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Nightmare Fuel / Suburban Knights

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  • The Big Bad's really creepy rants about technology and his wanton killing of strangers who are using said technology.
  • While surrounding a funny scene with Ma-Ti, the camera revealing Malachite outside Critic's house, having been there the whole night.
  • The one where Malachite kills the guy in the basement is the worst. He rips out his heart. At the end of that scene, Malachite takes off his glasses to reveal his eyes are empty, black sockets.
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  • The total Mood Whiplash when it turns out that Malachite is right across the road. Even the camera twitches in an Oh, Crap! moment.
  • Malachite on the phone was great fun, along with the others being irritated that he's a hypocrite, but when he knocks JewWario back with the biting threat of "And I say I'll kill you and follow through with it. Sound good?", you're freaked out all over again.
  • The bonus ending on the DVD. Malachite's gauntlet wasn't destroyed. And Mechakara finds it.
    • Even if you don't have the DVD, the fact that this is a minor plot point in To Boldly Flee is pretty creepy.

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