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Nightmare Fuel / 30 Days in Spring

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When a low-functioning sociopath is left to do whatever he wishes in a forest, you have plenty of reasons to be afraid.

  • Despite coming off as a bit exaggerated, Ryan fits everything you would expect from a sociopath. Superficial charm, Lack of Empathy, lack of conscience, Hair-Trigger Temper, pathological need for stimulation, recklessness, Consummate Liar. And it shows.
    • The idea that someone already bad (even if it's hidden) is left without rules is terrifying in itself, as he could get worse. Ryan certainly was such a case.
    • Gavin, Aaron and George may be horrible, but you can still pity them when they have to deal with Ryan's Hair-Trigger Temper. Anything can sent him into a fit. Anything. Just speak the wrong word, and he'll either threaten you or outright kill you. Get in the way of his hedonism, and he'll kill you for that, whether the threat was real or imagined. Just ask Romeo.
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  • Imagine you're a kid who just survived the accident. You're hoping for the authorities to find you in the forest. And then a couple of teens come out of nowhere, attacks and kills you. That's exactly what Ryan, George, Gavin and Aaron did to a group of freshmen.
  • If that isn't enough, you can also wonder how you felt when you're killed in someplace supposed to be safe, like Estelle.
  • Amelia. Just, what happened to her. While she manages to escape from the burning lodge, she is unable to do anything as her schoolmates are burned alive. Then, Ryan forces her to kill her friend (who's herself also forced to kill Amelia). In the end, she becomes paranoid, fearing that anyone supposedly normal could be much more depraved without rules, much like Ryan.

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