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Nightmare Fuel / Llamas with Hats

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  • Most of the atrocities Carl commits are this mixed with hilarity.
  • One subtle part of the videos that borders more on scary than funny is that if you listen closely during the credits of Episode 7, you can hear that the music is warped and out-of-tune to represent Carl becoming more and more unhinged due to Paul leaving. It becomes more and more distorted with each following episode, only to return to normal in the final episode after Carl has "completed his work," ending his own life after having wiped out all life on earth, including Paul.
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  • Episode 9. Good God, episode 9. The Paul mask Carl made floats off the tree it’s hanging from and starts telling Carl to go out and kill more people. All with glowing red eyes, a warped, echoing voice that sounds like Paul’s, and an odd static-y sound emitting from it. And Carl was actually planning on taking a break for a change, too.
  • Episode 10 manages to take things even a step further. Carl has fallen into his gore pit and broken his leg. You can see the bone poking through the skin for the entire video. The only other one in the pit with him is the Paul mask (and the basilisk), which can't help him get out. There's long stretches in the video where nothing is happening. It's just Carl sitting in the dark and being unnerved by the silence. Worst of all, he has no idea how long he's been down there when he wakes up. He's bloody and a chunk of his ear is missing.
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  • Episode 11. Fifteen years later, a visibly battered Carl is standing before an apocalyptic wasteland. There is mention of a "blood vortex" in Paris, more meat creatures being unleashed, said creatures being eaten, some kind of screaming flesh-eating orb made of nerves... and the mask says that Carl isn't done yet.

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