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Nightmare Fuel / Play-by-Post Games

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Even non-professional writers are able to come up with some pretty intense scariness. And some of them choose to inflict it on us via Play-by-Post Games...


  • The Altered Earth: A Darker and Edgier Nanoha forum has a lot of really terrifying imagery. From Michael's origin story, to how he was possessed by the Book of Silver Dawn and what it did to Maya, and the tendencies of Ghouls and the various monsters now lording over whole areas of the world, and pretty much anything done by Baron Lou or Nicodemus.
    • Wendy, a gigantic Shadow made of bulbous flesh and looking like a Lovecraftian abomination, it has twenty arms dragging it along, is grotesquely fat looking and has eight eyes. It resembles the unholy spawn of an angler fish and a jellyfish, and what it does in a fight is also nightmarish. It basically makes even more arms rip their way out of it to pull enemies to pieces. And consider it Was Once a Man, as with all Shadows, and is trapped in its current form. Permanently. And that it used to be a sweet little girl.
  • Andalia: Garth from the RP gruesomely fused three children together into a Chimera. It involved a lot of fleshy bandages firing everywhere and the thing's screams...
  • Fate/Nuovo Guerra: The Death of Yang Huang Long (read Post #19). A horrid, painful, but quick death. Got his neck pierced by the lance, then Brinhildr use her magic to set him on fire, and later he exploded. Also, right before he's burned alive, his eyeballs melted. Poor Guy. May he rest in peace.
  • Magic Academy: It's already full of unsettling imagery, but Leonard's Unstoppable Rage really takes the cake. There's the inference that it happened before, that it resulted in some disturbing effects on an area, and how it usually manifests as a spell called Closed Carnage Forest, which turns every tree in an area into a weapon of either restraining or outright murder.
  • Morimune High School RP: They previously had some pretty nasty transformations, but nothing was quite as disgusting as...this. A disturbing mix of Eldritch Abomination, Eyes Do Not Belong There, and Body Horror, Jae'yon's true form is nothing short of Nightmare Fuel. And what is worse is its power: it can control the blood in someone, making it bloat in one area of the skin and then rupture and let out a weapon.
  • Army of Spectres is a Darker and Edgier take on the Code Lyoko universe. As such, a lot of terrifying things have taken place:
    • The spectres themselves practically run on nightmare fuel. Whether they're corrupting their hosts, full-on possessing them, or just trying to make the heroes' lives worse, the spectres are truly awful.
      • Their ultimate goal? To corrupt their host enough so they can wipe out the human personality and take the body as their own - all on Xana's orders.
    • The Monday of Madness. Called as such because absolute hell broke loose on that day:
    • Jeremie's reaction to his discovery that Xana was feeding him false information and that he'd nearly worked himself to death for a fake kill program:
    "I sit here. And wait to die."
    • The idea that a spectre could imitate their host so well that even family members would be fooled, means the spectres are actively learning. Considering what their goals are...
    • Xana is normally very stoic with a limited range of emotion. The contact his spectres have with humans is slowly contaminating him with human data, which has the side effect of making Xana slightly more human. Normally when Xana gets mad, he's still able to process things logically. But when he loses it, he really loses it.