people to try to spot which entries were made by her.
  • She and Todd spent their Valentines Day trolling the fuck out of Chris Brown on twitter.
  • Whistling Rue's song, to which Nella can only say that she can't whistle.
  • From a writing perspective (both Doug and Lindsay's really), the Critic/Chick relationship. You know something's happened or is even happening, but outside from a few Word of God confirmations that the shippers don't just have goggles on, there's no exposition dumps, the two just let their interactions, words and acting do the job. Take note Hollywood, that's how you make a Dating Catwoman scenario work.
  • Nella came out as bisexual, causing a storm of love and support from all her friends and fans.
  • Lindsay getting Mara Wilson to appear in her Matilda review.
    • Let's fully appreciate this: Mara Wilson's appearance in Doug's A Simple Wish review was awesome enough. Then Lindsay goes one better by actually getting Wilson in the room with her, and becomes the first person on all of That Guy with the Glasses to review a movie along with its lead actress.
  • The second part of Lindsay's The Return of the King review was shared by Ian McKellen.
  • Getting nearly everyone at Channel Awesome (if not everyone), plus, Andre the Black Nerd, to do The Carlton Dance in her review of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
  • While agreeing with Rob on his complaining post about how she thought the show was bad, still calling both him and Doug out for making the review "a failure in many ways" and gaslighting female fan complaints of sexism with the "it's just a character" excuse.
    • She elaborated on the second point, saying that even if Doug is too naïve to realize he's being offensive that's no excuse, admitting that it also applies to her and Chick, and if you're trying to make a satirical point in-character but it just comes off as what a bigot would say with no repercussions, that's failed satire.
  • Hearing that she hated Wreck-It-Ralph was this for the few who also despised the film.
  • After a caller in the 2013 drive asking Doug the ridiculous question of "is Korra a redeemable character", Lindsay bringing up the Double Standard that nobody would be asking that if Korra were male.
    • After getting attacked by a fangirl of The Little Mermaid, she had this to say:
    Lindsay: Okay, people, you've got to stop attaching your ego to the things you like. It does not devalue you as a person if someone disagrees with you.
    • Also telling Doug off for using Dante Basco as a crutch, as the caller asking for voice acting skills was a woman and trying to get her to emulate a guy is not in the least bit helpful.
    • Even more; she called him out earlier, and it was so spot-on that he couldn't say a word back:
    Lindsay: I don't even think it's because of something you love, it's just you.
    Doug: Okay it's just me then...
    Lindsay: No it really is because I don't know anyone like you.
    Brian: When he gets stuck he hands it over to Rob.
    Lindsay: No he never gets burn-out, it's bizarre, like I don't know anyone that does it. Like even when you really enjoy something everyone gets burn-out except you.
  • Figuring out a suspiciously plausible reason why The Fifth Estate is so intent on attacking Julian Assange.
  • Joining many other fans in lambasting the Game of Thrones scene where the writers and director managed to accidentally make what was supposed to be a consensual sex scene into a rape.
  • Lindsay has said she considers it a CMOA for naming Big-Lipped Alligator Moment.
  • Lindsay defending Anita Sarkeesian of Feminist Frequency on Twitter.
  • Her post on why Michael Bay is both adored and reviled, hitting on a very good point. And later pointing out that he knows exactly what he's doing.
    Lindsay: To me, the wonderful thing about Michael Bay is that he doesn’t try to hide the grit and awful of our culture; he revels in it.
  • Doug's Reviews Are the Gospel crowd told Nella that she wasn't allowed to find Oz: The Great and Powerful sexist because he didn't. Her response? She's not Doug, she can have a different opinion.
  • Calling out Doug's fandom for being such assholes that she could just look at his comment sections and get depressed.
  • In the same vein, after Lupa got fired and a lot of leaks came out of Michaud and Rob being terrible and Doug knowing this but being an Extreme Doormat, pointing out that people would rather have a version of Doug in their head and don't want to deal with the real person.
  • Both awesome and heartwarming but her “quitting” in this panel (about seventeen minutes in), heartwarming because it's a tribute to Doug quitting his job ages ago and they share a nice hug, awesome because she also brings up “not getting the skype message” after Rob jokes “little did she know she was fired two weeks ago”, causing much “ooh burn” reactions from the audience and even Malcolm.


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